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Colors of the heart - Season 1 - Episode 8
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White, everyone knows white signifies all things good, purity, innocence and a lot of things that I didn’t possess. I took advantage of Cherry’s goodness because it was necessary, I fooled all of them with false innocence. I’m not pure, have never been and I never will be. Innocence wouldn’t have gotten me what I wanted anyway.
Skye sat cross legged on her bed and watched Melvin pace about the house. “Cherry would never believe us, she’d never believe I fell in love with you. Even if she does, Teddy won’t buy that shït!” Melvin scoffed.

“Forget about Teddy, I’ll handle him. And who cares what Cherry thinks? She can go to hell if she doesn’t support our union” Skye rolled her eyes irritably.

Melvin glared at her, it was as if she had become a total stranger. It was as if she’d been playing a lie all her life. Something struck him, that night at her father’s house. Had Shade been innocent after all? As innocent as he was now in this situation.
“Shade never touched you right? She really hadn’t entered your room, it was all your plan so you would come here to live with us” Melvin shook his head appalled at her behavior.

Skye laughed “Oh my God, it was so funny. You should have seen her face, I tried my best not to laugh” Skye said.

“She was innocent, you…you did that to yourself. You’re a psychotic bîtch” Melvin snarled.

“And very soon, you’ll be married to this psychotic bïtch. Isn’t that wonderful? Anyway, Cherry will be here in a few minutes, I have some ground rules. You will not kiss her on the lips anymore, you won’t see the counselor with her either and I’m not comfortable with you sharing a bed with her” Skye murmured the last part with a scowl.

“When are you telling her the truth?” Melvin asked and closed his eyes as he waited for one of her crazy replies.
“After our wedding next weekend, how soon can you obtain a marriage license? I want us to get married as soon as possible and I’ve always wanted to get married in Calabar, a small wedding. We could go to Calabar next week friday, what do you think?” Skye asked with a dreamy smile plastered on her face.

Melvin stared at her as if she was mad. “You…what? Get married by next weekend….Skye are you crazy?” Melvin asked.
Why did he even bother to ask? It was obvious the girl was mad, insane, nuts, psycho, crazy, possessed and lot of other things he couldn’t put a name to.

“I want to get married as soon as possible, or would you rather have me email that blog the voice note. Let the world think you’re nothing but a rapist?” Skye asked sweetly.
Melvin swallowed “I won’t love you Skye, I’ll hate you forever for this. Remember that” He said

“I’ll make you love me and besides you can’t hate your wife and the mother of your child forever” Skye smiled.
“You’re not my wife, neither are you the mother of my Child and you will never be because I will never touch you again, never!” Melvin glared at her.
“Don’t speak to me that way, do you want the voice note to be made public? Fadeyi’s grandson the rapist, your cousin is contesting in an election isn’t he? It’s a pity that a huge stain like this on your family’s name will lose him a lot of supporters. Nobody would want to vote for anyone related to a rapist, maybe I’ll tell them you told me it’s a family trait or that you come from a line of rapist” Skye threatened.
Melvin took in a deep breath. “Just do me a favor, don’t tell Cherry anything yet. Let me be the one to tell her” Melvin said.
Skye thought about it for a while before nodding. “On the conditions that you’ll tell her only when I’ve approved and when I’m present. You make sure to tell her you fell in love with me, that I’m better than her and I make you happier” Skye smiled.
“I can’t tell her that….I can’t” Melvin shook his head.

Skye sighed “Well….I guess I better send that email, I’m sorry it had to be this way” she said dramatically.
“Would you stop threatening me?!” Melvin shouted very irritated and angry.
Skye got out of the bed equally pissed “And would you stop being so hard headed, you’re pissing me off already and trust me you don’t want me to be pissed off because I do crazy things when I’m pissed. Crazy things you won’t like!” Skye yelled back.
Melvin stared into her angry orbs and nodded. There was nothing much he could do anyway, it wasn’t like he could pick up a knife, stab her and hide her body somewhere before Cherry arrived.

“See….you should listen to me often. I love you too, say you love me” Skye narrowed her eyes.

Melvin lowered his eyes shamefully. “I love you” he muttered inaudibly.
“What? I can’t hear you. Say it loud and clear, say I love you Skye Emmanuella Evans” Skye taunted. God, she was enjoying this. This leverage she had over him made her feel very powerful.

Melvin inhaled sharply “I love you Skye Emmanuella Evans now stop this nonsense already” he said furiously.
“We’re getting married in next weekend right? Let’s try obtaining a license as soon as possible. I’ll google spots in Calabar that’ll be good for small weddings. Did Cherry tell you my mom got married in Calabar to her first love? He died two months later in an accident, two years later she met our father” Skye said with a small smile on her face.

Melvin refrained from saying that the only reason she wanted to get married in Calabar was because that was exactly what Cherry had wanted.
“We should also get rings for both of us, a tuxedo for you if you don’t have one already and a dress for me. Something white, virginal, something that doesn’t scream that I’ve been raped” Skye winked.
Melvin scowled at her “I was the one who was drugged and raped, quit playing the victim” Melvin hissed.

“Mmmm really. You weren’t asleep when it happened, you didn’t fight back. You just let it happen because you enjoyed it” Skye hissed back.

Melvin sighed but said nothing else, he couldn’t remember anything and he was glad he didn’t. “I need your master card” Skye said. “For what?” Melvin glared at her.

“For the dress and the ring of course, what sort of stupid question is that?” Skye fired at him.

“I’ll give you some money for that” Melvin mumbled. “Okay, good. I’ll make a list of things that I want” Skye said grinning.
“You can leave now, Cherry will soon be here” Skye said dismissively.

“Why do you love me Skye, why would you throw away an education in France to be with me? You’re throwing away your dream” he said.

“I don’t know why….don’t ask me silly questions” Skye said coldly. Melvin nodded and walked away. He hoped she’d get tired and bored and hopefully she’d give up on him.

Something at the back of his mind told him not to deceive himself that he was stuck with Skye for life.

“Melvin why aren’t you dressed, I told Skye to inform you that we’re going to see the counselor today” Cherry said the minute she entered the house and saw him sitting stiffly on the sofa.

Melvin faked a cough “I’m not feeling well, I think we should go another time” Melvin said.

Cherry groaned “Melvin we can’t keep postponing our appointment, can’t you manage?” Cherry asked.

Skye walked out of the kitchen “Hey sis” she said Cheerily. “Hello baby, how was your night? Did you sleep well, hope Melvin behaved and made you comfortable” Cherry said going to hug her sister.

Skye giggled “Yes, he made me very comfortable. How is Louisa?” Skye asked.
“She’s at home, we’re all going to see that movie you wanted to see yesterday later in the evening. Let’s make it a girls evening” Cherry said.

“Sure…anyway I think you should let Melvin off the hook. I heard him coughing through out the night, can’t you reschedule the appointment?” Skye asked.
“Alright, I will. Have you two had breakfast?” Cherry asked turning to Melvin.
“No, I’m not really hungry” Melvin said.
“I’m frying plantain and egg, you need to eat and take your drugs” Skye winked before going back to the kitchen.
“Have you gotten drugs?” Cherry asked concerned and placed a palm on his forehead. “You seem fine, your temperature seems normal too” Cherry said.
Skye came out of the kitchen “I got some drugs for him last night, don’t worry I’ll get more for you today” Skye smiled.
Cherry grinned “That’s so thoughtful of you sweetheart” Cherry said. Skye eyed the duo’s closeness and gave Melvin a stern look.

“Come to the kitchen guys, I’m done with the eggs” she said. She also wanted to keep and eye on them.

She just got Melvin and she wasn’t be letting him go back to Cherry or any other woman…ever.

“I’m going to go stand in line for the popcorn and drinks, Louisa will get the movie tickets” Cherry said to Skye before going towards the long line of people waiting to get drinks and popcorn.

Skye followed Louisa. “So… I heard about you and Teddy. How come you didn’t tell me you were still in love with him?” Skye asked with a fake smile.
“I don’t know….let me see. Maybe it’s because it was none of your business” Louisa said with an equally fake smile.
“I wonder how Cherry will feel when I tell her all the things you said about her relationship with Melvin” Skye cocked her head to the side.

Louisa scoffed “Do you think you can threaten me? think again. Listen to me little bïtch, I said those things to get your attention and it did because you’re gullible as fück” Louisa hissed.

“Yeah you planted a seed in my head for me to turn against my sister” Skye accused.
Louisa scoffed “Shüt the fück up bïtch, the seed was already there. I only watered it and I didn’t expect it to grow that fast, you’re a pretentious b---h and you don’t fool me. I fücking despise you and I hate the fact that Cherry got a phony b---h like you for a sister. So let me advise you, set your sights elsewhere and stay away from Melvin” Louisa said venomously.
Skye laughed long, hard and mockingly. “Bïtch, stay updated. I already have Melvin by his balls, the dude has fallen hard for me so you better be ready to be a shoulder to cry on for your best friend….” Skye said before walking away to join her sister.

Louisa glared at her, “stupid cünt and her bluffs” she said to herself before returning her attention to the movie tickets.
Melvin rang the doorbell twice and waited for a response. Louisa answered the door on the second ring. “Louisa, what are you doing here?” Melvin asked surprised.
“I came to get the few things I left over, I was just leaving” Louisa said coldly. “No, stay…. Where is Teddy? I want to talk to you two” Melvin said.

Teddy surfaced holding a purple and black bag. “Here are your things” he said harshly.
Melvin looked at them wide-eyed wondering what was going on between them. “Man, what’s up?” Teddy said when he saw Melvin by the door.

Louisa took the bag. “Make it quick Melvin, I have to go home” Louisa said.
“It’s about Skye and Cherry. You two have to help me, I think I’m going to lose Cherry and everything I’ve worked for. My family included, I can’t think…..I need help” Melvin said.

Louisa and Teddy stared at him with keen interest. What in the world had happened?

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