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Burgundy - Season 1 - Episode 17
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I ignored Musa and remain seated, pulling at my bears, biting my lips and trying to keep my emotions in order.

I thought of how I humiliated and accused Sandra, I thought of what Ireti did to her and I did nothing. I hate myself even more.

All the memory of Ireti mentioning and admiring my burgundy shoe and aquarium and I never read meaning to all her obsession because I thought her family are rich enough to acquire all that.

She loved my burgundy shoe far more than me and has wanted it long before she took it. She snapped it and made a fake one even after warning me to becareful of exposing it much to the public eyes. She Replaced my shoe with the fake one. Ireti was a real criminal and I was indeed gullible as Sandra had said.

Why did I Judge Sandra so harshly, why did I let a good girl go and kept the evil one.
Why… just why did I allow myself to fall victim to such scam.

I couldn’t explain my pain through words as I cry like a child. I wanted to be a man but tears crowded my eyes and I gave way for it to pour down while still sitting on the ground.

My parents, whom I always wanted to make proud will be so disappointed in me if they were here.

Ireti woke up late the following morning and I was still where I was all through the night.

The only difference is that I made a call and some men were outside, waiting for her because I asked them to wait until she wakes up.

I wanted to give her time to sleep to her satisfaction because that will be her last in my house.

” Hey Mart, why did I slept off like that? Well, I guess I drank too much alcohol. did you see my phone, whaat…

She saw her phone and rush to it but I held it.
I have already changed the settings on the phone and it does not require her finger print to unlock anymore.
” How dare you take my phone, give me back my phone this minute… you have no right to touch my personal stuff. How did you unlock it? Mart….??

My face was still down I was holding her phone and I guess she was troubled because she doesn’t know how much information I have on her through her phone.

I swiped her phone to her bewilderment and brought up the picture of my aquarium, also pictures of Papi putting his wrinkled ugly legs in my original burgundy shoe. I opened different pictures of her nakedness which she usually send to “Papi”. I kept waving it to the air in a funny way without saying a word even though all I wanted was to scream down the roof
I couldn’t even look up at her evil face because I may do and hurt her beyond repair.
” Mart… I’m sorry, I can explain… please, I love you… let me explain. I’m sorry… give me a chance to explain please…

I turned to her with a sarcastic smile and said.
” Alright baby I will, but you will have to explain with a torture in jail until my aquarium is returned back and you must pay dearly for my burgundy shoes because it appears your so called”Papi” loves the shoe and I don’t want it back. You will explain better to the police my pretty Ireti. Oh yeah, The police are actually outside since 5am. Waiting for you to wake up…

I took my phone and called the men in black to come inside because the witch has awakened.

And in no time, three police men filled my house.

Ireti started screaming in fear immediately she saw the police.
” Mart you can’t do this to me, no… you can’t. I thought you said you love me… please my love don’t allow them to take me away. Mart… Martin… please let me explain. I will do anything you want , anything you want me to do I will. Please don’t allow them take me away. I’m begging you… please.

She went on her knees and began to cry.
” Don’t cry yet. Reserve the tears for your upcoming torture. Ireti, you will have alot of crying to do, so reserve your plead and tears for that time to come. this is not the time for it baby. I will also love to meet this “Papi” of yours and truly know why…I mean why you did this to me. Ireti, You came for the wrong meat and the born will hook in your throat for a very long time. I will personally makes sure of that.

I turned to the police
” please take her away. do whatever you want with her but I want my aquarium back and she must pay for my burgundy shoe that she gift out to her Papi. Everything she has must be ceased, her Papi must be arrested because he is an accomplice. Let me know if you will be needing anything because I’m on this case for real…

Ireti, the drama queen started rolling on the ground tearing up her clothes. She was shouting and preventing the men from arresting her.

I went inside grabbed another clothes and threw at her.

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