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Cost For Love - Season 1 - Episode 17
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After the incident that happened, i never got to see teresa again, even when my formal classmates did their graduation, she was nowhere to be found.

Its been two years after secondary school, as a fresher in the university of uyo (uniuyo), i knew nothing, no friends, nobody to talk to after lectures. Thank God for mira who never stopped calling me to check how i was doing. Actually, she applied for uniuyo, buh by God’s grace, unilag took her. I already made up my mind not to date any girl in my new school, because i think have fallen in love with mira.
”the customer you re trying to call is busy, call back later or leave a message” * airtel customer care*
Me:: *leaving a message* hello mira, how re you? I actually wanna tell you that have found love, and that’s you, pls give me a chance to be part of ur life. Call me back if you feel like talking to me”.

I ended the message recording. After waiting for few mins, an incoming call appeared on my screen ”Oh , its mira” *trying to compose my voice*.
Me:: hello
Mira: hmmm
Me:: i know it will be kind of weird, buh i really love you. *trying to force myself to speak*
Mira: i love you too.


Me:: mom, i dont think , i can love again, i dont think i will marry. Teresa was my life. I can’t really live without her.
Mum: son, you have to forget about teresa. Someone else is really dying for ur love, and you re so blind to see it.
Me:: and who could that be?
Mum: mira ofcourse.

Me:: buh, mira is just a friend to me. I like her as a friend. And besides, i dont even love her.
Mum: if you dont love her, then force urself to love her.

Mira: hello honey. Why you not talking, have been talking to you
Me: *inwardly* am i doing the right thing or not? Why will mother be forcing me to love who i dont even love. Not one pinch of love.
Mira: chuks, re you still on the line?
Me:: oh, sorry dear, i was lost in thought. What were you saying??
Mira: i said , that i really love you. And i can do anything , just anything for you and you alone.
Me:: hmm. Have heard you ma. Lerra. Come online. Love ya.
*inwardly* for ur cockroaches mind mtchew, just trying to make mum happy*
(four Years Later)

My love for mira is still undecided to myself, whereby her love for me grows every single day (we already had sex *winks*).
My final exams came and passed, my result been excellent might aid into been among the first barge that will go for youth corps.
I decided to spend my short period holiday with my family before going for Nysc. One that fateful day, when everything became crystal clear to me, i was walking along the road that leads to mira’s house, when i saw people gathered together, some were shouting, ”she is dead” while others were side talking ”She will die, she already lost much blood”. I went closer to the accident spot, who i saw gave me the shock of my life. ”taxi , wait, ” i called down one of the taxi that i saw *tears in my eyes* doctor, doctor. Help me.
”nurse, prepare the emergency room” the doctor shouted to the nurses. I watched as they tried to bring her back to life. After some hrs, the doctor came out of the emergency ward.

Doctor: she lost a lot of blood, and we have searched for her blood group in our blood bank, buh we couldn’t see it. Am sorry, if we can’t do anything within the next 30mins, we might loss her.

Me:: test my blood.
The doctor collected my blood with his needle. After 3mins, he came out having a little smile on his face.

Doctor: your blood matched with hers.
Me:: then, take me in. Incase anything happens, call this number. *dropped my phone with him*
Doctor: ok
Me:: *inwardly* teresa honey , pls hold on the your breath, am coming to get you. *pass out*
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End Of Seasone One

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