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Burgundy - Season 1 - Episode 11
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I called Ireti’s number and she picked.
” Baby, my aquarium is missing, my burgundy shoes has been exchanged with some crapy shoe. I was told you came over and took them… why did you do such?
She screamed into my ears.

” Me???…who told you that? A whole me… C’mon my love, I’m too big for such. Who is that unfortunate and useless fool that lied with my name? I came to the house just briefly to check if you were around when I couldn’t get you over the phone. I’m even surprise that you came back without informing me. I guess you planned to get back at me for not informing you when I returned from Dubai. My love, you should know me of all people… why will I take stuffs like that when I can afford mine. My Papi got money and he gives me everything I want. The enemy is within you…. the thief is living in your house and I will help you expose her… I’m coming right away to do that. She can not escape this… you accommodated a deadly thief without knowing. I’m coming to your place…I will personally deal with that thief myself…

The call ended and I sat hard on the ground, holding my head.

I looked over at Sandra and looked away.
” I left my house in your care Sandra…what sort of rubbish explanation are you giving me. My aquarium and shoe disappeared and you are telling me you don’t know…

I said, trying to control my anger but I just can’t help shouting at her.
” Sir, you can go ahead and ask Musa. He was around and saw madam Ireti. Nobody can come in here and take something away, Musa said she was the one…if you doubt me ask him…

I stood angrily from the ground. my phone was ringing, when I checked the caller it was my Mum. I ignored and turned to her.
” Ireti cannot steal from me. She has everything and her father is well to do. What is wrong with your head. Are you stupid? How do you expect me to believe what Musa said? Musa is your friend, he will defend you…I don’t believe this bulshit story your giving me Sandra. I don’t. But my shoe cannot go missing, my aquarium that was in this house before you came cannot just disappear. I will not take this nonsense story of yours…no, I won’t.
My phone was ringing for the fourth time.
It was my dad this time.
” Hello Dad…
” Are you alright Martin Jr? Your mother have been calling but you aren’t picking up. We were worried and wanted to know if you have gotten to your house safely.
” Yes dad… I’m home.

I wanted the call to end right away because I wasn’t in a perfect mood for it. My dad gave the phone to my Mum.
” You got me worried son, you promised to call immediately you arrived, waited for your call but nothing came in. Is everything okay?..
” Yes Mum, I’m fine just a little busy and I will talk to you later. Stop worrying over me all the time, I’m not a child Mum. I’m alright…yes, I am. Talk to you later… have to go now….bye.

I ended the call, threw my phone over a chair and walk out to the sitting room. I asked Sandra to leave my room until Ireti arrives.
I went out and called Musa, I asked him who came in my absence and he repeated the same thing Sandra said. Putting at Ireti as the big madam that came during my absence.
I wasn’t expecting him to say otherwise. I guess he was trying to defend Sandra, his friend.

I went back inside and couldn’t just sit still. I walk to my room and started examining the shoe again.

The person that exchange my shoe with a fake one was a pure criminal. The creative designs on the fake shoe was not properly done when I took a closer look at it. The heel wasn’t even equal, one was bigger than the other. The body wasn’t crafted well like my main shoe but the mistakes are not easily dictated but it becomes so obvious with a close look.
Ireti finally arrived.

” Oh my gosh… that beautiful aquarium that I admire so much. I haven’t even come across it anywhere. even your burgundy shoe. Ah…ah… this is very serious my love. I told you I wanted to make something similar for my Papi’s birthday and I did, I presented the one I made to him during his birthday party…he was so happy. Why will Sandra do this…
I looked at her, Sandra who stood at a far end wore a straight face. She didn’t cry or argue. She just stood staring at Ireti angrily.
Ireti move to her, calling her names. Yet Sandra did not react.
” Sandra you are a big thief…a criminal. That’s what you are and I will make sure that you are arrested. You must provide those things you stole. I warned Mart about you but he won’t listen, now look at the outcome. I’m always right because my instincts never fails me. Sandra the criminal. You planned with your street boyfriend to rob your boss house while he was away. You planed to sell off his expensive property to enrich yourself. Your plans has failed. You are a wicked Witch. All those your stupid, wretched boyfriend that joined you to commit such crime will be exposed.

When Ireti mentioned Sandra’s boyfriend I quickly remembered Jeff. Yes Jeff was Sandra’s boyfriend and Ireti maybe right
I looked at Sandra, more anger forming in my mind.
” How could you Sandra? I asked moving closer to her.

Ireti began to shout.
” Mart I told you about this girl but you won’t listen. I think I told you…now see the result. She’s a criminal and she must provide everything she has stolen. Call the police and get her arrested. They will make her confess to the crime and with that her other accomplice will be apprehended. Call the police Mart…. call them now.

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