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Burgundy - Season 1 - Episode 12
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I sat back on a chair. Ireti clapped her hand on Sandra’s face, she tore her clothes and kept humiliating her. Sandra struggled with Ireti as her clothes was been torn.
Ireti gave her two resounding slap that echoes in the house.
Sandra staggered back and held her chick in pain. I thought she will retaliate but she didn’t. A tear dropped down her face and she quickly wiped them off.

Ireti’s long nails gave Sandra a cut on her face.

I called Ireti to stop. She shouldn’t take laws into her hands.
Ireti kept urging me to call the police but I chose not to.

Ireti who was angrily boiling even more than me.

She went over Sandra again.
“Poverty stinking fool like you. So after stealing and selling off your boss property you paint it on me….eehh! You are shedding crocodile tears. We can’t be deceived. Since Mart do not want to press charges on you then I I will deal with you until you confess. I will video you, take your pictures and Share on Instagram and Facebook…all the social media, alerting people to beware of the kind of person they employ as maids…I don’t want another person to fall victim to your scam. Sandra, I will make you go viral for the criminal that you are. I promised to deal with you and I will make sure of it.

Ireti try to slap her again but Sandra held Ireti’s hand tight.
” If you dare…I mean if your name is Ireti and you strike me again…hmmm. I will beat you Ireti. I will so much beat you until you pass out. Don’t dare me. I have taken enough of all this accusation. You can call me names and humiliate me but don’t hit me again. I have had enough of your nonsense and will not take any further from you.

Sandra pushed Ireti aside and she crashed on the ground like a feather and quickly got up.
” Mart, did you hear her? This fool want to beat me… did you see what she Just did to me? Mart get her arrested. Is because you aren’t doing anything that’s why she got wings to challenge me. Mart go and beat her up, show her the real Man in you. You are not to be messed with or Call the police…
Ireti picked up her phone and try to video Sandra.

I stood from where I sat and collected the phone from her.
” Enough of this Ireti. I’m in pain, disappointed and hurt. I love my aquarium and my burgundy shoe, they gives me joy but they are both gone. I’m trying to think and get over it all. stop worsening it Ireti. I’m not calling the police… because I don’t want Sandra to be arrested. I will rather dismiss her. Please, no pictures or videos. Let her be… stop all this crazy drama. I’m tired… Really tired. I don’t understand why Sandra will want to do such to me. What for…

I turned and face Sandra.
“… Sandra, if you needed money you could have asked me. Why will you sell off the things I cherish most and replaced my shoe with a fake one. That’s criminal act and I can get you arrested for it…
Sandra interrupted.

” You want to get me arrested for a crime I did not commit then go ahead. Why do you conclude that I stole the things you cherished most? And why will I want to do such? Why do you point an accusing finger at me? Is it because I work for you as a help, or because you thought I’m not from a rich home, my father is an ordinary man unlike your woman’s “Papi”. Is it because I depends on you for survival, I don’t have a say because I’m a nobody and Ireti, who’s father is wealthy is far more important and she is not capable of committing such crimes. She can’t steal or hurt a fly. why did you conclude that I stole the aquarium and shoe? I was crying earlier because I hate injustice. I thought you will be wise enough to deferentiate the truth from lies. But you are too gullible Mart…”

I was shock, Sandra actually called me by name.

Ireti took over the action.
” Mart she actually called your name… did you hear what she Just said? this girl have developed wings because she saw that you are not taking her crime up. What a disrespect from a pure criminal. Big thief… you and your boyfriend or your brother, whoever you planed this with will be exposed. You people will rot in jail. I will personally make sure of that.

Sandra took few steps at Ireti. There was this strong authority in her voice as she speaks.
” You called him Mart, so why shouldn’t I? I addressed him with “sir” because he was my boss but I’m criminal to him now and before my judgement let me speak out my mind and await my arrest. Talking about arresting my brother or boyfriend… the only man that’s in my life and we are inseparable is Jeff and he is a cop in Canada. We spoke most night when he is not on duty… Jeffrey….

Ireti suddenly hushed her to keep quiet.
” Shush…shush your mouth. Keep quiet there before thunder strikes you. Who dash you somebody in Canada? A common church rat like you. You are a criminal from the slump. Who are you to say you have somebody living in abroad. Hahahaha, this girl is d--n funny. So apart from stealing you also have grades in lying. You are standing there running your dirty mouth and speaking English, all this will not save you. I will make sure that you are arrested, lock up and the key will be thrown into the sea… let me see how your imaginary cop friend or whoever he is will save you from the fake Canada he reside. Stupid fool like you…I will deal with you until you return all that you stole in this house. If not that my sweetheart stopped me from making a video eeh, the whole world would have known that you are a criminal. A big tag will be attached to your name and you will be ruined forever…

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