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Burgundy - Season 1 - Episode 24
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I gave my promises and even swear never to do such.

My problem remains on how to fully dismiss Ireti because Sandra will be coming around next week.

And ever since I found Sandra, I ceased from touching Ireti and stopped her from sleeping over at my place on weekends. Because I maybe tempted to touch her if she passed a night with me and I don’t want to do anything that will hurt Sandra ever again.
I respect both Sandra’s presence and absence and even Kissing Ireti makes me feel guilty so I stopped every forms of intimacy with her.

My mind was made up on calling it quit with Ireti.

Ever since we resumed our relationship again, the feeling is not like before and she kept giving me reasons to doubt her.
I will not let anyone or anything to bring misunderstanding between me and Sandra.
I summoned courage and told Ireti the day she visited that I’m no longer interested in the relationship and I want out of it.
I told her I found Sandra and she was kind enough to let go of the wrong I did to her in the past. she’s not in a relationship, Jeff was actually her brother. I want to be with Sandra and I’m ready to give up everything Just to make it a reality

After saying that, Ireti exploded like a bomb. she ran to the kitchen and came back with a kitchen knife.

Ireti held the knife to her chest, threatening to stab herself to death if I ever leave her.
I was shock and frozen while watching the drama queen. She kept shouting and threatening to kill herself right there in my apartment.

I begged her to drop the knife, she refused, saying I have to promise that I won’t leave her.

She began to cry and I told her that I wasn’t going anywhere. I begged her to drop the knife before she hurt herself with it.
I try to assure her that I won’t leave her, all for her to hand the over weapon to me.
I kept repeating it like a promise.

She dropped the knife after a long plead and came into my arms crying.

I was deeply troubled.

I brought alcohol and starting drinking.
She joined me.

I just needed to drink away my trouble.

And think of another way to end things with Ireti.

I drank and didn’t even know when I finished a whole bottle of alcoholic drink. Ireti wasn’t drinking much, she Just held the cup in her hand, sipping it gradually.
I felt dizzy and Just couldn’t get up from the ground.

I don’t even understand what I was doing any more. I wanted to get inside but my legs couldn’t carry me so I remained in the sitting room beside Ireti who was quietly watching me.

She came to me but I ask her to stay away I don’t need her help. I was fine.
She tried again and I fell for it.

I woke up the following morning in the sitting room, my eyes was cleared, the empty bottle and cups lie carelessly on the ground, my cloths were off and Ireti was also lying naked beside me.

” heyyy! Did I…touch you last night?
I asked her angrily and shocked at my careless self. I can’t remember making out with her even with the influence of the alcohol I took
I can’t recall anything happening but she replied me with a smile curved at one corner of her mouth.

” Yes Mart, we made love and you did it without condom. For the first time you went raw with me. I really enjoyed it because I’m actually in my fertile period.
” Whaaat, I did what?…
I screamed in shock.

I rushed to the bathroom and try to examine myself but couldn’t dictate anything. I had my bath and came out.

I went to my phone and it was off.

I asked Ireti why my phone was off she told me that Sandra was calling and disturbing our moment so she had to turn off the phone.

I later called Sandra and acted as if everything was fine. She told me she will postponed her coming to the second week.
that was really fine by me.

I needed enough time to dismiss Ireti who had become a parasite to my person.
I asked Ireti to leave that I was going out. I had already changed my house lock and she doesn’t have free access anymore.

After she left, i asked Musa to always tell her that I wasn’t home anytime she comes looking for me.

After two weeks, as I was planing to go and pick up Sandra from the bustop because she was Coming that day.

I got a message from Ireti that she missed her monthly flow and was confirmed pregnant.

Ireti said that she had the pregnancy test report which was given to her in the hospital and she is keeping the baby.

I became devastated. I almost ran mad at the news of Ireti’s pregnancy.

Oh no, not now!. why must such thing happen when Sandra was already in the picture and was visiting today.

Oh my God! What am I supposed to do now?
I ran my hand on my head. I was sweating even under the air condition.

What should I do now?

That was the only question I kept asking myself.

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