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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Season 1 - Episode 5
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Sir Emeka; So what will I offer you?

Ivy; Don’t worry am ok

Sir Emeka; No I insist, this is the first time you are coming to my house so i have to treat you right

Ivy; Hmmm

Sir Emeka; I take that as a yes
(he said and went inside his bedroom, brought out a Juice on the fridge and walked back to the sitting room, he dropped it on the centre table.

Sir Emeka; Here we go (he said and dropped 2 glass cup, he poured the Juice on the cups and handed one over to her while he took the other one.

Ivy; Thank you sir

Sir Emeka; Your welcome, so how are you?

Ivy; Am fine and you?

Sir Emeka; Am good, how was your day

Ivy; it went well and yours

Sir Emeka; Bored like always

Ivy; why bored?

Sir Emeka; Always alone here

Ivy; What about your Girlfriend?

Sir Emeka; I don’t have any now

Ivy; But why?

Sir Emeka; do you really want to know?

Ivy; Yes I want to

Sir Emeka; cause am loving someone who doesn’t know that I love her

Ivy; Awww, that’s bad, you should try and tell the person that you Love her nah

Sir Emeka; Really?

Ivy; Yes nah

Sir Emeka; I love you so much Ivy, i can’t stop thinking about you, just that you don’t always give me the chance to express myself that’s why, i haven’t told you this up till now that am telling you please understand me

Ivy; So is me that you have been loving all this while?

Sir Emeka; Yes dear

Ivy; Ok i will think about it

Sir Emeka; Just agree i will take good care of you, please

Ivy; Ok I accept

Sir Emeka; Really?

Ivy; Yes

Sir Emeka excitedly jumped on her and they shared a deep kiss while He placed her on the long couch on the sitting room still kissing her, he later removed her cloths and also his. They had sex that Evening before Ivy went back to Hostel.


Ivy went over to Labour Hostel and knocked on the door

Girl1; Who dey there?

Ivy; Na me you the ask?

Girl2; Oh Ivy baby (they opened the door for her and she came in)

Ivy; i dey craze? Im even ask me out

Labour; Can you imagine, that man na he Goat

Girl3; We will teach him a very big lesson

1 Week Later

Ambrose parents burial day, it was just a small burial, people where busy crying for the poor family, Meanwhile Ambrose was sitting at one corner with his friends not even crying again cause he has already cried his eyes out

Caleb; Take heart my guy

Stephen; it shall be well
Ambrose didt even say anything, After the preaching by the Priest, it was now time to bury them, Ambrose was called to come and pay his last respect to his parents and brother. Ambrose got up and walked with the support of his 2 friends, he looked at their coffee and said;

Ambrose; My beloved Parents and Lovely Brother, Am so sad that you people left me in this World stranded, I don’t even know where to start, you people left without even saying a goodbye to me, Am heart broken, my world is shattered, my dreams has become a nightmare, am just empty, but I promise you people one thing, you people death is not in vain, i must stand strong and bring down every hand that is part of you people death, they must pay and I will make sure of that.
He collected a shovel and poured some sand inside the grave while his 2 friends took him back to where all his classmates are.

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