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Burgundy - Season 1 - Episode 15
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Ireti came to me that night but I told her I was very busy with work which I needed to summit the next day.

” What kind of work is more important than me? I would have stayed back with Papi who wanted to take me for shopping instead of coming here. Benefits of being an only daughter and only child, my Papi does everything for me. Mart, will you still give me the money you promise me and also my car, I told you I need to change it. Since I cancelled my shopping spree with Papi just to be with you, Mart, you will refund back the shopping money that Papi supposed to give me. right…?
I usually give money to Ireti every week which I count as nothing because she is my woman and i needed to take care of her.

I sometimes transfer money for both her car maintenance and for shopping. I can’t buy a new car for her now as she’s been requesting. Is not in my budget and is unreasonable to even consider such unnecessary expenses but I will give her the money for shopping if that will make her happy.

But that’s not even what’s heavily seating on my heart.

All I’m after is to get hold of her phone.
Since I know the method of how to unlock it.
Ireti later went to bed, clinching her phone so close to her.

She was chatting and I kept looking over to know when she will sleep.

I stood and walk to the kitchen. I made some hot coffee for myself and sat on the dining. Gradually siping it quietly and trying to calm my nerves. The coffee will make me remain awake for most part of the night.

After sometime I returned to the room and Ireti was still awake. Talking and laughing over the phone.

I began to wonder if she knew my plans and decided to remain awake.

I grind my teeth and went back to the sitting room.

I turned on the TV, one of Sandra’s best stations that I have come to enjoy.

A romantic movie was showing, and when it got to the Kissin part, I began to imagine what Sandra will do
I looked over at where she sits most time and started wishing she was here with me.
I flashed back to the day I kissed her, the test of her lips, her soft warm skin, the fierce look in her eyes.

I remembered the day I try to impress her by cooking dinner, I gave her some to test and she smiled and said ” so delicious” licking up her lips. Her laughter still echoes in my head. It was a beautiful moments.

I wondered where she maybe and what she could be doing at that moment. “is she with Jeff or Sleeping? maybe praying, or even talking over the phone… what could she be doing and where exactly is she?

I don’t know why I can’t seem to forget her. It’s so hard and I don’t really want to forget, I cherished the good moment we shared and wish it was more.

I gasped out, place my head on the throw pillow and went into a deeper thought.
” What if Sandra was innocent, what if she was really saying the truth but was unjustly accused? Can Ireti do such a thing…why did Papi sent such message to her?

Oh my God… I wish the aquarium was taken and my burgundy shoe was left untouched. I wish both my aquarium and my shoe had not not disappeared. Everything would have been normal, Sandra wouldn’t be gone, she would have still be here. I will be coming home everyday to her smiling face and delicious aroma. I would have been sleeping by now and not sitting here with a troubled heart and waiting for Ireti to sleep so that I will know why Papi send her such message.
What if he wanted to send the message to his lover and mistakenly sent it to his daughter…to Ireti’s phone.

I was too curious to find out.

My head began to ache. I stood and went back into the room.

Ireti has finally fallen asleep but I did not see her phone.

I scanned round the room but saw nothing.
I gently pushed her to another side of the bed, I thought she maybe lying down on the phone but it was not there.

I felt so broken, where could it be?
I searched, when I couldn’t find it I forced myself to sleep.

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