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Crushed - Season 1 - Episode 13
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“Fake faith?”
“Oh yes!”
“How Lord?”
“The faith that was not in place when you were complaining suddenly resurrects when you are on your knees o pray? No! it’s not done! Faith knows that the God on the mountain is the God in the Valley. It speaks positively both in the valley and on the mountain. It doesn’t say ‘God is dead’ in the valley and changes it to ‘I know you are alive…really alive’ on the mountain”

That was just so inspiring and refreshing
“I am so sorry Lord. For joining the multitude to call Mercy possessed, I am so sorry Lord. Please forgive me and forgive my husband in Jesus’ name” that was the short prayer I said and then I felt peace
That was right too!

The bag!
“The bag?” I looked round to get what that meant and I stood up when I saw her beautiful pink bag on the table where I had dropped it.

I picked it up and unzipped it.

The books in there were neatly wrapped with old newspaper and I opened the notes to see her legible handwriting
My heart craved to hold her close to my chest
I felt a whole new episode of love for her.
Then, my eyes fell on a diary- a pink diary
That’s it!

I picked it up and made to open it but it was locked

Where would the key be right now, Lord?
I checked inside the bag again and found a small wallet.

I opened it and found neatly arranged about ten, one hundred naira notes.

There was a small zip and I opened
There was a small golden key attached to a goldfish key holder.

I was glad!

“Thank you Holy Spirit” I said as I packed the books back into her bag and put the bag aside.

I settled down comfortably but anxiously to open the diary and digest whatever it was that was written therein
Legible handwriting!
Jan 1, 2016

Alice got me this beautiful diary as a new year present as I requested. She said she got it from her monthly salary. Yippee! Now I’ve got to enter in everything that Mummy does to me inside here
I sighed
I was so sure that I was in for an explosion of a kind even as I read on.
Jan 5, 2016

Mummy came into the room I share with Sissy and unfortunately, I had wet the bad again.*sobs*. She said henceforth, I should sleep at the corridor at night because I was just too ridiculous and impossible! I pleaded to no avail


I couldn’t swallow that at all!
My elder’s wife wouldn’t do that to her biological daughter without a reason
I read on as my heart raced
Jan 6, 2016

Mummy just slapped me, kicked me and called me a bastard. She reminded me that I was just found at the house doorstep, forsaken! She reminded me that she was not my mother and that I should stop calling her mummy or her husband daddy just because I told her that I didn’t appreciate the fact that I was sent to the balcony to sleep last night
Baba o!

I started speaking in tongues, uncontrollably as cold descended upon me.
My teeth gnashed against themselves as I shook vehemently.

“I cannot believe this ooo” I said to myself
Mercy isn’t their daughter?
As I read on, a sudden headache from nowhere descended on me and I had instant fever

“Holy Spirit” I called out as I felt my forehead with the back of my palm- it was hot!
March 7, 2016

My life just got ruined today. A lot happened that even as I write, I curse the day I was born. Daddy fondled with my breasts during morning devotion and I slapped him when I couldn’t believe all that happened. He later pulled me to the room and deflowered me. He said he had waited for the opportunity as he watched me grow *cries*….

This was the last straw that broke the camel’s back for me as I read on
My legs could not carry me as I shook like a feather being driven around by the wind

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