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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 33
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Everyone became speechless and shocked after Mr Daniels had finished his story.

“I have about two months to live cos I was diagnosed of cancer,” Mr Daniels said.

“So you transfered that cancer to Ken, oh Daniels,” Mr Edwards shouted in annoyance.
“Dad, so you had a hand in my kidnap?” Gold asked as she eyed her father angrily.

“No, I didn’t. According to the story, you tried escaping but unfortunately got yourself entangled in his web and now, he would have been in a better position to explain how he had planned for you to be stabbed that Nath had to save you but unfortunately, I killed him,” Mr Daniels explained bitterly.

“You are just so wicked,” Mrs Daniels screamed in pains as she stood up, then walked out of the sitting room.

“You have succeeded in putting our family and it’s reputation in shambles, I don’t care if you are my brother coz you will have to face the law,” Mr Edwards said, stood up and also left.
“Well thank God Queen isn’t my sister but the innocent blood of my sister which you killed will surely hunt you down,” Ken said and also left.

One by one, the other family members quietly stood up and went upstairs to their room thus leaving Mr Daniels behind to his fate…



The morning looked dull and gloomy as everyone went about their chores in sadness.

When breakfasts was ready, Queen went in to call Mr Daniels who hadn’t come out of his room ever since they woke up, only to find him lying dead in his pool of blood with the kitchen knife pierced deep into his stomach. She screamed thus attracting the attention of others who ran to the room to know the reason why she screamed.

“Ewo, my husband,” Mr Daniels cried and fell on top of her husband but others quietly moved into the room and stood round Mr Daniels dead body without saying a word.

Mr Edwards bent down touched Mr Daniels forehead, then stood again and said, “I thought you were human but I realised a little too late that you are a black sheep to this family. I will make necessary arrangements for his body to be taken out and also inform the Army General,” he concluded and left the room…



After Mr Daniels death, everything became normal again and his burial was fixed to be conducted in two months time. Joy, Jeffrey, the two guys and the doctor’s cases were tried in court and they were each punished according to their crimes.

Then there came the day that was set aside for Nath and Gold’s survival party.


Mr Edwards house was filled with huming activities. Caterers, decorators, event planners etc had been all invited which made the party almost want to look like a marriage ceremony.


Kayla walked into the room to find Gold and Queen trying to select what to put on from a box of clothes which was infront of them.

“Come on, you girls don’t have to do this, I have a beautiful surprise for you,” Kayla said as she stood in the middle of the room with her hands placed on her waist.

“What surprise?” Queen asked excitedly.
“Just keep quiet and come with me,” Kayla smiled, dropped her hands down,then turned and walked out.

“Nawa o, early morning surprise,” Gold said as she stood up.

“I think it’s a good one,” Queen said and also stood up, then walked to the door.

Gold just kept quiet and followed her out of the room…


Nath walked into his father’s room with Ken smiling gleefully.

“Dad, you called us,” Nath and Ken said in unison as they sat on the edge of the bed.
“Yes!” Mr Edwards said as he smiled too and stood up from the couch which he had sat, looking at two beautiful small gold boxes. Then he walked to the bed where Nath and Ken sat and handed them the boxes
“Dad what’s this,” Nath asked as he stretched out his hand and collected the box while Ken also did same.

“Just open it,” Mr Edwards said as he stood with his hands behind his back.

Nath and Ken looked at each other, then heaved a sigh and opened the small box.

“What!” both Nath and Ken exclaimed in shock as they saw diamond rings which sparkled in each of the boxes.

Mr Edwards smiled and joined them on the bed. Then he cleared his throat and spoke up, “Well everything happens for a reason. At first Gold was kidnapped and in a bit to save her, you walked into danger and the rest is history. The Kidnapped stuff led us all to know the whole truth about what had been happening and so now, since everything is now okay and we are now free with little or no enemies, I discussed this issue with your mothers and we decided that both of you should propose to Gold and Queen before you go back to school because no one knows tomorrow,” he explained patiently…

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