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Crushed - Season 1 - Episode 11
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The fact that she was indeed possessed became clear to me then especially when it was coming from her biological mother
I heard also that she was a loner- she doesn’t talk to anyone nor does anyone talk with her too.

When Jean said he wanted her to be his friend, I was so shocked but how do I discourage him?

Once my son said something, he really did mean it although he might be young.
I simply told him to tell her that he would love her to his friend and let’s hear her reply first.
This afternoon, he had ran to my office looking really sad as he fell into my arms saying ‘I was rejected’
I rubbed his shoulders then and smiled
“You were never meant to be friends my son. I just didn’t want to dissuade you at first’ I said to him and he withdrew from me and backed me

“I insulted her after the rejection” he said, hurt laced his voice as he fumbled with his trousers pockets

I looked up at him and smiled again
“You shouldn’t have done so my dear.”
“I should go and apologize?” he didn’t say it as if he was asking a question. He just wanted me to affirm what he really wished to do and there was no stopping him.
He flew out of my office almost instantly until almost immediately; I had heard his estranged voice call ‘Mummy!’
I jumped out almost immediately as I ran towards the ss2 block where he was and my eyes got drawn to the almost lifeless body on an iron locker and the blood flowing from under her.

My heart jumped into my mouth.
The only thing that would make a woman bleed from between her legs as far as I was concerned was miscarriage or abortion or hemorrhage.

But she couldn’t just be pregnant- not at all!
I buried my head into my hands as I shook my legs endlessly

Something made me really bothered about this young girl and I couldn’t fathom what it was

“I just don’t worth Jean’s friendship!..” those words rang in my ears and I looked into the air, quite lost

“I am filthy and dirty that saying yes to his friendship proposal would even be a sin!” the words rang the more and I seemed really lost in my world.

My heart raced the more
It didn’t seem like a demon-possessed issue here

It sounded as if there was something hidden and I just had to find out what it was
“But who would understand my predicament? Nobody” it seemed as if I could see her face even as she wrote those words down.


What could it be that this young girl was going through?

She had wonderful parents, attended a very good school, she was very bright in school and all
What could the problem be for goodness’ sake?

I stood up and walked closer to my son in front of the ward. We were at the VIP section of the theatre so we could see what was going on in the ward through the glassy section

“Mum, what could be wrong? Would she die?” he asked, holding my heads tightly
They felt really cold and I quickly wore a smile to assure him

“Death? Oh no! She can’t die” I said to him
He walked away again, really worried
What could that be Oh Lord?
I just didn’t like racking my brain over things like this.

I would just go into the secret revealer so He could talk to me then.

I needed a solution
Whatever predicament she was talking about could just be life-threatening, who knows?
I looked over my son and he had dropped her bag on the steel seat close to the door.
“Pick it” something told me and I obeyed as I walked towards my husband’s office.
I closed the door and dropped the bag on the center table.

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