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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 34
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Nath and Ken’s heart was filled with endless joy as they stood up and closed the small box, then put it in their pockets.

“Today is a red-letter day!” Nath said excitedly.

“Yes it is but what if they reject us?” Ken asked, looking pessimistic.

“Yes!” Nath concurred. “What if they…”
“What if nothing happens,” the father cut him short. “Be positive and have a go at it,” he concluded.

“Thanks dad, you’re the best,” Nath and Ken said in unison and hugged him briefly.
“You both are the best too,” Mr Edwards smiled gleefully. “Now go and get ready coz the guests will soon arrive,” he said while they smiled at him, then turned and left the room, whispering happily at each other…


The sitting room looked elegant, magnificent and well polished with transparent cream curtains adorning the doors and windows and the floor glowing with glistened tiles. Serviet and wine glasses were on the side stools while the glassess were turned upside down. The guests and students of “Heartland University” had started arriving one after the other, each dressed in his or her beautiful cloth. Mr Edwards, his wife, Mr Daniels were all dressed beautifully and smiles as they greeted and exchanged pleasantries with those that had arrived.

Right in the middle of the room stood a round center table which was covered with silver coloured material and from the sitting room, One could see baked lemon cakes, flambled chicken etc and the aroma filled the house. At thr far end of the dining room was a glass closet which contained different kinds of wine in display, to say the least, everything in there was so beautiful.

Minutes later, Kayla, Nath, Ken, Sly, Gold and Queen walked in looking so beautiful and cute.

Sly, Ken, Nath were dressed in black tuxedo and classic sneakers with smiles on their faces while Kayla, Gold and Queen were dressed in bright sparkling sleeveless gown. Kayla’s gown was red, Gold’s gown was pink while Queen’s gown was blue. From the front view, the gown stopped inches above their knees while viewing from the back, it was floor length. The gown was the gift surprise from Kayla and it fitted Gold and Queen perfectly well as it brought out their unique features and curves. A diamond necklace adorned their necks and their ears dangling with diamond ear-rings as well and their hair which they had made the day before fell in tangled plaits across their shoulders.

They walked around and greeted everyone happily. Gloria and Peace were also there to celebrate with them…

The Army General and some soldiers were also there and soon everyone was eating and drinking and making merry as the caterers kept walking into the sitting room with more food and drinks.

Mr Edwards, his wife, mrs Daniels, Kayla, Ken, Sly and Nath were all aware of the proposal except Gold, Queen and the guests who kept drinking and dancing to the beautiful tunes that were being played.

Minutes later, Kayla walked up to Ken and Nath who were dancing with Queen and Gold and whispered something into their ear. They party had started by 4pm and it was already 5pm, so Mr Edwards felt it was time to let the cat out of the bag, so he exchanged quick glances at Kayla and Sly. Kayla quickly understood, so she walked to the corridor that led upstairs and changed the sitting room light to multi-coloured lights thus making everywhere look so romantic.

Immediately the lights were changed, two girls walked in with a folded coloured big designers paper and stood behind Nath while another two girls also walked in with the same paper and stood behind Ken.

Nath and Ken smiled at the surprised Gold and Queen, then brought out the small boxes from their trouser pockets, removed the ring and put the box back in their pockets. Within a twinkle of an eye, they were both on their knees and the girls behind them unfolded the cardboards and the guests gasped in shock as everything looked like a dream.

Nath’s paper had the inscriptions “You are the woman of my dreams, please make my dreams come true by accepting to be my wife” while Ken’s paper had the inscriptions “You are all have ever wanted coz you fill my world with so much happiness and joy, please be my wife.”

Queen and Gold turned and looked at each other with surprise boldly written on their faces, then turned back to face Nath and Ken who knelt with one knee with their right hands stretched out to them with the rings in it.

Soon everyone in the house began chanting “Yes!” “Yes!” “Yes!” as Queen and Gold stood transfixed, confused on what to do…

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