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Boomerang  - Season 1 - Episode 4
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The following week i went to Beauty plaza and meet with Bimpe ( Mr Adekunle Wife), I told her I would like to learn from her and she being the way she was, she told me I can start the following day.

Of course I told her one story or another before she could agree I can pay later for the enrollment form and learning fee. She was kind to me all through my stay and I had an iota of pity for her choice of husband.

The next day I resumed early and she was suprise when she met me sitting on the steps of the shop. She muttered a comment on how serious I am. After she unlock the door, I made sure I clean every part of the shop without been asked to.

Whenever a customer comes, I make sure a gave them a first class service of customer care. Mrs Adekunle began to like me for my behaviours and she even suggest i come live with her. I decline with the excuse of being the one taking care of my parents.

After my first three weeks at the shop, my boss announced to me one weekend that I will be going to her house very early to finish up some laundries she couldn’t bring herself to finish. She scribbled down her address for me on a sheet of paper and gave me transport fare.

On getting to her house, I was been questioned by the gate man about my identity and it wasn’t until a call was placed to my boss before he could allow me to enter. I was muttering beneath my breadth while I step in, causing the yeye gateman.

I walked into their apartment and take my time to survey their house.

I wasted my time while doing the laundry, hoping for Mr Adekunle to see me. When I finish with the laundry, I went into the kitchen to prepare noodles for myself. While waiting for the noodles, I made myself comfortable in the parlour and watch the movie.

While helping myself to the cooked noodles, I heard a car hooting, followed by the gate making sound. I guess the husband is back.

I placed my phone on a safe place that will also be good for video coverage. I quickly checked through the window, and sure it was him.

After composing myself seductively, I pulled my short mini gown up to a position that could show a little bit of [email protected], if I bend down. Immediately,his footsteps is audible to my ear I bend down and start cleaning the chairs and center table that was in the middle.

“Yetunde ”
he shouted, shock in his voice.

I turned and planted a false suprise look on my face.

“Mr Adekunle, what are you doing here”?
I asked feigning suprise.

“Of course, I should be asking you that.”

“This is my house, and please don’t tell me you are the new apprentice that just started learning at my wife’s shop”?

“Madam is your wife”?

“What a world”
I marveled

“Who would say I will be learning from the person that is helping me to share the best J0yst!ck I’ve ever felt inside me”
I try flirting with him.

“You wouldn’t dare say such about my wife” he thundered.

“And what happened between us, must stay between us or else”
he threatened

“Or else what”
I quipped
“Say goodbye to your scholarship ”
“Then I’m keeping my mouth shut.”

I turned to continue with my work, adding a little bit of effort to stuck my butt0ckz out to him. I believe he could see the lines of my pantie, because the next movement he made was to hold firmly unto my butt0ckz.

I gave myself a knowing smile and act shocked, screamed and took steps backward.

“Pls sir, don’t try anything with me”.
I gave him a pleading face.

“Don’t act like you are innocent,we both know you want this”.

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