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Colors of the heart - Season 1 - Episode 4
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Red, almost everyone loves that color. It’s a color that dominates, that stands out. My favorite was the brighter shade of red, that shade represented love, most importantly passion, desire and danger. I was threading in the path of danger already because of my desire to have Melvin as mine.
Teddy arrived right on time, it was a good thing Shade wasn’t home when he arrived, who knew the things that would have been swirling in her mind had she seen him.
Teddy got out of the car and eyed Skye’s outfit. “What are you wearing?” he asked frowning. Skye rolled her eyes, she couldn’t understand how Louisa would think that this man had feelings for her. He clearly gave her ‘brotherly vibes’.
“I’m wearing a dress, what does it look like? It’s not that bad, stop looking at me like I’m wearing fishnet” Skye said.
Teddy shook his head “You’re not coming with me that way, go and change” Teddy instructed mildly.

“What? I can’t change. I don’t have any other thing to wear, Cherry and I were supposed to go shopping today but I cancelled” Skye whined. It was at the Eko Hotel for christ’s sake, she couldn’t wear her usual dresses or casual jeans.
“If it was your exhibition and you walked in dressed like that, what do you think your audience would focus on, your body or your work?” Teddy asked. Skye sighed “You do have a point there” She said.
“The dress you wore on your graduation ceremony, wear that. It’s decent and blue is your favorite color” Teddy said.

Skye pouted “But yours is Red” She said before turning back into the house to change. Teddy sighed, he knew exactly who was behind this. Louisa, it had to be Louisa. That damned woman, what was she up to this time?

Skye came out in her new outfit and twirled around. “Well, how do I look?” She asked. “Decent, get into the car. We’ve wasted a lot of time already” Teddy said.
“Of course” Skye replied and got into the car.

“I heard Skye went to an Exhibition with Teddy” Cherry said sipping her cup of iced coffee. “Yes” Louisa said absently. “Why didn’t you go with him instead?” Cherry asked.
Louisa scoffed “Why would I go with him? I’m not the one who’s interested in art” Louisa answered.

Cherry sighed and dropped the cup of coffee. “What’s going on Louisa?” she asked. Louisa faked a smile “Nothing, actually everything is fine. I just closed a deal with another company, I’m thinking of getting my own brand of makeup” Louisa answered.
“I’m not talking about business Louisa, what’s going on with you and Teddy?” Cherry asked.

“Nothing, nothing is going between Teddy and I. He’s moved on and so have I” Louisa answered.

Cherry sighed “Louisa I know you love him, even when he left you still waited for him. I know you tried to get him back when he returned” Cherry began.

Louisa smiled “That was before, after the accident, I decided he wasn’t worth it” Louisa said.

“Then forgive him and move on already” Cherry suggested. “What makes you think I haven’t?” Louisa asked with a little frown, she was getting tired of the topic already.
“You’re my bestie, I know you haven’t moved on. Teddy says you throw the accident in his face everytime he suggests friendship, you’re always trying to guilt him” Cherry said.

“I do no such thing!” Louisa said outraged.
“Yes you do, if Teddy wants to be friends then I think you should accept it and let him be. There are lots of men who will kill to have you” Cherry said.

“Cherry I am fine, don’t worry about me. All you need to know is that I’ve moved on, as a matter of fact….I have a date tonight” Louisa lied.
Cherry eyed her doubtfully “Really?” she asked. “Yes, I have a date and he’s a really nice guy. Handsome, intelligent and I think we’re going to get serious. Everything is just fine with me, don’t worry about me” Louisa said smiling.
Lies, all lies. Everything was not fine, all she could think about was the art exhibition. She had to know the depths of Teddy’s feelings for Skye.

“So, let’s all go out tomorrow night. Melvin and I, you and the new guy in your life and Teddy with whatever bimbo he’s hooking up with” Cherry suggested.

Louisa rolled her eyes refraining from saying ‘You mean your desperate little sister’. “Alright, it’s a date” Louisa smiled instead.
Skye asked Teddy to park right outside the gate, just in case her father was home already. “Did you have a good time?” Teddy asked.

She smiled easily “You know I did, going to that exhibition was a good thing. I can feel the wheels in my head working, thanks Teddy” Skye said before leaning closer to kiss his cheek.

“You’re welcome. Now be a good girl, no more indecent dresses and stay away from boys” Teddy said in all seriousness.

Skye smirked as she unfastened her seat belt. Boys? Oh he didn’t have to worry about that, she was aiming for a man. A real man.

During the exhibition, she’d thought about her game plan and decided that the first thing she needed to do was get closer to Melvin.
She smiled knowing exactly how to do that. Her father’s car was parked in the compound when she walked in, indicating that he was back from his trip. Well glory be to God, her plan tonight was going to go just fine.

She rang the doorbell and waited for Shade or her father to answer the door. Shade took her sweet time before answering the door, she was grinning when she did.
“Look at the time you’re coming home, so because you’re out of highschool, you think you’re old enough to go out and come back whenever you like?” Shade asked.

Her father was in the living room watching a soccer game on TV. “Yes, Shade do you have a problem with that?” She replied.
“Do not speak to me that way!” Shade said in a raised voice attracting her father’s attention. “Emmanuella, will you shut up and stop being rude to Shade!” her father said getting up from his seat.

“So you’re going to let the old man fight your battles for you, stepbïtch. You’re pathetic” Skye lowered her voice.
Shade turned to her father “Sweetie, did you hear that? Your daughter just called me a pathetic stepbitch” Shade reported.

Mr Evans walked up to the girls “Did you?” he demanded. “She’s lying” Skye said rolling her eyes.

“I don’t believe you, you know since Shade came to this house you’ve been nothing but rude to her” Mr Evans said.
Skye faked a smile “So what, should I be nice to her? Why should I be anything but rude to her, because she’s the sorry excuse of a replacement for my mother?” Skye asked.
“You won’t speak to her that way and you won’t speak to me that way either!” Mr Evans expression hardened.

“Why?” Skye asked defiantly. “Because I’m your father and you will give me the respect that I deserve” Her father replied.
Skye shook her head laughing bitterly “You do not deserve any respect, not from me or from Cherry. You’re the reason mother is dead, because you were too selfish and stingy. You couldn’t waste your money treating her illness the same way you couldn’t waste money on my education. You’re not my father, you’re just a sperm donor” Skye replied meeting his eyes.
Mr Evan looked at her shocked “What has come over you, where is the little girl I used to love?” he asked. “She’s lost. Now leave me alone, You and your stupid girlfriend” Skye eyed him with hatred.
“Skye…” he touched her arm eliciting a scream from her. “Don’t touch me, if you touch me again….I’m going to call Cherry and tell her you’re molesting me!” Skye threatened.

Mr Evans gasped “You’ll lie against your own father”. “Go to hell” Skye murmured and went to her room.

She slammed the door as hard as she could before walking over to her full length mirror. She took off her dress and eyed her expression. She could fake tears but what about bruises.

She looked about the room searching for something to bruise her skin then she remembered Shade had long nails. She smiled “Time to leave this house”.
Cherry and Melvin rushed out of the car as if they were being chased by demons.

Mr Evans and Shade were having a late dinner when the duo drove into the compound . “Did you hear that?” Shade asked.
Mr Evans sighed “Skye probably called Cherry” He said. Shade sighed “She didn’t answer me when I called her for dinner, hope she hasn’t lied against us. The other day she told Cherry we were starving her” Shade said.

“Why would Skye say that?” Mr Evans asked in disbelief.

Cherry [email protected] the door “Cher, be calm. Just be calm, everything will be fine” Melvin tried to soothe her.

Cherry glared at him “Be fine, did you hear my sister? She said they beat her just because she went to an exhibition and came home by eight. I’m going to kill that stupid girlfriend of his!” Cherry raged.

Melvin sighed “Honey, we’re not killing anyone. We’ll get Skye and leave” Melvin was saying when Mr Evans opened the door.
“What’s going on Cherry?” Mr Evans asked. Cherry pushed him violently “How dare you ask me that, what have you two done to my sister, What did you do to your daughter?” Cherry screamed.

Mr Evans looked at Melvin for help “What, what are you talking about? Skye is in her room” Mr Evans replied.

Shade looked around surprised “What’s going on honey?” she asked walking over to the trio. “If I see a scratch on my sister, I will ruin you” Cherry threatened going into Skye’s room.

Mr Evans turned to Melvin “What’s happening, what did Skye say?” he asked. Melvin shrugged not know how to tell Mr Evans what Skye had said.

“Melvin, get in here!” Cherry shouted. Melvin, Shade and Mr Evans rushed to the room immediately. Shade gasped when she saw tears running down Skye’s swollen face.
She turned to Mr Evans but he was looking at her accusingly. “Did you hit my daughter?” he asked.

Shade shook her head “No, I swear. She didn’t answer the door when I knocked, I don’t know how this happened?” Shade explained frightfully.
“You were the only one that came into her room after the argument in the living room” Mr Evans said.

Shade shook her head “I swear she didn’t answer the door. I didn’t touch your daughter” She said frantically.
Cherry turned to her furiously “If you didn’t touch her then who did? Look at her face, it’s swollen. Look at her arm, fingernail bruises. You dared to put your filthy hands on my sister” Cherry said.

Shade shook her head “No…. No…I swear” she sobbed.

Skye coughed weakly, when Shade had come knocking to ask her to come out for dinner, she’d fallen into the trap.
“She… She does it all the time” Skye croaked. “Ssssh, it’s okay dear” Melvin lifted her into his arms.

Skye smiled inwardly. She had not thought that her plan would be this successful. The entire idea had come to her hours ago at the Eko Hotel, while she’d been staring at a painting of a bruised woman.
She’d made art into reality with a belt, Olivia’s baseball and fingernails. Her nails were clipped short now, she eyed Shade’s horrified expression as she held on to Melvin.
Shade wasn’t the only sacrificial lamb tonight, she’d done a number on her pretty face but it was worth it. For Melvin it was worth it, she closed her eyes, inhaled his scent deeply and blocked out everything around her.

Cherry might not know it yet, Melvin might not too but tonight she’d officially staked her claim on Melvin.

He was hers to keep, she was making sacrifices already.

The following morning she’d woken up in Cherry and Melvin’s apartment, her new home. Now, she was closer to Melvin.
She smiled and winced immediately when she felt pain. “Oh my God and you didn’t call the police? Abuse is not a little thing” She heard Louisa’s voice.
“Melvin asked me not to, my father was already traumatized and embarrassed enough. He couldn’t believe he had been housing a demon” Cherry replied. Skye got out of bed and winced again as she caught her expression in the mirror.

She’d hurt herself, it hurt like hell but she didn’t regret it. She’d done it for Melvin.
Cherry and Louisa walked into the room. “Baby, you’re awake. Go back to bed, you need to recover fully. I’ll get you breakfast and painkillers” Cherry said leading her sister back to the bed.

Louisa shook her head “You look terrible, what happened?” Louisa asked as Cherry walked out of the room.

Few days ago, she might have considered telling Louisa about her plan but now she didn’t trust Louisa. “I don’t want to talk about it….” she murmured.
“It’s okay….” Louisa said with a small smile. Skye remember her little gift for Louisa.
“What’s Cherry doing?” Skye asked cautiously. “She’s making you breakfast” Louisa replied.

Skye nodded “You were right you know” She said.

“About what?” Louisa asked confused.
“Teddy, he’s in love with me. He’s really in love with me, he plans to court me when we leave Nigeria.” Skye lied without missing a beat.

Her eyes remained on Louisa’s face, then she purposely gave Louisa a pitiful expression.
“That’s not important now, you should focus on getting well” Louisa said ignoring the sharp pain in her chest.
“I just wanted you to know, and I’m telling you because I don’t want you to get hurt. He knows you still have feelings for him but he’s not coming back to you ever. He doesn’t love you, you don’t mean anything to him anymore. Oh… and He also…kissed me” Skye said remembering the mild kiss on the cheek.

Louisa got up unable to bear the hurt, the anger, and the envy. Teddy had picked a highschool student over her. “Get well soon” she muttered and rushed out of the room.

Poor pathetic Louisa, Skye smiled. She would enjoy playing silly mind games with Louisa. She giggled as she thought of Louisa picturing a heated kiss between her and Teddy.
Danger, red was danger. She loved red, she loved the danger.

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