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Crying Blood (Bleeding Tears) - Season 1 - Episode 60
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Lesley is a dander head so he managed to stay behind and the following day we were

I was surprised to get home and find Ethan and Shaz there.

Shaz: Will be staying with you so far since you don’t have anyone to help.

Les: I have to talk to mom.

Me: Please don’t.Shaz and I will manage.

Les: Babe we are talking about two kids.

Me: I know.Don’t worry yourself.Now I need to rest since you are all here..Wake me up when they
give you troubles so that I can feed them.

Ethan: Okay.

When I got to the room i used to sleep in it was turned into a nursery. I was glad because there was also a bed..
I got on the bed and slept right away.


Me: How the f--k did this happen?I thought you had this under control.. He was gun man so he
wouldn’t have defeated you.

Stan: Stop shouting at them. You surely don’t know the Pilusa brothers. They have caution. Don’t
worry because opportunities are many. They will lose sight.

Me: That boy has to pay back every cent he stole from me. He even has to pay with his life.

Stan: The feeling is mutual so calm down so that we can come up with a very good plan.

Tendi: Dad I’m going out.

Me: I honestly think that coming this side with you was a mistake. Your mother is forever
complaining about you.

Tendi: You should have left her at home not me.


When the twins slept we put them to sleep in the nursery.
Me: I have to go and see dad just so I tell him the news. He was ready to make peace but mom

ruined it.

Ethan: Must I come with you?

Me: No you have to stay here in case of emergencies.

Ethan: Okay.

I took my car keys and drive out.
There was a certain black gti following me.I looked at its number plate and sent it to Ethan via
SMS then I called him.

Ethan: Ta

Me: Bro I sent you number plate of a certain car following me..Please take a look at it.And make
sure my family is safe.

Ethan: This is a gated area so don’t worry.Becareful because we don’t know who it could be.

Me: I hope its not that man who calls himself boss.

Ethan: I hope so too because if it is then this is a wrong time.

When I got to my parents they were in the kitchen. Mom was cooking and dad was sitting on the
high chair drinking bottled water. He looks like he lost weight and he looks stressed.

Me: Family

Dad: Hi son.

Me: Dad can we talk.

Mom: What do you want to talk with my husband. You are the one who disowned us. You didn’t
even come and see him at the hospital when he had shock and those panic attacks.

I was suprised to learn that he was sick. I was never informed. Why didn’t Ethan tell me.
Me: I would have known if I was told. Dad can we please talk.

Dad: Come with me to my study..

I followed him to his study.

Dad: Anything to drink?

Me: Anything strong.

He poured us hennecy

Me: Dad why didn’t you call when you got better?

Dad: I thought you wanted nothing to do with me

Me: But father at that time it was because of mom.What really happened?

Dad: After the both of you left and didn’t even check up even once in a while my heart started
failing me..I just couldn’t handle the though of you and Ethan gone.

Me: Why do you let mom take control though

Dad: Your mom is a very too much full of drama so I rather let her be.What angers me is that she
doesnt even know anything about this industry but she is driving away the people who are
supposed to take over when I can no longer handle the pressure.

Me: Honestly father I have gotten myself in situatuins I don’t even know a way out of them due to
all this.I always thought that people become rich due to legit things but my wealth came about the
wrong way even with qualifications in my possession.

Dad: I was wrong.I was full of anger not knowing what I was putting you through.My aim was to
draw you closer but it pushed you further away.

Me: Father it is all forgiven..I actually came here to tell you that Rudzani gave birth to a boy and a
girl.I would like you to come with me so that you meet them and if possible name them.
He looked at me with guilt.He was happy but also sad.I could see tears forming in his eyes.
He stood up and hugged me

Dad: Thank you son. At least I can die in peace one of this days knowing that I have grandchildren
and I have met them.. let’s go


When I woke up I looked at my kids sleeping…We will have to name them.I already have Venda
names for them..Looking at them brought about alot of emotions.Why my mother would hate her
own child. Children are gifts from God.The most innocent beings ever.
I took my phone and played ‘ahuna zwi vhavhaho’ by Meskay
‘Ahuna zwivhavhaho u fana na u tutshelwa nga vhabebi
Zwiyavhavha ende zwiya pfisa vhutungu
Ho thoma gugu, na mmawe vha tevhela, ha tevhela khotsi anga
Nne ndi dzula ndi kho lila ndi tshi vha humbula, ndido vha humbula musi litshi tavha musi li tshi
Ndi elelwa mushumo yavho mivhuya ahuna zwivhavhaho u fana na u tutshelwa nga vho mubebi
Zwiya vhavha ho thoma gugu na mmawe vha tevhela, ha tevhela khotsi anga
Mmawe baba vho tsia ndi kho tambula
Mathupho alino shango o sema mano i dont see the freedom they talk about mbilu yanga iya
Mbilu yanga iya vhavha athidivhi ndi iteni nne
Ndi dzula ndikho lila athi wani thandululo’
This song mostly makes me miss my grandma.Why she had to leave me to suffer like this.It
reminds me of the father I never knew.Why he left my mom to treat me like this… Life was never easy for me but I hope it will be for my children

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