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Colors of the heart - Season 1 - Episode 3
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Dark green, I’ve never really cared for that color or what it represented. I used it when painting nature most times but this time it represented my jealousy over my sister’s engagement, my greed, Cherry had always given me everything I wanted, I should have been satisfied. Most importantly my ambition, my reckless ambition.

Jealousy dug deeper and ate away her love and care for her sister as the days went by. Olivia had returned to school, which was great because she needed to focus and lately Olivia had been trying to distract her from Cherry’s engagement but that was just a lost cause, Skye had made up her mind already.

Skye called Louisa for the umpteenth time before Louisa finally answered ‘You better have a good reason for disturbing my beauty sleep’ Louisa said irritated.
“Louisa it’s Skye, I’ve been trying to reach you for a while now. We still have a lot to discuss. You haven’t called me since ice cream night, have you come up with the plan?” Skye asked.
‘Of course sweetheart, don’t you trust me? Why don’t you come by my house? We’ll discuss properly’ Louisa said sweetly.
Skye smiled “Of Course, thanks. I’ll be right there” she replied.
‘Skye, don’t you fücking call me by this time again. Some of us need a lot of sleep to maintain our beautiful face without eye bags’ Louisa said and ended the call.
Skye giggled and dropped the phone, Louisa was always so obsessed with her face. No wonder she got into modelling, Skye wondered if she got off on seeing all those billboards with her face on it.

She quickly brushed her teeth and took a shower before putting on a sunflower print dress. She did her normal routine of applying white powder, lip gloss and eye pencil before tying her hair into a bun and stepping out of the room.

She ran into her father’s girl friend Shade just outside the room. Yes, her father at sixty was shamelessly dating a girl who was just three years older than her and he spent more money and time on her like he’d never done with his daughters. It disgusted her to no end, not just her, Cherry also.
“Oh look, sleeping dumbass is awake. Did your prince come to kiss you out of your slumber or did he send a frog to?” Shade asked sarcastically.

Skye scoffed “Of course not, soon to be step bîtch. What are you doing here, didn’t your boyfriend travel to Cotonou last night?” Skye asked pushing past Shade.

Shade followed “Yes he did, but he also gave me a spare key so I can come here whenever I want to” Shade boasted.
“Awww, how disgusting. Don’t you have other Old men to sleep with? Is my father your only client, tell me Shade, how did you get into prostitution? Do you have daddy issues, did your father abandon you as a child, do you know him, do you even have one, is that why you’re chasing other people’s fathers?” Skye exclaimed with mock pity.

Shade glared at her “Talk to me anyhow and I will slap you!” she threatened. Skye threw her head backwards and laughed “Try it and see whether my sister and I won’t beat you into unconsciousness. Shameless prostitutë, you’re not even going for young men, you’re going for the old ones with children your age” Skye mocked.

Shade glared at her “I will tell your father all what you’ve said” Shade hissed. Skye clapped “Go ahead, tell him I called you a cheap prostitutè, isn’t that what you are? Ordinary runs girl he picked up by the road side, I don’t care about what he thinks or what he will do. Should I also give you transport fare to go to Cotonou to tell him right away?” Skye asked sarcastically.
Shade scoffed “If you won’t give me peace in this house then you have to go, God knows I tried to treat you like my sister when I came but you treated me badly. I can’t take your bullshît, your father has to make a choice. Who goes and who stays” Shade said and walked out of the living room.

Skye rolled her eyes before walking into the kitchen. She went straight to the fridge and picked up the jar of Nutella and a pack of crackers. She checked her phone and saw three notifications.

One from Olivia stating that she was coming back next week because her younger brother Bennett was coming back from America by weekend.

Another was from Cherry, ‘Baby I’m coming to the house by three o’clock, be ready we’re going shopping’. Skye grinned, she loved shopping. ‘Okay, I’ll be ready’ she texted back.
‘Be expecting you, better tell Ben that I want chocolates’ she replied Olivia before moving down to Teddy’s text.
‘There’s an art exhibition at the Eko hotel by three o’clock, would you like to go with me?’ Skye gasped. Art exhibition? definitely. She wanted to go but she had to check in with Louisa first and besides Cherry was also coming to take her shopping by three o’clock.

Skye ate quickly and left the kitchen to go get her shoes. Shade saw the shoes in Skye’s hand and knew immediately that she was going out. “Waka Waka, only God knows the man you’re going to see this time” Shade hissed.

Skye shook her head “I’m going to see your father, idiot!” she replied before stepping out of the house.
“It is your mother and your sister who are idiots, oloriburuku, omo ode . Foolish, useless child” Shade cursed following her.
Skye flipped her the middle finger as she walked away .
“Oloriburuku, go and never return. Shior! This stupid child want to pour sand into my garri, it won’t work. I will marry your father and live in this house, nobody will stop me!” Shade shouted before walking back into the house.

Louisa lived in a three room condo at some classy estate in Lekki. Skye marvelled at the house decor when she walked in.
“You redecorated again?” Skye asked taking in the 3D African print decor. “Yes, got tired of seeing the 3D leopard wallpaper” Louisa said.
“Sit down, Have you had breakfast? I ordered some sushi minutes ago, would you like some so I can call the restaurant again?” Louisa asked.

Skye wasn’t hungry but she’d never tried sushi so she nodded. “Would you like sushi or something else?” Louisa asked picking up her phone.
“Sushi” Skye replied walking over to the aquarium by the wall. “I haven’t seen this here before”Skye stated. “It was previously in the bedroom, I just had it moved recently” Louisa said.
“When did you get this?” Skye asked. “I got it as a gift from my father, he wanted me to be a marine biologist. That didn’t work out well for me, I rebelled and left the house” Louisa answered with a smile.
“Well…. Has he forgiven you?” Skye asked. Louisa smiled “He’s dead now, cancer. They didn’t discover it on time, I didn’t know till last minute” Louisa said.
“I’m sorry” Skye said, she on the other hand wished her own father would die, it was better to be an orphan than to have that kind of father.

Louisa waved a dismissive hand, all she could think of now was that Teddy wasn’t at the funeral. “Are you an only child?” Skye asked.

“No, I’m the only legitimate one. He had children with several women” Louisa answered. “Come sit, let’s talk” Louisa said.
“Teddy texted me this morning” Skye said. “He did?” the dïckhead had texted her too still wanting to talk but she’d ignored him.

“Yes, there’s an art exhibition at the Eko hotel, he wants me to go with him” Skye said.
Louisa smiled painfully. “Really, I didn’t know he was so interested in arts” she said rubbing her neck.

“Should I go?” Skye asked. “Of course you have to, I’ll get you dressed for the event” Louisa said.
“Excellent, but one minor problem. Cherry wants to take me shopping and I really want to go shopping” Skye said.

Louisa rolled her eyes “This is more important. I have time tomorrow, I can take you shopping” Louisa replied.
“Okay, I can’t wait” Skye squealed. She quickly texted Cherry that she was cancelling because something else came up then she replied Teddy’s text. ‘Yes, I would love to go with you’ she texted.

“Let’s go get you something to wear, I’m sure I have something your size in my closet” Louisa said.

Skye marvelled at Louisa’s closet, it was a freaking mini boutique. “Hmmmn, let me see….Teddy likes red. I bet he won’t resist you in something red, something short, something that reveals lots of skin” Louisa winked.

Skye smiled back a little uncomfortable, she couldn’t imagine trying to s£duce Teddy. “Okay, I think it’s a formal event. Not something too short Louisa” Skye said.
Louisa rolled her eyes for the umpteenth time before pulling out a blood red dress from the rack. “Try this on, what size of shoes do you wear?” Louisa asked.
“Thirty eight” Skye said taking off her dress.
“That’s a rather plain underwear, how do you s£duce a man with plain white, cotton underwear?” Louisa asked making a face.
Skye flushed and looked away. “Seriously, didn’t Cherry teach you anything? Men like lace, men like silk, garter belts, stocking, certainly not plain white grandma pants. Take off the bra before wearing the dress” Louisa ordered before going to her shoe closet to look for a small pair of leather flats.

The dress wasn’t skintight and it stopped below her knees. The sleeves were reaching her her elbow, however the V neckline and the crisscross in front showed more skin than she’d ever revealed in public.

The dress also revealed more skin at the back. “Isn’t this dress for night clubbing?” Skye asked. “Don’t be ridiculous, I wear it to church sometimes” Louisa hissed.

Skye’s eyes widened “You go to church?” she asked. “Of course, I have to pay my tithe and the pastor is a hottie” Louisa answered.
Skye smiled “Here, take some flat shoes. This way, you won’t draw too much attention. I’ll do your makeup by two o’clock. Teddy can’t pick you up here so you have to be home before three” Louisa said.

“Oh… Sure” Skye said. “Your hair seems just fine, we’ll just curl it” Louisa’s eyes perused her.

The doorbell rang. “That must be the delivery boy, I’ll go get the sushi” Louisa said.

Skye nodded and decided to try on the shoes . Louisa walked over to the living room and opened the door. Instead of the delivery guy, it was Teddy who was at the door.
“I told you I didn’t want to see you, what’s your problem?” Louisa asked angrily.

“I need to talk to you Louisa, there’s something you should know” Teddy said. “I don’t want to hear it, if you don’t leave I’ll not only call security but I’ll also file a restraining order. Haven’t you hurt me enough? just go!” Louisa shouted and slammed the door close.

Skye came out immediately clad in nothing but underwear. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “It’s nothing, go put on some clothes” Louisa sighed rubbing her temples.

The door bell rang again, Louisa opened the door angry and ready to curse him out this time. Instead of Teddy at the door, she saw the delivery boy.

“Oh….it’s you” Louisa said rolling her eyes. She called out for Skye to bring her purse beside her bed.
“So how do I get Melvin?” Skye asked excitedly. “We’ll talk about that tomorrow” Louisa said. Honestly she hadn’t thought about anything, how could she think about breaking up her best friend’s engagement.

She only needed Skye for the game she wanted to play with Teddy, hopefully Skye would get her mind of Melvin in the process.
She could never destroy her best friend’s happiness.

Skye eyed Louisa for a while. She wasn’t exactly stupid, she knew what was happening. It was obvious that Louisa didn’t want to help her get Melvin.

Louisa talked game but was too chicken to act on it, well she wasn’t. Not anymore, she wanted Melvin and she would get him herself.
She needed two things, plan A and plan B. She wouldn’t need Louisa anymore, as for Louisa’s plan for Teddy…..hmmm, an idea was brewing.
She remembered Louisa’s threat, to hell with it. She was going to play her own games too.

Time flew by quickly, Skye got dressed and Louisa fixed her makeup and curled her hair.
“Give me feedback when you get back, I’ll call you tomorrow when it’s time for us to go shopping. Take care” Louisa said.
Skye smiled “Of course” she said stepping out of Louisa’s crib.

She knew what she had to do now, plan A s£duce Melvin and get him to leave Cherry, plan B sabotage the wedding and have them end their relationship. Or perhaps she could just use plan A and B at the same time.
Either ways, she had to get Melvin.

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