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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 32
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Mr Edwards who still sat on the couch with Mr Daniels in surprise as he saw Kayla and Sly descending the stairs while Nath, Gold, Ken and Queen followed them behind.

“What’s wrong?” Mr Daniels asked in shock coz he thought they had all slept off.

No one answered him yet as the children all sat comfortably on their seat.

“What happened?” Mr Edwards asked as he looked from one person to another.

“Mr Daniels is wrong,” Sly hissed.

“Yes, and you too Dad,” Kayla added. “Tell us why you lied to us by telling us that Mr Daniels is dead.”

“Dad!” Sly called. “Tell us why you also lied and told us Mr Edwards is dead. Tell us why you exchanged Ken’s sister and also all the secrets you’ve been hiding,” he said in one breath.

Mr Edwards cleared his throat, “Let me answer mine first. I’m sorry I lied to you by telling you Mr Daniels is dead. It’s just that I was so annoyed after the betrayal that I never wanted to set my eyes on him again,” he concluded.

“It’s alright dad but that was very bad,” Kayla said and turned to Mr Daniels, “We are waiting for you.”

Mr Daniels swallowed hard. He knew what he was about to say would cost his life and reputation but now he had no choice. “Call your mothers!” he said instead.

Nath stared at him in anger and quickly stood up to do his bidding.

Minutes later Mrs Edwards and Mrs Daniels also walked into the sitting room.

“So you all never slept,” Mrs Edwards asked but was ignored.

After everyone was sitted, Mr Daniels began, “First of all, I apologies to everyone for not telling the truth,” he apologised and began…



Years ago, I lived happily with my family but I started having problems the day I brought home my children from the orphanage. After my wife had given birth to Sly, I met Mr Peter and told him how desperate I was to get rich and famous coz Edwards was very rich and that got me jealous. Mr Peter accepted to help me but to keep everything secret and I agreed. To cut the long story short, he took me to his occultic group which I later found out that they were ritualist. I told them of how rich I wanted to be and they told me the only way out was to sacrifice my only daughter which was Ken’s sister and by then my wife was already pregnant again. So, I pleaded with them to give me some time which they agreed.

Soon, I had completely forgotten about them but after my wife had given birth to Gold and was still at the hospital, I realised the money I had won’t be enough to foot the hospital bills coz my wife had been operated on since she had some complications and couldn’t deliver safely. So while my wife was still at the hospital, I went home and took Ken to Edwards house and also asked him for some money which he gave me but I never told him about my wife who was in the hospital even though he had asked about her well being coz he knew she was pregnant. Finally I paid the hospital bills and my wife was discharged. When we got home, she asked of Ken and I told her he’d be staying with Edwards for sometime.

But unfortunately, after some time, the company Edwards gave me to manage started crumbling even though I invested a lot in it and things became worse and then I was pushed to go back to Peter. But when he took me back to the ritualists, they told me they had changed their mind and needed my son but I pleaded with them and told them that it would be hard to take him away from Edwards coz he still gave me money to feed my family and might be too inquisitive about why I suddenly needed Ken. Mr Peter really wanted me to sacrifice my son, so he asked me to tell Edwards that the boy was to be sacrificed for his daughter’s health and that if Edwards refused, he should be ready to take an oath that his son will marry his daughter when he was of age but unfortunately, Edwards took the oath and refused to release Ken.

To cut the long story short, I pleaded with them till they accepted my daughter for the sacrifice and inorder not to complicate issues with my wife, I went to the orphanage, paid some money and took another girl child that looked a bit like my daughter and then lied to my wife that it was exchanged by the woman I had impregnated. But unfortunately for me, things only got worse after the sacrifice and when I asked Mr Peter why, he said I must sacrifice my first son inorder to be wealthy but I refused and since I couldn’t still feed my family, I decided to steal Edwards money and leave the country but I later found out that Peter had taken the marriage and oath issue seriously and had vowed to kill Nath, so I decided to take another drastic step by sending men to kill Mr Peter and make it look like he had committed suicide, then paid off the doctor to keep everything secret…

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