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Crying Blood (Bleeding Tears) - Season 1 - Episode 64
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When we got to Venda I had a bad feeling..Somehow with how I was treated here it all got
overwhelming so I found myself at a crossroad not knowing where to go.Maybe I took the wrong
decision..I will book myself at a guesthouse then leave in the morning to where my heart tells me
to go.

The twins didn’t give me a tough time so I slept early and woke up early to prepare for our journey.

I was listening to my playlist and his favourite song started playing.

‘I can’t imagine any greater fear
Than waking up without you here
And though the sun would still shine on
My whole world would all be gone
But not for long
If I had to run
If I had to crawl
If I had to swim a hundred rivers
Just to climb a thousand walls
Always know that I would find a way To get to where you are

There’s no place that far’
I started panicking because what I have just done is unfair.When I was done I took the kids and
went to the bus station.Luckily the city to city bus was not full so I was allowed in.I will do exactly
what he wants me to do even if it means enduring emotional abuse from his mother.What could be
more worse because I have endured worse from my own mother.


I felt like I was losing my mind.Rudzani doesn’t know anyone or any place.The only place she
knows is Venda and I can bet on my life that she went there. I can’t survive not knowing if my
children are okay.She will forgive me but I will have to send people to go and fetch her if she is at

Venda.With Boss at our backs like this I can never relax where my kids are involved .I called the
person renting to check if she wasn’t in the backroom and she said that there is no one there.I was
now at the verge of panicking.

Shaz: Wjats wrong? You look like you have seen a ghost.

Me: She left.She took the kids and left.Her phone is off now and she not even at Venda

Shaz: Rudzi did What? How selfish can she be? I need her,father needs her and even E.How can
she just pack up and go.

Me: It might be my fault.I was worried about their safety and I was about to take her to my
mother’s so next thing she is gone.

Shaz: You what? How can you suggest your mom’s when you know that she doesn’t like her.Are
you trying to break her heart all over again? Your mother is not even trying to like Rudzani so why
force the situation?

Me: At the state I’m in right now Shaz I have to do anything to protect them.With me it’s not
safe.You are also not safe here.

Shaz: I do not have a problem with going to your mom’s but with Rudzi you didn’t even have to
mention it.

Me: But she knows better than to just leave..
She shrugged her shoulders..
I went to my room..

Sleeping was a mission but I ended up sleeping.Not knowing where my mini family is hurts pretty
bad..They say men don’t cry but I found myself weeping..Its probably my fault that she left.She
was abused before so she is afraid my mother will do the same after how she treated her the first
time they met.Dammit mother!!
I woke up the following day with a massive headache..I didn’t even feel like going to see dad and
Ethan but I have no choice..

Me: Father why have you included innocent people in this?

Boss: It became dirty when they left me broke.Our lifestyle had to change because of them..They
will all pay.I won’t give up until he is miserable.He will die a painful death knowing all his family
members died because of him.

Me: I think I will go back home.I can’t stay here and watch innocent people get hurt.What if they kill me to get to you.Father please stop while you still can


I got frightened so I ran out the house.I really need to think.

I was sitting on the bench looking at him.My heart is really aching.

Me: Babe….Hun. There is nothing that hurts like a day and night without you.I miss you.How do I
call home when you are not there..Babe home is waiting for you.Wake up because no one can
love me like you do.You gave me a reason not to search for love again..Wake up babe..Dont give
up on life so easy.We still have to make our soccer team..

It was hard watching him with all those machines surrounding him..

When I got to his mother’s the gate was open so it was easy for me to get in without having to
explain who I am.I knocked at the door and the maid opened up for me.

Mrs P: Who is it?

Maid: Miss Rudzani mam.

Mrs P: What?

She said that walking in.

Mrs P: Why are you here? What do you want in my house?

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