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Burgundy - Season 1 - Episode 28
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She moved closer to me and try to rub her hands on my chest but I slapped it off. She looked straight into my eyes and said.
“I’m not a leopard. My name is Ireti so deal with it. I actually changed Mart, I did. I wanted to become the woman you want me to be but I saw that you have your mind on your former maid. What did you expect me to do? You want me to close my mouth and fold my arms why you kick me out. No, I won’t do that, so get use to me and this baby. It was a good thing to watch you make out with me raw that night. I enjoyed every bit of it and I don’t care if you can remember squeezing and lashing me so hard. The only thing that matters is I’m carrying your child, a product of that same night. So you better tell Sandra or whatever her name is to keep off because I’m already pregnant with your child but I guess you can’t tell her that. You don’t have the liver to do so because you are afraid. You don’t want to hurt her. I know you will never be able to tell her your little secret. Listen to me Mart, in other to keep my mouth shut do everything I ask of you otherwise I will search Sandra out and tell her what you are keeping from her. Do as I say and our secret will be safe….i trust you are ready to do anything for me to keep mute and not spill out the truth.

She began to laugh again. I said to her calmly.
“I will do everything you want but please keep your distance from Sandra and from my house. She is not your problem. Carry out your frustration on me but leave Sandra out of it. Make sure she doesn’t know any of this please. I will give you enough money, I will do everything you want but all I ask is to leave Sandra out of this drama….i beg of you.

Ireti was laughing. She told me the money I transferred to her earlier wasn’t enough and she needed more.

Right there in her house I transferred another money to her account before walking out.
I drove back home to meet with Sandra and i was planning to open up to her before she finds out or before Ireti who cannot be trusted fills her in.

But I’m afraid and I don’t know how Sandra will take the whole troubling news.

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