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Colors of the heart - Season 1 - Episode 10
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Dark blue… Though the lighter shade of blue represented Helplessness, the dark shade represented trouble. It was that trouble that followed right after my mistakes.
“Hello, Hello… Skye” Melvin turned to Cherry who was still looking dazed. “She ended the call…” Melvin replied taking Cherry’s hand but Cherry brushed him off.
She shook her head “No, this is a prank call right? My sister wouldn’t do that to me. I’ve known Skye since forever…..I practically raised her” Cherry said in disbelief.
She couldn’t believe this, was this real, Had Skye really said those things?

Louisa sighed “Cherry, I’m sure you did a good job raising Skye but after you left home for school….she must have picked up some bad traits from school, friends and whole lot of other factors” Louisa said calmly.
Cherry scoffed “What? So she learned how to drug men and blackmail men from friends and school?” Cherry asked. It sounded ridiculous to her that her little sister was blackmailing her fiancé.

Louisa shrugged not knowing what to say. “I was in her life since she was born, how didn’t I notice that something had changed? That there was something different, how didn’t I notice?” Cherry asked herself.
“She’s eighteen, she’s no longer a child. She’s smart enough to hide things from you” Teddy said with a sigh.

Cherry shook her head “Not just me, everyone….my father, all of us. Did you hear her? she framed Shade, so she did that to herself that night. She hurt herself on purpose, that’s insane.” Cherry said wondering how someone could be so malicious.

Cherry pressed her hand to her forehead, she didn’t even know what to think. She couldn’t believe anything though she’d heard proof.

She remembered something ” You’ve known for a while now. You…You said something that night about the devil being closer, about it being behind me Louisa. That was before the night Melvin was drugged, how did you know?” Cherry asked.
Louisa rolled her eyes “It was pretty obvious, and she might have confided in me a few weeks back.” Louisa said.

Cherry gasped “And what did you say to her?” Cherry asked watching Louisa’s face.
“I told her to go for it” Louisa said nonchalantly.
Melvin who had been staring at his phone turned to glared at Louisa immediately he heard those words.

“You told her to go for me, your best friend’s fiancé?” Melvin asked furiously.
“Yeah, that’s what I said.” Louisa replied.
“You encouraged my sister, you told her to s£duce, drug and blackmail my fiancé?” Cherry asked infuriated. She couldn’t believe that Louisa could actually do that? Best friends protected each other not destroy each other. Had Louisa done that because she deliberately wanted Skye to succeed?

Louisa rolled her eyes “I told her to go for it, I didn’t tell her how to go about it. Blackmailing and drugging your fiancé was all your sister’s idea. She never told me about it either” Louisa said defending her actions.
“Why didn’t you tell me? we’re supposed to be best friends!” Cherry shouted.

“I wanted to see the kind of sister she was okay?! And I don’t regret it, because now we all know the real Skye Emmanuella Evans. Besides, I thought she’d forgotten about Melvin. These days she was more interested in Teddy than Melvin, I didn’t know he was just a distraction from the real deal” Louisa shouted also.
Cherry shook her head “What are you talking about, interested in Teddy how?” she asked confused. What did Teddy have to do with what was happening?
“Why don’t you ask Teddy, perhaps he could enlighten us a little…” Louise sneered. Teddy ignored her but Cherry wasn’t willing to let it go.

“What is Louisa talking about Tee, what’s going on between you and my sister?” Cherry asked shaking with rage now. “I don’t know…” Teddy shrugged.
“Skye has been kissing Teddy or should I say Teddy has been kissing Skye. Making relationship plans with her for when they end up in France. Don’t tell me you didn’t know he’s in love with your sister?” Louisa smirked. This was getting more interesting by the minute.

Cherry gaped at Teddy and Louisa. Teddy on the other hand glared at Louisa. “What the hell are you talking about Louisa? I would never kiss Skye, she’s like a sister to me” Teddy said equally furious.
“Yeah, right. Tell that to the marines” Louisa rolled her eyes and picked up her bag.
Melvin sensed that the situation was getting out of hand and decided to handle it sensibly.
“That’s not important right now babe, let’s go to Louisa’s place and find Skye. She’s your sister and it’s important that you speak to her” Melvin said.

Cherry brushed him aside. “Babe? I can’t even look at you without seeing you sleeping with my sister. I can’t get the image out of my head, it’s all I’ve been thinking about and I wasn’t even present. I need to think on my own, don’t touch me. Don’t speak to me, I don’t want to hear your voice or even look at you. I need my space okay? To think about this mess.” Cherry shouted.

Melvin looked hurt but he said nothing else, he simply nodded. He’d give her space if that’s what she wanted, he’d give her time to think.

Cherry scoffed and turned to Teddy, she glared at him “And you! The only reason you’ve been showing keen interest in Skye is because you want to get into her pants like the rest of the girls you’ve met. Louisa wasn’t enough for you and now you want to hurt Skye too! She’s just a child, stay away from her….pervert” she yelled at him.
Teddy sighed “I don’t have those kind of feelings for your sister Cherry, I have no idea what Louisa is talking about?” Teddy defended himself.

“Why should I believe you?” Cherry asked looking disgusted. “You’re the player, the one who sleeps around and lately you’ve been giving Skye all your attention and even kissing her, a girl who just left highschool. God, you disgust me! I don’t want to hear a thing you have to say. If I see you close to Skye again, you’re going to hate me….I swear it” Cherry said hotly.

Teddy sighed and nodded, he knew she was hurt and she wasn’t thinking right. It was Louisa’s fault, planting those ideas into Cherry’s head. How could she say that he’d kissed Skye, the mere thought of it all disgusted him.

Cherry took in a deep breath and turned to Louisa. “And you…. You call yourself my best friend….you sit here and judge my sister. You’re no different from her….you’re the root of everything. You encouraged Skye, you didn’t let me in on anything that was going on. You didn’t tell me she was kissing Teddy or that she was aiming for Melvin. You’re the worst and honestly, I can’t be with friends with you anymore. I’ve put up with your shït long enough” Cherry said wiping a stray tear away. Louisa’s betrayal had hurt the most, not even Skye’s.
“I’d rather be without friends Louisa than have you in my life. And you know what? I finally understand why he left you, Teddy…he dodged a bullet” Cherry said and took off the engagement ring on her finger.
She dropped it right in front of Melvin and left, Melvin sighed but didn’t make a move to follow her. At this stage, there was nothing he could do but let her be.
He knew she’d come back, she just needed time.
Louisa gasped “She didn’t just say that to me, making everything seem like its my fault” Louisa said as she watched Cherry leave.

Teddy turned to her angrily. “She’s right Louisa, you should have given Melvin a heads up or at least a hint. You just sat by and let the entire thing happen. Admit it Louisa, this was what you wanted. You wanted Skye gone and you wanted Cherry all to yourself. All you had to do was ignite a dull spark and turn it into flames, well congratulations. You’ve succeeded” Teddy said staring right into her eyes.
Louisa lowered her eyes feeling a tinge of guilt settle within her. “Melvin I’m sorry….I should have told you. I just didn’t think she’d be successful” Louisa said apologetically. Teddy was right, even Cherry. It all began when she encouraged Skye’s lust for Melvin because she wanted to exploit her.

“It doesn’t matter anymore Louisa, it’s too late. I hope you’re satisfied” Melvin said coldly.

Louisa was unable to say anything, unable to defend herself. She simply held on to her bag and remained silent. The silence soon grew uncomfortable so she decided to leave. She looked at Teddy and Melvin for a few seconds before walking away, leaving the restaurant.
Melvin turned to Teddy “She won, Skye…..this might just be the end of Cherry and I” Melvin said.

Teddy shook his head, there was nothing else he could say. Melvin was right, even though it might not be the end of ‘Chelvin’, it definitely was the end of the gang. Nothing would ever the same after today.
Skye and Louisa had successfully ruined an age long friendship.

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