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Colors of the heart - Season 1 - Episode 6
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Yellow and Orange are closely related on the color chart, Yellow was a blinding color, drawing attention to itself without trying. Yellow represented joy and happiness. My joy and happiness must have blinded me from seeing the bitter truth.

Skye considered the previous night successful since Cherry refused to see the counselor with Melvin the following morning and also refused to speak to him when he came home early in the morning .
“He must be really sorry, poor guy has been calling since morning” Skye said munching on caramelized popcorn. Cherry frowned “He shouldn’t have spoken to you that way, it’s unacceptable” Cherry insisted.

Skye shrugged, she didn’t want Cherry to forgive him ever. She wanted her sister to break the engagement immediately but for now she remained contented with her successes.

“He will apologize to you, he has to. Let’s go out together today, what do you think?” Cherry asked.

Skye smiled “Let’s go to the cinema, there is the movie I really want to see and they’ll be showing it today at Silverbird by three o’clock” Skye said.

“Alright, it’s a deal” Cherry said. “We have to stop by the bank first, I need to make a withdrawal” Cherry said. “Alright mummy, I’ll go dress up” Skye said with a small smile.

“Hurry up, we need to go to the bank and make that withdrawal quickly in order to meet up with the movie at the cinema” Cherry said picking up her phone.

Louisa’s parting words bugged her, who was the devil and who was closer? She wondered if Melvin was cheating on her, was that what Louisa meant?

‘Sorry about last night, let’s have dinner together’ Cherry sent a quick text to Louisa and waited for a reply.

Louisa couldn’t hold her curiosity back anymore, the next day she decided to confront Teddy. She left her studio during her lunch break and headed to his office.
“Is Teddy in?” Louisa asked the prim looking receptionist who had a snobbish air about her. Trust Teddy to hire those kind of women, most of his employees were women. She wondered how many he’d slept with or if he’d slept with the receptionist.
“Mr Wilcox is in a meeting, do you have an appointment?” the receptionist asked. Louisa sent a fake smile her way. “No I do not have an appointment, I do not need one. Call his secretary and let her know that Louisa is coming up, do it immediately. Trust me, you don’t want to piss me off by making me wait ” Louisa said before walking over to the elevator.

The receptionist shook her head, she decided that the woman must be one of her boss’s numerous girlfriends. The one who came minutes ago was still in his office, she shook her head and dialed the secretary.
“Mr Wilcox, miss Louisa is here to see you” Ebony announced walking into the office. Teddy rolled his eyes and turned to the dark and curvy woman beside him. “Hope you don’t mind company?” he said.
She smiled “Actually I would love a threesome, invite her in” she replied. Teddy smiled “Let her in Ebony” he instructed his secretary.

Ebony nodded and walked out of the office, Louisa came in through the same door minutes later.

She glared hard at the woman sitting beside Teddy. “Wow…Theodore, glad to see it’s not just Skye Evans you’re after” she said standing a little far from the duo.

Louisa turned to the strange woman “Get out, I want to talk to my fiance” she said playing with her curls. Curvy’s eyes widened, she scowled at Teddy. “I didn’t know you were engaged” She hissed.
“I’m not engaged, Louisa is a friend. Please excuse us for a moment” Teddy frowned. The lady turned to Louisa “You have twenty minutes” She said with a huff before leaving Teddy’s office.
“You’re a manwh0r£, don’t you get tired of sleeping around?” Louisa asked eyeing him with disdain.

Teddy rolled his eyes “Did you come here to preach again, what do you want?” he asked.
“Skye, what’s your deal with her?” Louisa asked standing directly in front of him. “Nothing, she’s my friend’s baby sister” Teddy answered.
“Why are you always with Skye, are you trying to make me jealous?” Louisa asked.
“You brought another man to my house last night , what were you trying to prove?” Teddy asked.

“I don’t love him, he’s just a colleague. I love you” she said moving closer to him.
“I can’t be around you Louisa, you need to forget about me. Leave me alone, I don’t love you” Teddy said.

Louisa frowned “Teddy, what did I do to you?” Louisa asked. “Why did you leave me then, why do you hate me now, why are you hurting me?” she burst into tears.
Teddy frowned and gripped her shoulders hard “What don’t you get, I don’t love you, I don’t want you in my life. Louisa move the fück on and leave me alone. Stop being a fücking cry baby, I swear you’re really irritating me these days ” Teddy yelled.
Louisa sighed “What…wait… What?” she asked clearly disoriented.

“Go home, enough is enough. Do not come to my office, don’t come to my house, leave me alone” Teddy said and picked up the office line to dial security.
Louisa watched him surprised, he was like another person entirely. “Security, I need you to come escort someone out of the building and please do not let her in anymore” he said over the phone.
“You’re kicking me out?” Louisa whispered in shock, disbelief, and so many feelings she couldn’t put a name to.
“Clearly that’s the only language you’ll understand” Teddy said coldly and turned his back to her.

Louisa nodded “it’s alright, you won’t hear from me anymore….I promise” Louisa said and left the office quietly.

As she stepped out of the building, she dialed Cherry. ‘Sweetie did you get my text?’ Cherry asked immediately she answered the call.

“I… don’t know…..I want to talk to you.. Please. Just come over” Louisa croaked.
‘Louisa are you okay, what’s wrong, where are you?’ Cherry asked.
“I made a mistake, I went to see Teddy. Please come and get me, I’m outside his office. I can’t drive….Cherry please just come quickly” Louisa said.
‘Oh my God, just wait, don’t go anywhere and don’t even think of driving. I’ll be right there’ Cherry said and ended the call.
“What’s wrong?” Skye asked immediately Cherry ended the call. “I need to go be with Louisa, I might sleepover at her house tonight. I’ll tell Melvin to come home so you don’t have to be alone tonight. Please try not to get on his nerves when he comes” Cherry said.

Skye’s heart jumped but she didn’t show her excitement “What’s wrong with Louisa?” she asked first.

Cherry sighed “I don’t know yet, all I know is that she went to see Teddy. The last time that happened, she got into an accident. We can’t go to the movies today, I have to go and pick her up. Melvin will take care of dinner for you two, take care of yourself baby” Cherry said quickly.

She picked up a few things from the cabinet in the living room and before running out of the living room.

Skye grinned, ever heard of serendipity? Well this certainly felt like it. When she woke up this morning, she wasn’t expecting to be alone with Melvin later at night. Well, fate had worked in her favor, was it fate or pure luck. She didn’t care, this was a sign. A sign that she needed to do something quickly.

Skye picked up her wallet went through it’s content before leaving the house, her first stop was the pharmacy.

The pharmacy attendant looked shady, that alone boosted her confidence. “Do you sell Viagra?” she asked.

“No, we’re out of it. But we have other drugs to enhance sexual performance” The attendant beamed.
“Alright, give me two of any brand that you have. Also give me something to make someone drowsy, not sleeping tablets though” Skye requested.

She felt giddy, she could already see the outcome of her plan. “I don’t know if we have drugs like that, I’ll check. We also recommend condoms” the attendant said.
Skye grinned “Oh we won’t be needing it, my husband and I plan to make a baby” she rubbed her tummy.

The attendant smiled “Wow, you’re married. I wish you and your husband luck” He said before dropping a few brands of depressants on the counter. “This one will make him calm and drowsy but he won’t sleep for at least an hour” The attendant said.

Well an hour was more than enough to lose her virginity and make a baby. “Okay, how about the sex enhancer?” Skye asked.
The attendant gave her a few packets and gave her the bill. Skye paid for the drugs and went on her way.

Melvin would be back by eight o’clock or earliest by seven, she would be prepared then. She sighed and hoped everything would go as planned.

Melvin arrived by eight thirty, he looked stressed and clearly unhappy that he was going to babysit her. “Welcome” she greeted.

Melvin nodded and handed her a pack of a food. “Got you dinner, goodnight” Melvin said and left the sitting room.

Skye followed. “You’re not having dinner?” she asked surprised. How was she supposed to drug him then?

“I’ve had dinner already” he said without turning to look at her. Skye decided to use another tactic. “Why do you hate me?” she asked.

Melvin stopped “I don’t hate you, I’m tired and I’ve had a tiring day. Right now, I want to sleep” He said.

He could perceive Cherry’s perfume, the one he got her for her previous birthday but he said nothing. He supposed the girls shared those kind of things.

“Cherry wants us to bond as family, how are we supposed to do that if you keep running away from me like I’m plagued with some contagious disease?” Skye asked refusing to back down. Tonight was hers, nothing was going to ruin it.

“I’m not running away from you, I’m tired Skye. What do you want from me?” he asked.

“Have dinner with me before you go to bed, I don’t want to eat alone. Let’s talk about your day”

Melvin sighed “Fine, let me go in and take a shower” he said before going into the room.
Skye grinned and mentally gave herself a pat on the back. She took the pack of food into kitchen and plated the dishes.

Melvin’s food was laced with the depressant, she decided to save the other drug for dessert.

Melvin came out minutes later and went into the kitchen, Skye handed him a plate of rice. He took the plate of rice and sat by the counter, he wasn’t really hungry but he decided to eat to get Skye off his back.
He was half way through with the food when Skye started a conversation.

“I’m sorry about last night, you’re right. I shouldn’t have spoken to Louisa that way” Skye watched him as he devoured the food.
“You should apologize to Louisa instead” Melvin said. “I know, I’ll do that tomorrow. The food tastes nice” Skye said.

Melvin nodded, Skye’s face blurred a little. “I’m feeling drowsy, I had a tiring day at work. I should go to bed” Melvin said.
Skye smiled “Okay, I’ll bring a glass of water for you before you sleep” Skye said.
Melvin nodded and got out of his chair, Skye watched him stagger to the room and smiled. Mission almost accomplished.

She picked up a clean mug from the kitchen cabinet and poured some warm chamomile tea she’s made earlier into it before drugging the beverage . All she had to do was get him to drink it and…..they could get to work already.

Skye picked up her phone and headed to the bedroom. Melvin was sitting on the bed shirtless when she walked into the room. Skye held her breath before turning off the bright light in the room. “Here, drink this and go to bed. It’s chamomile tea, it’ll make you sleep better” she said handing him the mug.
“Thanks Skye” Melvin said and drank the warm liquid greedily. Skye grinned “You seem really tired, lie down” she instructed.
Melvin grunted before lying down. “Let me help you take off your trousers” Skye offered and knelt in front of him.

Melvin didn’t protest, neither did he protest when she took off his briefs and her clothes. He simply la!d on the bed, watching her with hooded eyes and accepted all she had to take and give.

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