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Burgundy - Season 1 - Episode 26
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She laughed and I joined but the laughter did not come from deep within me. I was just acting along.

“I’m not sure is my Mum this time. Is probably some of my crazy friends or cousin trying to give me update on a football match.
I can’t believe I was turning out to be a perfect liar. This is exactly the part I don’t want to trade at all.

How long do I intend to keep lying just to cover up my sins, is either my sins finds me out or Sandra will dig it up. I know I can’t hide forever.

I was hearing a big bang on the gate. I guess Ireti was behind the heavy noise. Sandra draw my attention to the noise which I heard already but pretend not to notice. I waved it off with another lie, i told her to ignore the heavy bang and let’s eat.

I sighted Musa from the dining window walking towards the house. I quickly stood up and rushed to the door before he will get there.

I went outside and met Musa half way.
“Oga…big madam don dey mad oo. She wan spoil the gate. She talk say she no go comot until she see you. abeg Oga, go see her before she go fall the gate down.

I gave Musa sign to reduce his voice so that Sandra will not hear him and he quickly did.
I followed him to the gate and went outside and immediately Ireti saw me she stopped hitting the gate, dropped the big stone in her hand and walked upto me angrily.
“What is wrong with you Mart? You are making me feel like I’m insane. I’m pregnant and do not deserve all this from you.
“Ireti You will have to go home and I will come to see you tomorrow but I’m not letting you into my house. Go home Ireti and stop disturbing the public peace with your noise. I agree to take responsibility but you have to respect my wishes. Please go home and I will be with you tomorrow…please. I will transfer some money to you once I get back inside but you need to leave this place…

She was quiet for some time and later said.
“If I don’t see you tomorrow, I will be back here and my craziness will be double. Don’t make me wait for too long…and don’t fail to transfer the money.

She turned and left. I watch her walk into her car, stayed a little before driving off.
I went back inside and Sandra was already done with her food.

She was watching her favorite show on the TV and did not bother to ask me what was happening.

I was glad she didn’t because that would have required me lying to her again.
There was no appetite for food anymore and i decided to leave the food. Sandra packed some of it to Musa who was hailing her happily. I can hear his jubilation from where I sat.

While sitting with the woman I truly love, my heart was racing so fast. She was relaxing in my arms after refreshing for the night.
I held her while she watch her normal programme. My mind was faraway and I was distracted.

Sandra noticed again, she asked what the problem is and I kept saying that I was fine.

The following morning while Sandra was still in bed I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. I was in the kitchen when she came to join me.

“Ooh, I wanted to bring breakfast to you in bed. You shouldn’t have bother getting up from the bed.

I gave her a warm Good morning kiss and began to wish that we are already married and she do not have to ever go back.
She smile and said.

“Next time I will pretend to be asleep while breakfast is served. That will be really romantic… Maybe we can take turns doing that. You serve me and I do the same for you.

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