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Burgundy - Season 1 - Episode 31
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She didn’t come that day and Sandra was still cold towards me. She did not allow me close to her except when we eat on the dining together or watch television. My eyes was on her and I wish to hold her, feel her warm body, kiss her like the first night we had and have a long gist filled with laughter. I wanted many thing but I was running ahead of myself and I prayed that she will forgive me at the end.

The fourth day was the day Ireti came. Sandra was in her own master bedroom and didn’t want to be bothered. Immediately Ireti walks in, she came straight to hug and to kiss me but I pushed her off.
“Mart you really need to be nice and stop pushing me away every time. You have to start doing everything I ask of you. If I want you to make love to me for three straight hours you have no choice than to do it because is part of doctor’s prescription for me. you know I’m carrying your child, you need to treat me well. You have to do everything I want to avoid the news getting into the ears of your former maid. If your Sandra hears of this…hahahaha. You will be doomed for life. She will never trust you again or smell near you. I have the key to your happiness right now so treat me well or I will unlock the secret. I will tell Sandra that I’m pregnant for you and we have been together every day because you can’t stay a day with enjoying my sexual prowess. Hahahaha, Ooh! you are scared. You are scared of me telling Sandra…hahahaha. That is more reason you should be very nice to me otherwise I will leak your secret to her.

Ireti laugh as she talks. She felt like she had me where she want me and had this undeniable air of authority on her shoulders.
She was still talking when Sandra came out from the room
Ireti became shock and looked from me to Sandra.
“You didn’t tell me that your maid was around. I hope she did not hear our little secret…hahahahaha.
Sandra smile and said.

“Ireti is nice meeting you again. Please, what secret are you talking about…?

Ireti sat on a cushion, crossed her legs like boss of the moment. she replied.
“Well…Well…your prince charming did not tell you? You are actually wasting your time here because you don’t have a place at all. I remain the only queen of his heart and even more especially now that I carry what he treasures most. If I tell you what it is you will disappear like a bolt of lightning and never smell near here again.

Sandra looked at me and curved a smile. I sensed she wanted me to play along with the drama queen and I did.
I turned to Ireti and said.
“Ireti, please don’t say anything…. leave Sandra out of this whole drama. I’m begging you.

Ireti began to laugh so hard and I almost laugh too because she fell for the whole thing.
I saw Sandra’s face and composed myself.
Ireti later said.
“uuhhh! Our baby boy is begging me not to tell you. He is afraid and I can feel his fear. I won’t tell you Miss Sandra because is a bond between me and Mart and I know if I leave here later, you will start fighting him to tell you but he won’t. if he tries to talk it will be all a lie to cover up the main hidden truth. Our fine boy is shivering in fear. Hahahaha…I’m enjoying this. I have everything right in my control. If you really want to know the truth then search me out and I will be glad to fill you up. Mart is not your real prince charming…but to avoid heart break is better not to know. I will advise you not to bother knowing what the secret is to avoid taking poison or committing suicide….hahahahaha!
Sandra sat down on the same cushion with me but she kept some distance between us. She looked up at Ireti and said
“Is there another secret aside claiming to be pregnant for Mart? Well, he told me himself and it wasn’t a big deal at all. And I’m glad that you are here because we will take you to a different hospitals to confirm for ourselves.
Ireti’s laughing face turned into shock. She looks from me who was smiling from ear to ear. I beat her to her own game. She looks at Sandra and was speechless.
Sandra continued.
“….if the secret is about the pregnancy then is no more a secret. Congratulations anyway. But Ireti, You were hitting on two men at almost same time. Mart and your Papi were in the picture. But since you said the pregnancy is for Mart then is a good thing, I love babies and Mart can’t wait to be a Dad. But first of all, we will like to confirm if you are truly pregnant and if you are, we will find out who the child belongs to through the help of a DNA test. So, are you ready…let’s go? Mart will drive us to the hospital and more hospitals to get more confirmation.
Ireti stood angrily and said.
“I’m not going anywhere. I will not allow you to step in and spoil my plans. I’m pregnant for Mart and that’s final. If I will even go anywhere it will be to my hospital and use my doctor. If not, then I am not stepping an inch to any other hospital. I will not let you destroy my plans or come between me and Mart. You are a scumbag, a lazy maid who is trying to eat where she did not sow, you want to hang your cloth among the rich and famous, I will destroy your sorry ass and give you a seat you belong. I will deal with you first before you will pour sand into my streams of fresh water. Foolish girl. I’m not going anywhere except to my own hospital…”

Ireti was fuming angrily, Sandra really got her hard. I began to wonder within me why I haven’t I thought of the possibility of Ireti trying to feign me up.
Sandra said
“Okay Ireti, you can leave and carry your pregnancy all by yourself since you are not ready to go to another hospital for a test. Mart will not send you a dime again, I will make sure I destroy your fresh stream of water. The only solution for you to keep enjoying yourself is to follow us to another hospital for a clear test but if you don’t…hmmm! I will make sure you don’t smell near this house again because it will be intruding in Mart’s private property. I will also make sure he gets you arrested if you are seen close to his house again…

Ireti rushed at Sandra suddenly, she was boiling and threw her shoe at her but Sandra was fast enough to dodge it.
Ireti charged Sandra for a serious fight but Sandra gave her two heavy slap and she fell back to the ground and pretend to faint.
Sandra asked me not to interfere and I obeyed.

She went to the fridge and brought chilled water. I was panicking within me and hoping that Ireti did not faint for real. I try to remain calm and did not move from my seat. I was watching Ireti’s body and saw when she readjusted herself on the ground and continue to pretend as if she passed out.
Sandra brought the water and poured all over Iret’s body. She stood angrily like a witch and try to charge at Sandra again, who used her hand to dodged her blow. Ireti was applying all her strength into fight but Sandra stood watching her jump up and down like a crazy woman.

Another slap from Sandra sent her crashing on the chair.

Ireti is a weak tigress, she wasn’t ready to give up but Sandra was fully ready for her drama.

I didn’t even interfere between the two of them. I did exactly what Sandra asked me to do. I remained seated and kept watching as if it was a movie.

Well, it was like a live show between ant and elephant and I wish I can record the funny moment and laugh over it later.
The drama queen was running her mouth, kept threatening and pulling weak muscles at Sandra who was too strong for her.

I wonder why Ireti was still trying to fight somebody who was obviously stronger than she was.

Sandra asked Ireti to leave but the witch was not ready to give up. She resulted to running her mouth and all I did was to listen and laugh silently with my mouth covered.

I’m still here wondering why I never thought that Ireti may be trying to scam me like she did with my Burgundy shoe. Taking original and replacing it with fake.

Why didn’t I ever thought of that before now?

I’m happy and relaxed that Sandra was here to handle her because I couldn’t have done that on my own.

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