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Boomerang  - Season 1 - Episode 3
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Waking up early the next morning, i tidy up the house and did my chores in an elated mood. Daydreaming about my plans for Mr Adekunle, i could see myself lavishing money on my body.

I woke up to the message of Charles, asking me to check my mails and expecting his payment for a job he called ‘perfectly executed ‘.

After everyone has gone out of the house,i step out towards the ending of our street to Bro Damola’s cyber café. When I got there I could see everybody busy typing one or two things.

I scanned the shop looking for the manager.

I caught him with a knowing smile on his face, moved towards him and give him a not too convincing hug.

‘Oga manager, abeg i wan check my mail’

‘Give me better attention na, even if na kiss I appreciate ‘

‘Make we book that one for tonight na’

‘Okay, this one you are not in a good mood. Make you dey lively if u wan com my house this night oh’

I checked the mail Charles sent to me, which was filled with Mr Adekunle details, family, school,friends, other business he owns. It seems i make a good catch.

After leaving the café, I board a bike to Charles place, on getting there I gave him the video I made yesterday and asked him to blur my face, so the video can be good for its main purpose.
On finishing his job, he playfully request for his payment which was my body. After numerous rounds of S£x, I complain of been famished and he went into the kitchen to prepare noodles.

We both eat from the same plate, move into the kitchen and while I was dooing the dishes he was ramming me from the back. What I like about Charles is his stamina when we are together.

Around 4pm, I told him i wants to be going home and he escort me out, even pay for the bike man. Immediately I get home, I move straight to the bathroom and take another bath before my parents come home.

‘I made a decision today and I wil like you to know about it’
I announced to my parents after we have finish eating dinner.

‘we are with you, let’s hear your said decision’ papa added with scorn.

‘ I have decided to learn a trade, pending the time I will be able to gain admission’

‘That is a very good idea’
my mom quipped in.

‘indeed it is a good idea,but you seem to have forgotten that there is a problem’ he paused before he continue

‘ whatever the trade you want to learn now, you will be asked to pay some certain amount of money. Which I believe is not available for now.’

‘Sir, I’ve already think clearly about this and I am happy to annouce to you that, t burden of paying for the work will fall on me.’

‘what type of job did you plan on learning and where? ‘

” I wants to learn makeup artist, and it’s at Beauty plaza near Mum Daniel school.’

That night the decision was made for me to start working, what my parents doesn’t know was that this said makeup parlour belongs to no other than Mrs Adekunle.

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