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Crush to crash  - Season 1 - Episode 9
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God, this is not happening! I thought in disappointment.

I gathered all courage and opened the door.
Quickly, they both jumped out from the bed in their naked state.

Mesh, what are you doing here? You are supposed to be in the market. Mensa panicky stated.

Before I could utter a word, tears started dropping off my cheeks.

Mensa, how did I offend you? I asked sadly.
I’m sorry Mesh, I didn’t mean to betray you. Abena coerced me to do this. He pleaded.
Who coerced you? Was I the one who forcefully put the money into your pocket to sell your friend to me?

Don’t even annoy me. Abena responded angrily and wore her dress.

Thanks so much the both of you. Thanks Mensa, for selling me and my relationship with Esi at a cheap price. And to you Abena, thanks for buying my joy with your money. God bless you. I responded in tears.

And thanks too Meshac, for falling for my money. Abena stated harshly.

I never fell for your money Abena, my friend rather convinced me enough. I explained.
Where was your conscience? Is your friend your god?

You guys should give me a break! After all, I still remain Abena, the teacher’s daughter who is capable of buying any man with her beauty and money. She bragged and walked out on us.

Mesh my brother, please forgive me. I know it isn’t easy, but please try harder. Mensa pleaded.

Mensa, you and I are done as friends.
I never ever want to see you anywhere around me. If you dare do, I will curse you. I responded angrily and walked out on him.

I la!d down on my bed thinking about all that has happened when I got home.

I lost Esi to a bad company.

My childhood friend Mensa gave me up for selfishness. How do I start life all over again? How?

I don’t ever think Esi will forgive me, even if I apologize to her.

I’ve hurt her too bad to be forgiven.

Abena’s mother promised giving me a job, but I can’t go for it. Abena would have by now polluted her mother’s mind. I thought deeply.

Days passed, and I psyched myself to move on in life.

I will continue to do my kayayo job to survive. I thought.

The next market day, I carried my pan and hit the market to work.

When the day was almost over, I met Abena’s mother.

Young man, what happened the other day? I asked you to come back to my house for a job, but you refused. She complained.

I’m sorry mum, I forgot. I responded.

Anyway, it is never too late. Kindly come for my items and let’s go to the house. There are lots of work awaiting you. She responded and led me to where her items were.

I hurriedly carried them and followed her to the house.

What a stressful day.

Welcome once again to my house. Please have a seat. She offered.

God, I hope this job offer wouldn’t be what Mama Lydia offered me the last time. I thought.
Young man, I’ve been talking to you for seconds and you seem absent minded. Are you ok? The woman asked.

Very ok mum, I didn’t hear you talk. Please forgive me. I responded.

Well, I want to employ you as a sales boy in my shop.

You will double your role as my husband’s car cleaner. I hope you can do it? She asked.
I am ever ready mum. Thanks so much for the employment. I responded happily.

But mum, please where is Abena? I asked.
What has Abena got to do with this employment? I hope you’ve not made up your mind to break her virginity? The woman asked.

Not at all mum, she is just a friend and I thought it wise to ask of her since I’ve gained employment in her home. I responded.

Anyway, she has gone to visit her aunty in the city, she will be back in two months time. She responded.

The next morning, I began working at the shop as early as 6am.

People indeed patronized from the shop. No wonder Abena is loaded with money. I thought.
The day was over and I asked permission to go home.

Meshac, all my employees eat from my house after the day’s job.

Join the other guys and go for your food. She responded.

I followed the guys happily to the house and we really enjoyed the mouth watery Tuo Zaafi they served us.

I enjoyed working in the shop and for the entire family as a whole.

Weeks later, Mr Asum, (Abena’s father) asked me to move into the house to stay with them.
Meshac, please join us in this house so that you can wake up early and wash my car for me before I go to work. He said.

Daddy, why don’t I change my time of coming here instead? I asked.

No Meshac, it is dangerous to wake up in the dawn and walk here. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you. The man responded.

I packed my bag and baggage and moved in to stay with them.

Two weeks later, Abena’s mother informed me of Abena’s return the next day.

Meshac, Abena called me this morning. She will be returning tomorrow. She said.

Instantly, my knees became weak.

What if she tells the mother I slept with her? What if she ask the parents to sack me from the house? Where will my life head towards?
I had wild thoughts from that evening till the following morning.

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