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Careless love - Season 1 - Episode 23
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Three days later I was at home working on my assignment when I got a call from one of my course mate name Chike, I was surprised because Chike don’t called me often,I quickly picked up my phone and answered it.

“Hello Chike, how are you”
I said to him.

“Pls rush down to school immediately “
he replied.

“What happened, do we have a test today”.
“No Cynthia please come to school now,this is matter of life and death.

“What,I shouted on hearing a matter of life and death.

“David has been involved in an accident and has been rushed to the hospital,”
he replied.

“Oh my God,”is it severe,how did it happened”.

“Stop asking too many questions, just rush down here to the library so we can go together.
“Ok I am on my way,”
I replied trying to catch some breath.

I quickly put on a light blue polo on top of the three quarter I am putting on and ran out of the apartment.

I got to school and tried calling Chile but his number is not going through, I was to worried about David,the worst of all is that I don’t know the hospital he was rushed to,just as I was deep in tought two girls from David department ran up to me and told me David asked them to bring me.

“David asked you to bring me, but I tought he has an accident”,
I asked them confusingly.

“Don’t worry just come with us first”,
one of them replied.

“Alright,I replied and went with them because I had no other choice.

They took me to the back of the library and I saw David standing there looking very healthy, I looked around and the whole place was decorated,my pictures are everywhere and almost half of the children are gathered there,I know something was not night especially the way the students were staring at me,I turn around to asked the girls who brought me about what is happening but they have already joined the crowd.

Just then David walked up to me and gave me a bouquet of beautiful flowers,I collected them from him and tried to ask him what is going on but he ignored me and knelt down before me,he dipped his hands into his pocket and brought out a card which say, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART CYNTHIA, PLEASE ACCEPT ME.

tears started flowing freely from my eyes,I didn’t believed David can go this far just to ask me to date him,I made to say something but he stopped me.

“Cynthia please don’t say no to me,and don’t tell me you will think about it because I can’t stay one more day without you, please don’t shot me out of your life because my life will be a living hell without you, pls make me the happiest man on earth,”.

I said but he stopped me

“Please don’t say anything yet,I don’t want youj to say that I am doing this because I felt pity for you or because of what you have fine for you in the past,right from the very first day you were admitted into faith group of school, I fell in love with you and that was why I tried to get close to you, I tried to tell you but I was afraid to tell you because you were too young to start a relationship and that might ruin our future so please accept me Cynthia and make me the happiest man on earth and I promise never to break your heart.

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