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Boomerang  - Season 1 - Episode 5
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He strolled towards me with his hands busy undressing himself,i kept repeating please to him. But it didn’t stop him to grab me and I struggled sheepishly, making it look like I’m been forced.

After he have his way, he relaxed and start a conversation.

“One would think you didn’t want this in the first place”.

“I thought what happened between us was a one time thing”.

“”it was,until I saw how you was trying to s£duce me”.

“I wasn’t trying to s£duce you oh, I was just tidying up the living room”.

“But you didn’t resist me with all your power”

“Well, after you grabbed my b0s0m like that, I have to have a taste of that sweet meat again”.

He laugh heartedly and said something about freshening up and driving me to his wife shop. He shamelessly walk into his room without any clothes on,whistling happily away from the living room.

Immediately he was out of view, I picked my phone from its position. Clean every evidence of a good Fork, and wait for him to drive me to shop. He came out, dressed in a white round neck top with a grey black jean.

We joked around while in the car, while he wqs caressing my lap while driving. He got me so wet that I have mini orgasms. Before we got to the shop, he request us to see the following weekend.

My boss asked me why I was late and her husband chipped in,giving the excuse that I used my hands instead of using the washing machine. My boss was suprise and ask me why, after she gave me the order to use the machine.

“Ma, I felt that the washing machine will let the clothes get fade faster and I believe clothes that are been hand-wash are cleaner”.

She waved me of and gave her attention to her husband. Looking at the two, I wonder how the dog could still be cheating on his wife. Such is life!. Man are dogs sometimes, or isn’t it?.
We closed early that day, and I use the opportunity to go over to Charles places and request him to edit my new videos for me. He made it to the point that he erase our conversation before Mr Adekunle grabbed my butt0ckz. And also delete our post-S£x conversation.

After his help for me, he started making advances at me by grabbing my butt0ckz and caressing my b0s0m. We end up having two quick round of S£x, after taking a quick shower I left for my house.

Months later, after numerous S£x with Mr Adekunle he started giving me the red flag. Firstly, he stopped picking my calls, ignore my messages and kept telling me gibberish tale about the scholarship. He eventually stop coming to his wife workshop.

When I noticed his actions, I called some other boards of director, that would were incharge of the scholarship. I was told that the finalist names wil be out in a month time. I called up my friend in crime and she advised me to come out with my card of ace.

Firstly, I mailed a video of our first encounter at the hotel to Mr Adekunle’s office,specifically to him. Added to the video was a note where I threatened to send a video to his wife. Before the end of the day, I saw numerous missed calls on my phone with a message from him seeking my presence.

On D-day, I went to our meeting place with charles as my backup. I went to the room alone, and I meet Mr Adekunle in a troubled mood.

“I didn’t know you were such an evil person, so you can bring yourself down to making a video of us having S£x,just so you could blackmail me”
he thundered immediately I step into the room.

“Well,something gave me the creep that you could want to cheat me”
I replied calmly.

“Let’s just call this my leverage against you”

“You bastard, you are nothing but a Lovepeddler”
he cursed

“Curse all you want, I just want my name among the list of those that will be choose by the scholarship board” I stated

“You really think, I called you to negotiate with you”
he muttered

“I can just kill you here,bury you and that’s case finish”
he added

“You wouldn’t dare,because everything happening here is been heard and recorded by my friend”
I answered.

I show him my phone, which display a ongoing call on the screen.

“Charles, let the man know I’m not joking”
I called out to the phone then put it on speaker.

“Mr Adekunle, please co-operate with miss yetunde because everything that has been said since she stepped into that room has been recorded”.

Shocked, he began to calm down and he went to sat at the tip of the bed, his head downcast thinking.

“What do you want me to do now”
he said in a pleading voice.

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