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Boomerang  - Season 1 - Episode 2
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Stepping out of the hotel gate i walk towards the road in hope of seeing any means of transportation, because I’m extremely late.

“Okada, ijaiye”
I called at one bikeman.

“350 ni o”
he shout to me after he stopped next to me.

“Ha ha, kilode now.”

“200 na im I get oh”
I begged the bikeman.

“Sister night don fall, and this environ na dangerous area”

After bargaining to 300, i climbed the bike and we zoom off to my house.

On getting to my area, I alighted and payed the man. Without thanking me he turn his bike and drove off.

“Foolish man, not even a thank you after he charged me for what’s worth 150”
I muttered and walk towards Doris house.

Doris happened to be my friend that we use to hawk our goods together, but she doesn’t know I obtain any scholarship form talkless of my meeting with Mr Adekunle.

Doris! Doris! Doris! I called out before I get to their door.

She answerd before I could get to knock on their door and ushered me in. I walked in and saw her parent who were watching a film on their television.

“Good evening sir, Good evening ma”
I greeted them politely.

“How are you my daughter” the mother reply me after looking at me slyly.

“Where are you coming from by this time, that you dress like someone going to her lover house” she teased.

“Ma i went to our school valedictory service ni”

I replied quickly and wink at Doris who wants to open her big mouth to question my lie.
After spending close to fifteen minutes at their house, i made to leave for my house and doris also follow me to escort me.

After stepping out of their room, we haven’t taken ten step before she question my lie.

“Lier, where were you coming from that you have to lie to my mum that you attend your valedictory service”
She enquired.

“How did you know I was lying”
I joked

“Did you forget you told me it’s not until next month, you are having the party?”

“And besides you already showed me the vest that was choosen for the occasion ”
she added

“Well, i went for a friend birthday party” I answered, fed up with her detective nature.

After gisting for some mins, she made to go back home but i beg her to follow me home so my parent would se that we are together.

I withheld the information that I told my parents I was going to her palce. On getting to the place I changed my clothe, I excused myself and walk into the building.

After changing. I carried my bag and walk back to where she was waiting for me, baffled at my change of clothe, she began asking questions again.

“You this girl Ehn, you did not even dress like a Sluut like this before you left home”

“I thought as much, you wouldn’t dare leave your house in this obvious dress”
she said hitting me playfully on my shoulder.

“Shut up jor, mumu.” I answered her spanking her butt0ckz.

“I’ve been trying to blend you to be a big girl, and not always freak out on mummy words.”

“You just find some time and follow me to an outing, so much fun you will have I tell you”

We kept bantering words till we get to my house, she greet my mum who was outside and after spending five mins in my room, I told my mum I want to see her off.

After separating, my phone started vibrating indicating a message has come in. It was Mr Adekunle thanking me for today’s fun. He promise to give me different styles of position next time we meet.

I laughed out loud at his message and wonder if he will not delete the text on his phone.i qickly delete the sms and start wondering how I can go on with my plans in my head.

On getting home, my dad was back and he ordered me to go to iya suleimon place, he added that the woman will give me some foodstuffs.

Iya suleimon is the person that sells foodstuffs and provision down our street, she is the one selling this for us in credit. I hated the wonam because I caught her not once or twice insulting my parents because we couldn’t pay up in time.

Well, if my plan should work, then by the time i get to 200l in the university. I will be living past the memory of ever being poor.

With my future dream of comfort on my mind, I quickly go to iya suleimon place. After getting the foodstuffs, I prepared food for the family and after relaxing everybody prepare to rest ahead of the next day work.

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