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Burgundy - Season 1 - Episode 14
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Sandra walked out and that was the end of her.

Days turned into weeks then month but the pain of everything refused to go.
I was becoming more angry and sad. I threw off the fake shoe. I hate the sight of it. It reminds me of my precious burgundy that I try to forget. I even wanted to ask my uncle in UK to send another burgundy shoe, if possible the same type he sent before but on a second thought I did not.

I’m so hurt because of my obsession for the shoe. I just want to forget and move on.
Ireti was more loving than before but after sometimes she told me she wasn’t interested in our relationship anymore because I was acting as if I miss Sandra more than my stolen properties and more than everything else.

I pleaded for her to stay and promise to show her more care and love than before. I needed somebody around me and I didn’t want Ireti to leave me because of Sandra.

Ireti decided not to be coming over to my place everytime with the excuse of doing something for Papi. I did notcomplain.
I visited my parents before they travelled. I was the one that drove them to the airport and bid them goodbye.

I wish I was traveling with them, maybe with that I will be able to forget everything but I Just chose to stay.

I continued tidying my house whenever I’m free. I refused to employ another help when Ireti urged me to do so.

I don’t have time to cook everytime so I resulted to ordering food or eating in my favourite restaurant. I take my cloths to the dry cleaners and do the little I can.

I missed Sandra’s cooking and the way she carefully cleans my house.

Even though I hate to admit that I truly miss her but sometimes I wish I will come home to meet my food on the dining, my cloths washed, ironed and put carefully away. The house feeling so fresh and smelling so nice. Sandra was good with many things unlike Ireti but Ireti Will never steal from me or hurt me.
Well, so I thought until she came around one day. While she was in the shower her phone was ringing.

I was closed to it. Ireti usually carry her phone everywhere even to the toilet and I did not really put my mind to it.

I respect people’s privacy and expect the same.

When her phone rang, I looked up from what I was doing on my laptop and saw that Papi was calling her.

I wanted to inform her but she wouldn’t hear me because of the shower noise.

After three miss calls, few moment later a message came in and it was from Papi.
I looked at it again, blinked severally just to be sure of the name sending such message.
I picked up the phone and the message was on the screen because the phone was passworded.
” My fine wine I’m still waiting for your nude sexy pics tonight. Honey, I wish you are here to grind me hard as usual, I can’t sleep, I need you in my arms”.

That was what I read.
yes, exactly that message came from Papi.
Isn’t Papi Ireti’s father again? Or I’m I dreaming? What’s going on? Or is there two Papis? I don’t understand, why will “Papi” send such message to my woman. I mean why?

Another message came in, I took a quick peep because I can hear Ireti coming out of the bathroom but I couldn’t see it. The lock screen covered it.

I was shock, real shock and kept thinking to myself.

Ireti came out of the bathroom and rushed to her phone.

“Oh my gosh. I forgot to take my phone along. oh Papi called me…
I watch her in silent as she tries to unlock her phone with her finger print. Only her finger print can unlock her phone.

I haven’t taken notice of that except now because I wanted to come to the root of why Papi will send such kind of message to her.
I stayed far from the phone and pretend to be busy with my laptop.

She took the phone back to the bathroom and later came out after sometimes.

She smiled to me and I returned a fake smile back to her.

The only thing in my head right now is for her to sleep and I will lay my hands on her phone to know who Papi really is.

Who could be Papi sending such dirty message to Ireti. Is definitely not her father, then who is he?

I bent my head on my laptop and pretend to be busy but my heart was racing with speed.
I’m waiting for a perfect time, when Ireti will be asleep, I want to dig and find out who is really “Papi”
I’m so curious right now.
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