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Cost For Love - Season 1 - Episode 16
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Saturday, been the day i planned on visiting Teresa, was here. I dressed in my normal vintage shirt, and trouser *looking cute*. ”mum, am going out, see you later” i said to my mum. I didn’t forget to pad my security card in my wallet, in case of free mode p---y. I board a cab which was going directly to teresa’s house. I was on my way when my phone ringed. ( mira calling)
Me:: hello mira.
Mira: hello chuks, how re you?
Me:: am fine. I will call you back later.
Mira: hey, hold on. Am no my way to ur house. I hope you re at home .

Me:: * speechless* ”what’s she doing in my house” *inwardly* infact lemme off my phone.
I switched off my phone and climbed down from the cab.
Me:: oga how much?
Cab man: na 70naira.

I paid him his money and he went his way. I knocked at teresa’s gate, praying inwardly that her parents won’t be at home. The gate man opened the gate for me without asking me any question because he has been seeing me with teresa. I entered into the large compound without seeing anybody, ”maybe , her parents no dey” i said as i stand at the door leading to the big sitting room. ”knock knock knock”
Voice: who is there?
Me:: its me. Chuks.

The door opened , and teresa’s mother come out.
Her: yes, who re you looking for?
Me:: am am looking for teresa ( wait ooh, is this not the sane woman i helped back then * inwardly*

Her: Teresa is not– re you not the same boy i warned never to see Teresa again, ? Its you. You same boy that deflowered my daughter’ s mouth.

Me:: buh, ma i already asked for forgive.
Her: no problem. Lemme call Teresa for you.,make urself comfortable.

She went up stairs to call Teresa while i remain in the sitting room waiting for Teresa. Have been sitting for 20 or 30 mins when i heard a knock on the door. ”come in” teresa’s mum said from the gallery of their house.
” she for tell me say Teresa no dey instead of keeping me here” *inwardly*
The persons that knocked on the door came in.
Teresa’s mum: you re welcome *talking from the gallery*
Men: *unison* good afternoon ma.
Teresa’s mum: that’s the boy i told you about. Pls take him out.
Me::buh ma what did i do?
Teresa’s mum: i warned you the last time about seeing my daughter, buh here you re again . Officer pls take him out.

I was led out by the police into their van. ”hey so as young as you dey , u don dey f--k abi” one of the police man said to me as they pushed me into the counter. ” you go sleep here today” another said to me.

It been 12hrs still they kept me in their custody.
”corporal, what’s this little boy doing here” a man of about 70 years asked the corporal.

The corporal was about to talk, when my mom and mira came into the station.

Mum: son, what have you done? Why re you here? I hope they didn’t beat you?
Me;. Nay mum. Nobody did me anything. *faced mira* sorry, for keeping you waiting, i actually went somewhere.
Mum: wetin you do
Me:: i went to visit one of my female friend, the next thing i saw was these men, taking me out of the place i went. Actually, my friend’s mother called them.

Corporal: abi the girl na ur friend abi na girlfriend???
Me:: buh sir, both friend and girlfriend re all the same.
Mum: can you now release my son?
Mira: pls release. If its money, lets pay.
Me:: why will you give him money? Haven’t you heard that bail is free?
Corporal: will you shut up…….. Upon the trouble you dey , u still dey pour more upon ur head. Infact, you re not going anywhere without her order.(teresa mum) have already called her. So madam *turned to my mom*, you have to wait.
Mum: ok, we will wait.
(10 mins later, teresa’s mom walked from the front door to the counter. ”yes, you called me, what’s the problem???” she asked the corporal.

Mum: re you the woman that got my son arrested?
Teresa’s mum: oh yes, am the one. Any problem.
Mum: yap, we have a problem, kindly tell ur police men to release my son.
Teresa’s mum: and if i say no to you, what will happen?
Mum: just sign so that my son will be released. Pls
Me:: buh ma, can i asked you a question? *asking no one inparticular*
Teresa’s mum: ya, go ahead?
Me:: is it a crime to love someone?

There was mins of silent , before teresa’s mum broke it.
Teresa’s mum:is a crime for you to love my daughter. And i dont want to ever see you anywhere around my daughter. If that happens, i swear, i will surely deal with you. Release him. * she left the police station*

I was released from the police custody. Buh not without signing a hard agreement that i will never see Teresa again.

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