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Burgundy - Season 1 - Episode 22
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I kept driving and began to wonder if Musa gave me the right address or did he played with my intelligence.

I drove and kept asking around until I was directed to the street and from there I was shown the house.

I parked outside and rang the bell at the big gate.

The gate and the fence was very high like an army barrack.

I silently prayed that I was at the right house.

After sometime, i began to hear somebody unlocking the gate.

I stepped back and try to calm my racing heart as the gate suddenly opened and I stood face to face with an elderly man.
” Goo..good day sir…

I stammered at the tall man who wore camouflage top and blue jean.
” Yes. How may I help you..Who are you here to see?

The man sound so authoritative and very eloquent. I was almost turning back because it appears I was in the wrong house.

This man was very intimidating. I breathed deeply, trying to appear brave.
” I think I lost my way sir. I’m Sorry. I was actually looking for a young Lady. Sandra is her name and I was directed to this particular house…but is a misup and I will take my leave. I’m sorry to bother you sir.
I nodded to my own words as the man stand looking at me. I was about taking a step back when he said.

” Sandra is my daughter. She’s inside. If you are here to see her then is fine. Come inside then.

Fear grabbed my two legs but I obeyed and went inside. It was a very large compound and there was a car parked at one end.
I followed the man silently and quietly and kept hoping that is not a trap.
If I get locked up in this big house, even if I scream all I can I’m not sure my voice will be heard.

nobody will hear me.

The man sensed my fear and called out to his daughter with a strange name.
“Treasure… Treasure… please come. There’s a young man here to see you.
I began to doubt if I’m truly in the right house after I heard the man called his daughter treasure.

I was there to see Sandra and not treasure or could it be the name her father specially calls her.

My eyes was looking all around when I saw her come out of the nicely painted house.
It was truly Sandra, yes. I was looking right at Sandra standing by the door side and looking at me.

She doesn’t look angry or happy, her face was expressionless. I couldn’t place it but I was happy to finally come face to face with Sandra.

My phone began to ring, interrupting the good moment I was trying to enjoy.

I quickly checked the caller and it was Ireti again.

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