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Deborah  - Season 1 - Episode 10
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‘so what did the landlord say concerning the pregnancy’
Sarah inquired as she peeled more oranges for sale.

Deborah looked away painfully ‘he denied sleeping with her calling her a dog who had slept with all the men in the neighborhood, he even threatened to throw us out’,

Sarah stared at her friend, she could understand how she felt, ‘ I am sorry Sweet Choco, but take things easy, one step at a time’, she rubbed her back,

‘ I would’ve advised your sister to abort the baby but it’s too late besides your mother is such a strict woman and she wouldn’t encourage that’,

speaking of her mother, Deborah rose up, she hadn’t spoken to the woman in days, she had to find a way to forgive her mother, whatever she had done was out of poverty, howbeit she still felt disappointed.

Her friend watched as she left for her wares, she hated seeing her friend depressed, she thanked God their sales went on well, if not, Deborah would’ve cried herself to death over all her family problems.

‘Wetin dey worry that one’
Papilo asked as he arranged his Gala and Lacasera for sale, as the traffic had begun to accumulate,

‘ how that wan take concern you’? Sarah smirked,

‘why e no go concern me’, he pushed her aside, ‘I like that your friend, put in a good word for me, I go arrange small sontin give you’ he smiled foolishly.
Sarah just ignored him and positioned her tray for the next batch of vehicles, ‘god punish bad market like you Papilo, u no dey shame, such a fyn gal wey need rich man for her life’ u dey sell common gala and u get mind to sike woman’

Papilo simply smiled at her, ‘ stupid gal, oya go and sell your orange, that man dey call you’.

Deborah had made up her mind, she was going to run away from the house, she couldn’t bear it anymore, she would save her daily earnings. Coupled with the money from the ‘esusu’ she would have enough to start a new life somewhere else. This however didn’t mean she had given up her dream of going to a University.

Aniebiet was furious with his sister, how dare Clara call his future wife a w---e?, ‘you really have some explaining to do’ he stammered,
knowing the full implication of what she had done, Clara broke into tears, ‘ I’m sorry Bro, it was a slip of the tongue’

He ignored her and kept on driving feeling more pissed as he joined the long line of cars.
Andy had nothing more to say, he simply fiddled with his phone, he had to get another girl tonight, he recalled the chick he had met at the movies, ‘the Uniuyo chick’ as she had come to be known by his cousin.

He would drive towards her hostel later in the evening when he was a bit stronger and better recovered from his hangover.

Suddenly he heard a rush of feet and lifted his face to see hawkers rushing towards them, he stared at them absent mindedly before spotting a face amongst them, he remembered her vividly, the girl from the market, but he was kind of disappointed…so she was a hawker?

He didn’t mind, he had to talk to her , ‘ stop the car’ he called to his cousin, but it was too late. The traffic light had just turned green and Ani had moved on.

‘stop the car Aniebiet’
barked Andy.

His cousin instantly obeyed looking startled, what had come over Andy again?, he slowed the vehicle and cleared by the roadside.

Andy ran out of the car towards the camp of Hawkers, Aniebiet peeped shaking his head and wondering what his cousin was up to, “that boy was surely going nuts” he thought to himself.

‘ I’m sorry Ani, I didn’t mean to say that, if you don’t want me to go on this date, we can turn back’, stuttered Clara
Ani stared at her innocent face and scoffed, ‘seriously? When we are almost there?, as much as I love the idea, I should be the one apologizing, I had no right to talk to you that way’,

she was all smiles, ‘ so we’re good’?
he nodded and saw Andy approach with two hawkers, ‘ ever so crazy’, he muttered.

Deborah followed the young man reluctantly back to where his expensive car was parked. It was her friend Sarah that had urged her to follow him.

Sarah smiled as they walked towards the car, she had seen the look in the guy’s eyes and knew he liked Sweet Chocolate.

Deborah remembered him vividly, the guy from the market whose sister had accidentally hit her with the car door but she feigned ignorance, ‘this way he directed’.

Her heart beat faster as she saw him, the rich guy, he sat in front of the car and looked away when he saw her, she blushed and felt stupid instantly.

What was she thinking? That a man of such status could ever like her talk more of love? she felt weak and would’ve run back if Sarah hadn’t pinched her waist.

‘I want to buy all your wares, how much will that cost’?
Aniebiet heard his cousin speak to the girls.

He turned and froze immediately he saw her, his heart was beating so quickly, he felt like getting down from the car and hugging her but he controlled himself.

He was engaged to another woman and here he was admiring another. Clarabella smiled to herself as she observed her brother who had suddenly gone aloof and quiet.

‘Hurry up’
he thundered as he started the car.

Clara ignored him and stepped down to have a word with the pretty girl, ‘ I am sorry I hit you, what’s your name’?

Deborah was stunned, such a girl talking to someone like her? ‘Deborah’ she answered smiling.

‘So beautiful’ thought Andy as he watched the girl smile.

He handed her a roll of a thousand naira notes and her friend a roll of five hundreds, winking at the two.

‘can I have your number’?
he asked Deborah, she shook her head shyly.

‘she doesn’t have a phone, I can give you mine, you can get her through me’ Sarah offered.

He typed in the number and rubbed her cheek, while his annoying cousin Ani kept on honking the car impatiently.

‘Goodbye Deborah’
Clara waved as she stepped into the car. she felt so happy, she had made a new friend.

Andy waved at the girls and winked at Deborah, who waved back shyly and wished for once the other guy had even looked her way, but he didnt , he started the car and drove away.

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