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Colors of the heart - Season 1 - Episode 9
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Everyone assumes purple signifies royalty and nobility, well it does…but there was nothing noble about my actions. The dark purple color represents unhappiness, frustration. I didn’t realize that’s how I made Melvin feel and when I did. It was already too late.

Louisa stared at Melvin wide eyed. “You slept with Skye!” she shouted. “I didn’t….well technically she slept with me” Melvin defended himself.

“Well…. what’s the difference, how could you be so foolish to let her drug you?!” Louisa screamed at him.
“How was I supposed to know she was a scheming bïtch?!” Melvin shouted causing Teddy to wince.
“Enough of this screaming match! Skye drugged you and slept with you, then you let her blackmail you? ….God this sounds like fiction” Teddy said in disbelief.

“Why, surprised that your little girlfriend is nothing but a scheming slüt?” Louisa glared at him.

“Don’t even start now Louisa, this is not about you or I, it’s about Melvin and Cherry. Most importantly, Skye’s future” Teddy said.

Louisa hissed “Of course, you’re still concerned about the useless bïtch” Louisa said.

“I have to talk to Skye so she doesn’t ruin her future. Don’t worry Melvin, I’ll handle it. I’ll talk to Skye” Teddy said.
Melvin shook his head “You can’t reason with her, she’s psychotic. If she finds out that I’ve told anyone about this, she’ll send that audio to some stupid blogs and ruin me forever” Melvin said.

“No one is talking to that psychotic slùt. We’re going to show Cherry that she has a demon for a sister. That’s what we’ll do, if we tell Cherry she won’t believe us. If we show her however, she will understand that Skye is a backstabbing demon” Louisa hissed.

“How are we going to do it?” Melvin asked sitting up straight. “We’re going to beat her at her own game” Louisa said.
Teddy sighed “Do you realize you could destroy the sisters relationship forever” Teddy said.

Louisa glared at him “Do you realize there is more at stake here than your precious Skye?” Louisa asked rhetorically.
Teddy sighed again “Why do you hate her so much? you’re so bitter, jealous and angry over a little girl” Teddy said.
“You’re talking bullshït as usual. I don’t hate her, I just don’t worship her like you do” Louisa hissed and turned to Melvin.
“If you need my advice on how to keep your woman and get rid of that demon then you know where to find me. I’m done listening to Teddy’s nonsense” Louisa glared hard at Teddy before picking up her bag.
“If you don’t want your relationship with Cherry to be ruined then don’t listen to a thing Teddy says. He doesn’t care about anyone but Skye, I on the other hand know how to handle a spoiled brat” Louisa said.
“Oh yeah? because you were once a spoiled brat” Teddy hollered.

“Go fück yourself Theodore” Louisa hissed and left the living room in anger.
“Seriously you and Louisa need to get your shît together” Melvin said rubbing his forehead, he could sense a headache brewing.

“Forget about Louisa and I, you know how unreasonable she can be” Teddy hissed before moving closer to Melvin.
“Man…I can’t believe Skye would do that. What went wrong?” Teddy wondered aloud.
“Man she’s always been that way, she did a fantastic job hiding herself from us” Melvin shook his head.

“I don’t want to ruin her relationship with Cherry man and I hate to agree with Louisa but she’s right. Skye has to be taught a lesson, we’re going to beat her at her own game. You and Louisa handle that aspect, I’ll handle the blog in case she tries to contact them” Teddy said.

“How do you plan to do that man?” Melvin asked. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll handle it okay?” Teddy said.

Melvin nodded, he was glad he’d told his friends about it. It was good to have someone supporting and backing him up.
Louisa glared at Skye while Cherry braided her hair. “So, how’s the wedding plans coming?” Louisa asked fixing a stern stare at Skye who averted her eyes immediately she noticed Louisa’s stare.

Cherry smiled “We haven’t really made plans, by the way….you know you’re my maid of honor right?” Cherry said.
“No way!… Like I didn’t see that coming” Louisa said sarcastically. She obviously knew Cherry was choose her as the maid of honor, there was no one else. Except the backstabbing sister of course.

Cherry hit her playfully “If I don’t choose you, who else?” Cherry smiled.
Skye rolled her eyes “So have you been making plans?” Skye asked, she really hoped Melvin wasn’t secretly making plans with Cherry.

“Well, Melvin and I have been making a few plans on our own. We want a small wedding, we’ve decided on a location, we’re getting married in Calabar. I’m going dress shopping in two weeks. Overall, we don’t want to rush things, we have all the time in the world.” Cherry replied.
“How about you Skye, decided what you want to do with your life yet, Uni or France?” Louisa asked with venom. If Cherry noticed, she said nothing about it.

Skye smirked “Teddy and I are still thinking about it and of course…..Cherry has to approve it” Skye said. She wasn’t going anywhere, she was going to be with Melvin.
She gave Louisa a radiant smile, she couldn’t wait to see the surprised or rather Shocked look on their faces when they finally found out she was married to Melvin.
Cherry leaned down to kiss her cheeks. “Oh honey, you know I’ll always support you. No matter what” Cherry said affectionately.
Skye faked a huge smile that didn’t fool Louisa one bit. She saw no angel, only the devil.

Louisa got out her phone and texted Melvin. ‘I’m with the girls, I’ll take Cherry out in a few’
Melvin texted back seconds later ‘Okay, let me know when you do’ Louisa read the text and put the phone back in her bag.
“So I just got a text from my agent, the one who’s been scouting for office spaces for me. You know I want to get a studio on the mainland. Well he’s seen two spaces, one at Ikeja and the other at Maryland. Why don’t we go check it out Cher” Louisa said out of the blue.

“Oh, okay….when I’m done braiding Skye’s hair then” Cherry said.
Louisa shook her head “Come on, let’s go now. You know how Traffic on the mainland is, I want us to get back on time” She said.
“Skye do you want to come with us?” Cherry asked. Louisa glared hard at Skye “No, I think I should go home now” Skye said.

“Actually I’m expecting a delivery in a few hours, could you stay here and get it for me please. I’ll give the delivery guy your number” Louisa said.

Louisa checked her watch, it was past twelve. “He’ll be here by three… latest. I’ll have him call you thirty minutes before he arrives” Louisa said.
“Sure, no problem” Skye agreed halfheartedly. Cherry got up “I’ll go wash my hand and brush my hair” Cherry said leaving the sitting room.

Skye got up and followed her sister.
Immediately they exited her living room, Louisa took her phone out of her bag and texted Melvin. ‘Success, we’re leaving Skye at home’ she texted.
‘Alright, Teddy and I will meet you two at the restaurant. Hopefully this won’t be a disaster’ Melvin texted back.
Cherry fastened her seat belt and turned to Louisa. “I didn’t know you wanted another studio on the mainland, how come you never mentioned it?” Cherry asked.
“I’m not getting another studio” Louisa said shortly. Cherry looked at her confused “So, where are we going to?” Cherry asked.

“Do you trust me?” Louisa asked. Cherry nodded “Yes, why are you acting weird. Girl what is this about?” Cherry asked.
“There is something you should know, just trust me” Louisa said watching Cherry’s expression.

Cherry looked wary but nodded. “Okay” she smiled. “Let’s do this, don’t make me regret it though, whatever it is” Cherry said.
Louisa smiled and nodded before turning on the ignition of her car.
Skye walked around Louisa’s bedroom trying on various wigs and makeup products. She envied Louisa, pretty rich girl who had never had to work hard for anything except Teddy of course.

Skye smiled, it felt good to know that Louisa had not gotten the one thing or person rather that she really wanted. “Unlike her, I chose to fight dirty for my man” Skye said applying a pink shiny lip gloss on her dry lips.
Her phone rang from the living room so she dropped the lip gloss and went to get it. Surprise, surprise, it was Melvin. Why was he calling her? She grinned.

“Hey honey” Skye said Cheerily. “I wasn’t expecting you to call me, you’ve been avoiding me since the incident” Skye said making herself comfortable on a sofa.
‘I’m calling to appeal to you again Skye, I love Cherry and I want to be with her. Please don’t do this to me’ Melvin said.
Skye scoffed “Look Melvin, I don’t care. I love you and soon when we get married, you’ll fall out of love with Cherry….I’ll make sure of that. Let’s talk about our wedding plans instead” Skye said.
‘Cherry loves you, if you do this….you’ll hurt her feelings’ Melvin said.
“I don’t care about Cherry’s feelings, she’ll get over it. Stop talking about Cherry, worry about us, worry about your family and your reputation!” Skye yelled getting agitated.

‘Cherry is your sister….I don’t want to do this. I’ve known her since forever, I love her’ Melvin said.
“Oh really, do you care more about Cherry than your reputation. If you don’t marry me, I’m going to send that audio to that blog. Everyone will know you raped me!” Skye threatened hotly.

‘I didn’t rape you, you know that. You drugged me’ Melvin defended himself.
“Yes I did, but you don’t have proof. No one is going to believe you, I’m going to make Cherry hate you….you know what I’m capable of. Look how I handled Shade’s case. You don’t want me to do that to you, don’t make me hurt you. I love you” Skye sighed rubbing her forehead, why did Melvin have to be so difficult anyway? Was she that bad that he couldn’t pick her over Cherry. ‘Of course not, he just has bad taste’ she thought to herself.

Melvin sighed ‘Thanks a lot Skye’ Melvin said. “You’re welcome” she said before pausing to think about it. “For what?” she asked confused.

‘For giving me proof’ he said. Skye gasped, how could she have been so dumb? She should have known that phone conversations weren’t safe.
She spun into action quickly. “What are you going to do?” she asked. ‘First of all this call is recorded, so if you send that audio to any blog, I’m going to prove you to be a liar with my own recording’ Melvin said.
Skye sighed “Well…will..will… will you tell Cherry, or Teddy. Will you tell anyone?” Skye stammered, her heart was thumping loudly.
Melvin sighed ‘I don’t need to… Skye, they are here….they heard it all’ Melvin said.
Skye gasped and ended the call. What had she done? She placed her hand over her chest.
This could be the end of her world, how was she going to prove her innocence this time?
It was too late to get out of this mess

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