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Crushed - Season 1 - Episode 10
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I had never read a more emotional story book in my life- her diary!

Immediately we left her classroom and headed for my car which was luckily parked close, Jean and I jumped into the car as Leo sped off as if he knew what we were up to.
“Madam, hospital right?” Leo asked and I nodded, not bothered if he saw me or not.
I started blowing air into her nostrils.
“Mum, what are you doing?” Jean had asked and I just shrugged, confused
He shook his head and sighed, sweat beads under his nose.

“That’s no rescuing skill mum. If you’re gonna fan, fan. Not blow some kinda microbes into the poor girl’s nostrils” he said, his nose pulled up, displaying his irritation
“Na you sabi” that was all I could say.
When one is confused, it’s just so definite that one could do some things wrong, I wonder what his crucifixion was for anyways.
I picked up my phone and flipped through my contacts

“Hello darling” I had said to my husband over the phone
“Hey girl”
“Are you at work?” I asked.
“Oh yes. What’s wrong with you?” he asked, somewhat agitated. He must have felt the tension in my voice.

He is the managing director of a big private hospital in town- Royal Diadem Hospital
“Get set for a cross examination and probably a surgery” I said and I heard the screeching of the chair.
He must have probably stood up abruptly
“What’s the matter girl?” he asked
“It’s a student. We will be there soon”
As she was being wheeled into one of the Accident and Emergency department theatres, I joined my hands together as I closed my eyes firmly.

I felt my husband’s hand round me and relaxed a bit
“It is well dear” he said
I smiled as I quickly held his hands
“Dearie, what could be wrong with her? She’s a young teenager. Why would she be bleeding like that? I was so scared” I said and he shook his head

“She is going to be checked now and we will find out what it was exactly. Be calm please” he said as he pecked my forehead and left
I looked around for my boy and I saw him at the entrance of the theatre, pacing to and fro like a concerned groom awaiting the sex of his newborn
Funny boy!

I went close to him and sat down.
What could have happened to this girl?
I had heard a lot being said about her in recent times, all revolving round her being possessed by the devil to the extent that she had become resistant to the name of Jesus
She even slapped Elder!
But it looked to me like there was more to it.
Jean had been disturbing me to check on her and ask her what the problem was and I had been so furious as to why he would want that of me.

I had never been a prayer warrior or a deliverance master so why he was so interested in her to the extent that he wanted me to pray for her, I wondered.
“Or do you like her?” I had asked him
He looked at me suddenly and flinched
“God forbid” he said and I smiled a bit
“Then, you hate her?” I asked and he looked at me again, looked away and shook his head

“Why would I hate her?” he said, silently
I laughed aloud
“You like her then” I said, eyeing him playfully
“Well, like a friend sha” he said, fumbling with his tie
I kept on laughing uncontrollably while he could only watch on, embarrassed
What was so unique about this girl that had drawn my son to him?

I had sent for her records from her class teacher and I had realized that she had been the best student in the school since she was in JSS 1

Even after monitoring her closely especially in the past one month plus, she had still soared high in all her subjects
I found her interesting
In my research, I found out that she still bed wet

I learnt that she had been nicknamed Wee-wee girl and Messy Mercy and that she even had no friend in school.

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