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Colors of the heart - Season 1 - Episode 5
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The next color that touched my canvas was the color orange. Orange signified joy in most cases, orange signified encouragement, attraction most times but most importantly my determination to achieve my goal.
The days that followed after her little drama in her father’s house were pure bliss. Cherry and Melvin had gone to her father’s house during the weekend to pick up Skye’s belongings. ‘It would be better if she lived with us for now, she’s still traumatized’ Cherry had said to her father who could do nothing but agree.

Skye picked up four cubes of sugar and dumped them into her cup of chocolate milk. “Isn’t that excess?” Melvin asked. Cherry smiled sweetly “Skye has always loved sugar, that’s why she’s so sweet” Cherry said kissing her cheeks. Cherry on the other hand like Melvin and her father preferred to drink coffee with little or no milk and definitely no sugar. Melvin rolled his eyes but refrained from telling Cherry that she shouldn’t encourage her sister to take excess sugar because it was unhealthy.
Skye smiled at Melvin, she cherished every moment of waking up to see his face in the morning and seeing his face before she went to bed. “You’re sweet too” Melvin kissed Cherry who giggled playfully. Skye’s smile dropped.

Well now she was closer to Melvin but her sister was still in his bed, her sister was in the position that she wanted. She had to get rid of Cherry but how? She wanted to do it in away that nobody would suspect she was at fault.

“Will you go to Louisa’s place?” Cherry asked putting butter on her bread. Skye shook her head and dipped her finger in the jar of jam. “You would rather stay home alone?” Cherry asked.

“Maybe” she said. “It would give me time to think” Skye said. “Think about what?” Cherry asked. “I don’t know, don’t worry about me. I’ll be okay, just go to work” Skye said sipping her tea.
“Okay, if you need anything just call me” Cherry said picking up her bag. “I will….” Skye smiled. She sneaked glances at Melvin who was engrossed in reading his daily motivational E-book on his tablet.

“Mel, let’s go” Cherry said leaving the kitchen. “Bye Skye, be good. If you’re bored go over to Louisa’s place” Cherry said. “Okay, have a nice day” Skye said more interested in watching Melvin.

She wished she could know what he did all day, who he was with when he wasn’t with her sister. She wanted to be involved in every aspect of his life, everything that had to do with Melvin.

“Should I go with the matte red lipstick or the glossy one?” the makeup artist asked Louisa. Louisa glared at her “What sort of stupid question is that, aren’t you the make up artist?” Louisa snapped.

“I know….I just wanted to know your preferences” The makeup artist said timidly. “I would prefer that you shut up and do your job, who the hell hired you?” Louisa asked rudely.

The new photographer walked over to her. “We can’t have you angry right before the photoshoot, wouldn’t want to ruin your mood. Smile for me and try to be happy for the sake of everyone here” He said brushing her hair to the side.

Louisa twisted her lips before turning to the makeup artist. “Use the matte lipstick, sorry for yelling” Louisa said. “That’s better” Ben said.

The makeup artist nodded and applied the lipstick before leaving the duo. “What’s wrong Louisa?” Ben asked sitting opposite her. He’d been hired last week and they’d become fast friends over a few drinks and photoshoots.
“I’m just having ‘me’ issues. It’s nothing really serious” Louisa said. “It’s serious, I’ve not seen you smile since you came in and you haven’t laughed at any of my jokes either” Ben said.

Louisa smiled “You’re not exactly funny, and I’m fine” Louisa replied. She tried not to think of the fact that Teddy had kissed Skye.
Cherry had invited her to dinner the other day with the rest of the gang but she’d politely declined because she didn’t want to be around Teddy or Skye.
“Let me buy you dinner tonight, your favorite restaurant” Ben said. Louisa shook her head “Actually, I’m meeting up with my friends for dinner” Louisa said.
“Male or female friends?” Ben asked. Louisa narrowed her eyes at him. “You know what, why don’t you come with me. You can be my fake boyfriend for the night, what do you think?” Louisa asked.
“Wow, I’m honoured. Louisa Owode’s boyfriend, I’m in” Ben teased. “Fake boyfriend and only for one night, don’t get ahead of yourself mister” Louisa shot back.
“You have a deal, I’ll pick you up after work” Ben said and returned back to his corner. Louisa smiled wondering if Teddy would be jealous, she suspected it wouldn’t mean a thing to him. After all, he was into Skye now.

“We’re going to Teddy’s for dinner, get dressed” Cherry said the minute she entered the house. “Is Louisa coming this time? I feel like she’s been avoiding us on purpose” Skye said.

Cherry sighed “Louisa has issues with Teddy, I’m sure you know that already. She’s trying to get over him and she needs her space” Cherry said taking off her shoes.
“Where is Melvin?” Skye asked following Cherry into the bedroom she shared with Melvin. “He’s already at Teddy’s, go get dressed let’s go” Cherry instructed.
Skye hopped over to her room and pulled on a blue jeans shorts , a black cropped tank top and her favorite blue sweater.

Cherry got dressed casually too in blue jeans and a yellow T-shirt. “Are we sleeping there?” Skye asked.

“Yes but Melvin and I are leaving really early in the morning, we have an appointment with a marriage counselor” Cherry said.
Skye froze and turned to her sister. “Isn’t that a little too soon?” she asked. Cherry shook her head and took Skye’s hand. “Melvin and I are planning to move up the wedding to the end of next month, there’s no time to waste sweetheart” Cherry said.
Skye smiled, so she had until next month to ruin her sister and Melvin. She had to work quickly and she hadn’t even come up with her next plan. “Okay, great. Let’s go” Skye said feigning excitement.

Skye and Teddy were setting plates of noodles on the dining table when Louisa walked in laughing at a joke her companion had told her.
“Louisa” Cherry went to hug her best friend . She turned to Ben “And you, I didn’t know you were back” she said pulling Ben into a hug. Louisa stopped “Wait, you know him?” she asked surprised.
Skye went over to them and threw her arms around Ben. “He’s Olivia’s elder brother, came home two weeks ago. He used to crush on Cherry big time” Skye said making the introduction.

Cherry narrowed her eyes playfully “Who asked you aunty, come on go and sit at the dining table . Let adults discuss” Cherry chided.

Teddy came forward and placed his hand on Cherry’s shoulder. “Skye is eighteen, she’s an adult Cherry” he said before turning to Ben. “Hi, I’m Teddy” he said coldly.

“Ben, nice to meet you” Ben replied. “I didn’t know you knew Cherry, wow. Small world” Louisa said taking his hand.
Ben nodded and followed her into the house. Skye turned to Louisa “Are you dating Ben?” she asked picking up a fork.
Cherry cleared her throat “let’s eat, discussions can wait till after dinner” Cherry said.

“This won’t take time, answer the question Louisa. You’re finally in a relationship” Skye said smiling. Melvin frowned and was about to reply When Cherry shot him a look. “Eat, Skye and leave Louisa alone” she said.

Skye rolled her eyes and turned to Teddy. “Do you like it?” she asked. Teddy smiled “Of course Chef Skye” he said.
Skye shook her head “No, Skye is the artist remember, Emmanuella is the Chef” Skye corrected.

“Noted. Speaking of artists, I just remembered something. I’m jetting out to Capetown next weekend, there’s this gallery I want you to see. Will you come with me?” Teddy asked.

Louisa held her breath and waited for Skye’s reply. “Shouldn’t we ask Cherry for her consent first?” Skye asked. Teddy looked at Cherry for a reply.

Cherry sighed and knew that Louisa would take offense if she agreed “Why don’t we all come with you since you’re flying private?” Cherry asked.

“Oh, no. I have work this weekend. Cherry you should go, you need to relax” Melvin said.

“I don’t want you to be alone next weekend” Cherry said. Skye smirked ‘Oh, he won’t be alone….he’ll be with me’ Skye thought to herself.

She’d think of how to make it work, this was a once in a life time opportunity. She had to be alone with Melvin next weekend.
“So, Cherry, Skye. Are you coming Louisa?” Teddy asked. “No, I’ll be busy. You all should go have fun, Cape Town is lovely” Louisa said getting out of her seat.
“Is everything okay?” Ben asked. Louisa looked down at him. “Yes, everything is fine. It’s stuffy in here, I’m going to get fresh air” Louisa said.

“Stuffy? All the air conditioners are blasting with full force” Skye said.

Melvin dropped his fork. “Skye, you need to learn to control your words. You do not need to voice out your opinion every time, Louisa feels stuffy, you’re not. Good, mind your own business” Melvin said.

Louisa smiled a little and left the dining table. Cherry sighed “Melvin, what she said was harmless. Don’t speak to her as if she’s a child” Cherry said.

“Skye acts like a child, I think you need to talk sense into her so she starts acting like an adult. Stop encouraging her bad behavior, tell her the truth when it’s necessary” Melvin said.

Cherry frowned “What are you talking about? I am not encouraging bad behavior. She’s my baby sister, you need to start seeing her as your family too. I don’t like the way you speak to her sometimes as if she’s a dumb toddler. Skye don’t do this, Skye don’t do that. I don’t treat your younger ones that way” Cherry said.
Skye hid a smile, wonderful. You two should argue, fight and break up.
“My younger ones know when to talk and when to shut up. And when they speak, they say only sensible things. Skye is over pampered, rude and disrespectful, how are you blind to the things she does?” Melvin asked not backing down.

“She’s not rude, she talks her mind when it’s necessary. She’s not a pushover like your junior ones. You know what, Skye and I are leaving. You stay here with Teddy till you’re ready to accept Skye as family” Cherry hissed and got out of her seat.
She turned to Skye “Let’s go” she said and walked out of the room. Teddy nudged Skye “Apologize to Louisa on your way out” he said.

“For what?” she asked with a hiss. She got up and walked out of the room.
Melvin shook his head “Did you see that, Cherry never wants to accept that her sister is a spoiled brat. She sees her rude sister as an innocent little girl who’s had a rough beginning because her mother died early and her father is uncaring” Melvin said.

Teddy shook his head “Even if you feel that way, don’t address it that way. Do you expect her to turn against her sister, things are not handled that way. Thread with caution, you don’t want Skye to be a problem between you and your woman” Teddy said.

“She was tolerable until she started living with us. When are you taking her to France or Italy or whatever? Cherry and I need to be alone” Melvin hissed.

“Talk to Cherry, I’ll handle Skye myself. Everything will be fine” Teddy said.
Ben cleared his throat “Dinner was pleasant, thanks a lot guys” He said leaving the table.
“Sorry about what you had to see and hear man” Melvin said. “It’s nothing I haven’t seen man, teenagers….. You know how they are, I have younger siblings too” Ben said.

“Yeah…goodnight man. It was nice having you around” Melvin said. Ben nodded and left the dining room.

Skye eyed Louisa, Melvin was angry at her and it was Louisa’s fault.

“What’s wrong with you Louisa? You need to get your shït together. I thought you said you were over him” Cherry snapped.
“What are you talking about?” Louisa frowned. “You and Teddy, it was so obvious that even when you were sitting with Ben, you still had eyes on him. Melvin just insulted my sister, if you hadn’t left the table, none of that would have happened” Cherry snapped.
“Would you stop blaming me for your problems with your fiance and your sister, what the hell are you talking about?” Louisa said angrily.

Cherry sighed “Listen to me, Ben is a great guy. Stick with him and leave Teddy alone” Cherry hissed.

Louisa glared at Cherry “Ben and I work together, fùck you Cherry. You’re not my mother or the boss of me you don’t get to tell me what to do” Louisa said pissed.
She noticed Skye was standing behind Cherry and smirked “And also Cherry, watch your back. The devil might just be closer than you think” Louisa hissed before going back inside to get Ben and her bag.

Cherry frowned “What the hell is she saying?” Cherry hissed. She walked over to her car instead of going after Louisa.
Skye smiled, at this rate, she might just break the gang up. Someone must have thrown the apple of discord into their midst during dinner.

Who else but the goddess of discord herself, Skye Emmanuella Evans.

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