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Burgundy - Season 1 - Episode 30
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All through her silent period I did not stop pleading. It was a horrible mistake and I know not many ladies will condone such from their man but I kept praying and hoping Sandra will forgive me and stay.
“Have you confirmed if the pregnant is truly yours?

She shocked me by asking that. I pretend not to hear her.
“eeeh?…sorry, i didn’t hear you clearly.
I said amid tears and try to grab another tissue to wipe my eyes.
“You told me that Ireti‘s Papi was her lover before and he was the same person she took the burgundy shoe and aquarium to. right?

She asked with a straight face.

I nodded like agama lizard, continuously while wiping a tear from my eyes. I sat properly to understand what Sandra was getting at. Anything that will save my relationship and make Sandra to stay I’m ready to do it.
She continued talking
“…good. What if the pregnancy is for Papi and she tries to paint it on you so that you won’t leave her. And what if Ireti is not even pregnant? Have you consider all this things before. Ireti is capable of anything and it shouldn’t surprise you if one of the things I mentioned is true. But if the baby is yours then is fine but you have to be wise and handle her with strong hands and not with levity. If you keep romancing her words and getting scared anytime she threatens, Ireti will keep using you and you will be stuck with her for a very long time. Mart, I love you and I need you to be a man and handle Ireti. You have to stop creating the room for her to feel she got you where she wants you to be. I will even love to handle her myself. My father did not raise me to be stupid or weakling but he didn’t raise me to be violent either. I hate it when people glorify what is wrong.

I kept nodding to her every word and did not stop even though it appears funny.
“…stop nodding like that and get to work right away while I’m still here.
She said while trying to get up.

I held her hands thinking she was going to pick up her bag.
“Please forgive me. I’m ready to do anything you want me to do. My love please don’t leave…please.

She sighed in a funny way and said.
“Who said I was leaving? I’m here and I will love if you take Ireti to another hospital to run new pregnancy test and if she is pregnant then we will do the DNA test to ascertain who the father is and if the pregnancy is yours then we will decide on what to do concerning that. I can handle Ireti…she is not a big deal like she appears to be Mart.

She pulled back her hands and started walking away and I shouted behind her.
“Does this means that you have forgiven me?
I said holding my sweating wrist tight. She turned back, looked at me for some time before saying.

“I never said I have forgiven you Mart. forgiveness doesn’t work like magic. I’m very angry with you right now for lying to me. Very angry that you slept with Ireti even after reconciling with me and revealing your full intentions for to my father. I can’t believe you still went ahead to cheat on me with Ireti. Hmmm! I just hope we will get around this at the end. I haven’t forgiven you Mart because forgiveness is not a cheap word to be thrown carelessly. Let’s focus on the task ahead first and unravel Ireti…

I nodded as she walked inside.

She slept in the second master bedroom and I respected her privacy just as she wanted. I slept in my bedroom and couldn’t sleep through out that night and I went to the sitting room to sleep instead.

Sandra’s father called Sandra because she was supposed to go back that day but Sandra told her Dad that she will spend few more days before leaving.

We ate breakfast in silent and I kept staring at her and begging her not to punish me away for my past wrong but Sandra was a very strong will person. She asked me to stop the continues kneeling and pleading and invite Ireti over.

I did, I called Ireti to come over so that we can stay together and talk.

Ireti said she was not at her place and will come the following day. She was talking in a place that echoes in my ears, a place like bathroom and it seems like she was whispering.

Ireti said she was carrying my child and shouldn’t be on the road all the time stressing herself. She also added that she needed money to register for check up in her private hospital and I told her that I will give her all she want whenever she comes.
She didn’t come that day and Sandra was still cold towards me. She did not allow me close to her except when we eat on the dining together or watch television. My eyes was on her and I wish to hold her, feel her warm body, kiss her like the first night we had and have a long gist filled with laughter. I wanted many thing but I was running ahead of myself and I prayed that she will forgive me at the end.

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