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Crushed - Season 1 - Episode 23
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I unlocked it and gave it to him
“Read it!” I said as he collected it from me
“What’s this?” he asked and just placed my elder on the window and supported my chin with my palm.

“Crushed!” he read aloud – he must have seen the first page of the diary and when I realized he was engulfed in what he was reading, I used the opportunity to talk to God as way

“But why Holy Spirit? Why did you hide this salient truth from me? Why oh Lord?” I asked, deeply in my heart and I felt the sign
He was actually near
He was going to speak!

“There is time for everything!” that was the answer and I gasped
“Yes dearie. Jesus waited till Lazarus died before he actually stepped into the situation. You remember what he said? He said, Lazarus is dead and I am glad for your sakes that I was not there, so that you may believe, but let us go to him” he explained to me and I was confused

“I don’t understand” I muttered
“If you can remember the story of the Shunnamite woman whose son died- after she had met Elisha to narrate her ordeal, the prophet said something. Do you know?”
“Oh, when Gehazi was trying to push her away from his master?” I asked to be sure
“Yes” the Holy Spirit replied me
“He said Gehazi should leave her alone because her soul was vexed in her and that the Lord had hid it from him and had not told him what had happened”

“Good! He was saying anything he knows or did was not by any of his own virtue or power but only from God who reveal to him only what and when he pleases”

“Wow! So it pleased the Lord that this was hid from us?”
“It is just for His glory and pleasure. He doesn’t do anything without any reason”
“Really! But the transplant and surgery and Mercy too…how do we go about that? How?” I was almost crying
“All will be well” it was so reassuring that I just smiled

“Really!” I exclaimed until the sniffing of my husband called me back to reality.
I looked towards his side and his eyes were soaked form serious weeping.
“I can’t believe this!” he exclaimed
“I couldn’t believe at first too” I replied, shaking my head
“Ah! This world is wicked o…that young girl has really suffered…Oh my God!”
“Yes, our daughter…” I corrected and looking up at me with his teary eyes, he nodded

“Yes, our daughter!” he agreed for the first time and we smiled together
“We really have a lot to do. Would you still be able to drive or should I take over?” I asked and just could nod
As he turned the ignition key, his phone rang and I checked the name
“Dr. James” I announced as my heart started racing uncontrollably.

“Huh?” my husband asked too, so afraid too
“Pick it” I said, giving the phone to him
“No, you pick it” he pushed it back at me and I picked the call with my shaky hands
“Hello doc”

“Hello, please I need your attention at the hospital now” he said

“I hope there is no….” I was saying when he dropped the call
My husband looked into my eyes expectantly
“What?” he asked
“That we should come to the hospital quickly” I replied turning the ignition as he sped off with full speed, I held my breath as I prayed that we would arrive our destination safely

We jumped into the intensive care unit where Jean was and we were so shocked!
“Jean!” we chorused almost together
We were both panting from ear to ear as we had ran breathlessly to the ward earlier.
“Mum!” he called out, giving a sick but enthralling smile
“Dad!” he called out too, his dimples, resurfacing on his face
“Oh my God!” I screamed as we ran towards him and held on to him in a very warm and peaceful embrace while Doctor James watched on, a deep smile on his face
“My baby!” I cried

“My son!” Seyi cried out as well as we tried to disengage from him
“What happened?” Seyi asked the doctor and he smiled
“Miracle!” he exclaimed
I looked up at him, not sure I heard him well
“He wouldn’t need the surgery again?” I asked almost excitedly
My husband looked at the doctor expectantly too

“Well, funny enough, after running some tests on him immediately after you left, I found out that his bone marrow still function normally. All leukemia is gone! In fact, all is well with him. No qualms at all” he said and I jumped up

“The Holy spirit said all is well! Wow!”
Could it just be a test?
Oh not a test…

A way of letting the secret that Mama had hidden for years to be revealed?

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