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Burgundy - Season 1 - Episode 13
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In the beginning Sandra was crying and looks afraid but suddenly she looked like she was ready for a fight and even dares Ireti to carry on her threats. She was unafraid and bold.
Ireti’s finger gave her mark on the face, which was obvious now. her clothes was still thorn but she did not care.

Could it be because of her so called boyfriend that lives in Canada, who happens to be a police guy. I don’t care about who she has because if I decided to take her case up she won’t escape from my hands.

I thought Sandra was a good girl and I almost make the worst mistake of my life by trying to break up with Ireti and declaring my feelings for Sandra. I’m glad I didn’t, I would have regretted it.

Sandra was filled with pretense and I felt worst within myself falling for somebody like her emotionally.

I don’t have the heart to watch her get hurt I could have called the police and they will make her confess to where my burgundy shoe is and who she sold my aquarium to but my heart won’t let me hurt her.

” Please Leave my house and never smell near here. You are not even Sorry for what you did. You have the gut to challenge me and my woman. I expected you to go on your knees and cry for forgiveness but instead you stand there daring me. Get the hell out of here… employing you was a mistake that I will forever regret because I may not be able to find my aquarium or my treasured shoe again…

I said angrily at Sandra who started walking inside to pick her things. Ireti turned to me.
” Are you going to let her go just like that without arresting her? Mart, do you have a soft spot on her or you have slept with her before? Why aren’t you beating her up and breaking her head? Why are you not calling the police to come and pick her up? Why did you stop me from taking her pictured and videoing her so that I can share on social media? Why Mart… she’s a criminal and deserved to be tortured. You saw how she dares me, talk back at me without fear even pushed me to the ground. Mart you saw everything and you decided to let her go like that… what is wrong with you? You are supposed to beat the truth out of her not let her go scot-free….

I was too tired to reply Ireti. The pain of loosing my shoe was so heavy on my chest that I felt like smashing everything on sight but I remained seated and pulled my head back. Trying to breath to calm my raging heart. I looked over where my aquarium used to be and screamed out. I punched the chair that I was sitting on, trying to suppress my pain that rages like war in my heart.
Sandra came out with her bags. I watch Ireti rush to her.

Ireti dragged the bag out of her hand, rushed to the door and threw it outside.

Sandra stooped and looked at me with a frown and unexplainable pain in her eyes.
” The truths will never be hidden forever, it will finds its way out someday and I pray that it will be soon. Soon the hidden lies will be exposed. God will vindicate me and when that happens don’t come looking for me because I will be gone for good…

Ireti have already threw almost all of Sandra’s things outside. Calling her names as Sandra walk to the door.
” Pastor Mrs Sandra the gold digger we have heard you… Leave oo. Criminal…thief..ole ooo. Go to your church and give Thanksgiving that Mart decided to let you go after stealing his most treasured property. he didn’t beat you or get you arrested, you walked out free… just go and thank your God but remember everyday is for the thief one day will be for the owner of the house. Bastard Criminal from the slump may thunder strikes you dead as you leave… nonsense….

Sandra walked out and that was the end of her.

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