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Burgundy - Season 1 - Episode 16
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The following day, the phone was in my mind. I won’t rest until I get to the end of this.
I chose to stay home instead of going to work.
Ireti wanted go back to her place but I told her to stay with the promise to give her more money for shopping.

I ordered different food and drinks, drove out and bought a strong sleeping drug from a pharmacy.

I added it in the alcohol, the juice and water that she will likely take. She drank the alcohol first, I also took mine in a cup and pretend to be drinking it.

Ireti gulped it down and demanded for water to drink and I brought the table water that I mixed with the drug.
I brought it out from the fridge, shake it and poured it into a cup. I gave it to her and watch her in silent drank half of the cup of water.
She ate and later complained of feeling sleepy.
Ireti went to bed, all this while I was monitoring her phone.

She threw her phone under her pillow case, placed her head on it and slept off.

Now, I know why I couldn’t find the phone the previous night. She usually secures it.

After I was sure the drug has taken full effect and Ireti was in deep sleep, I gently moved her head away from the pillow. I removed the phone from the pillow case, took her hands and started using her finger print.

She shakes, made a sound and change positions.

I started all over again, took every of her finger print on the phone. Just the same way I see her do it.

The phone suddenly unlocked. I gasped out in relief before leaving the room to the parlour. I took a seat, gave another deep breath and started digging like an ultimate search.

My target was in finding out who Papi is, so when I opened her phone, I went straight to the message with Papi and it was indeed filled with unbelievable shock.

Dirty messages, her nudes, complete nakedness was usually sent to Papi, she even sent one yesterday to him while she was in my house, she snapped her naked self in my bathroom and sent to him.

I came face to face with a big realisation that Papi is not her dad as she made me believe. Papi is her elderly man friend, he is the main man and I was her side c--k.

It was like a terrible night mare. so unbelievable.

She took pictures of my aquarium and sent to Papi, asking him if he likes it because she planned buying it for his birthday. The foolish Papi was excited and showered her with praises.

I saw my burgundy shoe on his dirty, ugly legs, he even wore it for his birthday. Party
I almost screamed out that night, I felt like killing her and killing myself too.

The truth have been staring right back at my face, the truth was so glaring but I was too foolish to know.

I felt crazy and began to laugh like a mad man.
I needed to scream to keep my nerves together.

I screamed and kept screaming, forgetting the time of the night.
that was the only thing I could do to released the anger of not strangling Ireti to death that night.

Musa came rushing up to the house. He knocked on the door, before going through the window to talk to me.

I was sitting on the ground, sobbing in silent
” Oga… Oga, Na your shout wake me up from where I dey sleep. I carry my dagger for hand. Wetin dey happened? no fear Oga, anybody wey wan kill you I go Killam first. I be correct soldier, nothing dey happen…I dey here.

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