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Crying Blood (Bleeding Tears) - Season 1 - Episode 65
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I’m honestly tired of this woman’s attitude towards me.

Me: Okay now this is too much..Listen here mam.Im not here on my own will.I came here because
I don’t have a choice.Im doing this for your son.If you don’t want to see me then I will stay out of
your way..When i see you I will turn back and go my own way..Either you deal with that or lose
your son because of whatever you have against me.

Mrs P: Susan show her Lesley’s room.

Susan: Yes mam.

Susan is the maid.

Susan: Come this way
I followed her.

Mrs P: Leave the kids and go settle..I will be with them.

As I was walking away I stopped and looked at her playing with their little fingers..

Me: The Prince is Itumeleng Phuluso and the princess is Onthabisitse Rendani..

Mrs P: I guess I will be sharing a name with my granddaughter..Rendani

Me: Wow
Wow I didn’t know that.I walked away..

The room was big and boyish…I laughed because I didn’t take Les to be the type of guy to put
posters on the wall when he was growing up.I packed my clothes first in the walk in closet while
playing some music.When I was done I did the kids’ clothes aswel.

Must have been tired from all the travelling so I lay on the bed and fell asleep.

Mom was not even calling to tell us that we are late to pick her up..Since the accident she refuses
to drive so I have to pick her up everyday..I took my car keys and Shaz was already waiting.

I drove home and the gate was not closed..Why don’t this people listen though..I was now pissed

because they are really risking with lives…I packed at the drive way and locked the car ones Shaz
was out..

I was about to start yelling when I found mom sleeping on the mattress she put in the floor with
two babies.When I got closer I realised that it was Ontha and Itu..

Me: Oh my word they have been here all along?

Shaz: Don’t make noise they are sleeping.

Me: Mom hasn’t been sleeping since the accident.So they managed to put her to sleep.

Shaz: Amazing I tell you.

Me: Let me check if Rudzi is here. I took the gate remote and closed the gate.

I went to the guestrooms and she wasn’t there..What if she dropped the kids here and left? What if
she was tired and didn’t want anything that reminded her of me nor my family?.I went to my room
and I was welcomed by Sam Smith soft music playing on the speakers..There she was
sleeping.She looked very comfortable..How did she get through to mom? I sat on the bed and
played with her afro..She looked beautiful even in her sleep without make up.My African
Queen.The one who talks and my heart listens.What is it that I did good to deserve her in my
life.What is it that I did to deserve her love?
I didn’t wanna wake her up so I went out and mom was still sleeping so I asked Susan to close the
gate when we go out.I even asked her not to tell them that we were here..

We got to the hospital and I went to see dad first while Shaz went to E..

Me: Dad please get well soon.You are all we have.Our pillar.We just reconciled so you can’t leave
us now..

Paps please wake up..Ethan needs you to wake up aswel
He really didn’t look good..Apparently they both fell into coma.

I got up and went to see E..I stood at the door looking at Shaz talking to him with her voice

Shaz: Babe I haven’t been well lately..I have been feeling incomplete..Days are dull without you..I
have news to share with you.Good news but you are not waking up..Wanna know what it is? We
are pregnant.We are two months now..I wasn’t feeling well and I thought it was stress but when I
noticed that I haven’t been in my periods for two months I tested and it was positive.You know you
are stubborn E.I just told you good news and you don’t even cheer up.Look at the frown on your
face.Wake up your swine.

Okay that was enough.I cleared my throat.
She wiped her tears away.

Shaz: Oh you are here.Let me go and see father.

Me: Okay.

She walked out

Me: Sure man.Remember me dawg? I’m your twin. I just heard the good news that you are about to become a father in seven months time..Congrats my man.Atleast now you will know how it feels to
be a father.We will take them to Disney land when mine turn six and yours turn five.It will be the
most memorable day ever..

I sat there just looking at him.I can imagine what he must be going through..The pain and trauma.

I stood up and texted Shaz that I will be in the car..She came after a while..Her bags where still in
the car so I was taking her to my mom’s..When we got there I asked mom to open the gate and
she did.Parked at the drive way and took the bags inside.

Me: And then wena?
I was looking at Rudzani who was breastfeeding Itu..

She just shrugged her shoulders..

Me: Heela mosadi I’m talking to you!!

Mrs P: Stop speaking with loud voice you will frighten the kids.

Ohhkay what did I miss here.Mom defending my kids.

Rudzi: I decided to be a good fiance and did what I was told.

Me: And you didn’t bother telling me?

Rudzi: There was no need

Me: Eh…Im leaving Ma.I will see you tomorrow.

Mrs P: Let me dish up for you.I cooked.

Me: Okay.

She went and I took Ontha and played with her fingers until mom came back.I took the food and
have her Ontha.

I walked out.Rudzi needs some tough love.She can’t run away then come back and expect me to
be okay with it.

He didn’t even smile at me..He must really be angry.I thought he would be happy that I’m where
he wanted me to be..This is a bummer..

Shaz: Don’t worry he will come around.

Me: What I did was wrong through..I don’t blame him.

Shaz: Just apologise and he will be okay.

Me: I will let him cool down first

Shaz: Trust me that is as cool as he can be.

Me: I will call him before I sleep.

Mrs P: Did you see the house keys? They were at the table

Me: No ma

Mrs P: I must have misplaced them.
She went about and came back with ones with a different key holder.

Mrs P: I can’t find them

Shaz: They must be around here somewhere.
We spent the rest of the day indoors..When it was late I went to bed since the kids where already
in bed..I already took a shower so I changed into my pjs then got in bed..My kids were in their
cots..Grandma bought new ones for when they are here..

I dozed off..While I was sleeping I felt the presence of someone in the room. I felt a hand on my

Voice: If you dare move I will kill you and those kids

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