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Blood Bath - Season 1 - Episode 50
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They searched the downstairs for the them but nobody was there, so they went up only to find the two girl tied together on a sitting position with a piece of clothe tied around their mouth gaging them from talking.
Mmfff!!! Lfff!!! Grafffmm!!!! Cammff they both said as they struggled to speak.

Cal rushed towards them and untied them while Gray check out for anybody lurking around, he soon found out a break on the glassy window and he knew that whoever it was that attacked the girls must have flew out through the window.

After Cal finished Loosing the girls, they both stood up and hugged him in tears.

They took Smart They both said simultaneously as the tears stream.

And They…. Also… took the Systems.
Oh no!!! The two exclaimed!!! What are we going to do now??

I have the Drive so we didn’t lose much Cal said
But what about smart? Gray asked.

We will find him Cal replied.

I need to clear my head he said heading out!
Wait Cal wait!!! It’s Dangerous out there!! Snow called.

Let him go gray said and they all watched him leave the house.

Where is it going to? Snow asked looking at Gray and Lisa for them to provide her answers.
But none of them replied so she ran to her room.

Gray picked up his phone to Call The CIB general.

He was going to gather the piece and check the CCTV in the house that Cal had installed, He would also check the ground were the intruders might have landed for foot prints.
How many were they? He asked Lisa, but she was too lost in thought to recognized the questions placed before her.

Lisa!!! Lisa!!!
Ohhm Uhmm… she finally heard him call her.
Sorry I…I.. She stuttered

It’s ok, I was asking how many people broke in?

They were Two.

Did you see their Faces?

No they were all masked.
It’s ok follow me if you don’t mind?
Where to?
Take this gray said pulling out a UV touch we are gonna track their foot print outside, he said and they set to work.

Cal walked along the lonely street, He didn’t have any particular direction in mind, but he kept on walking till he knocked at a door.
Whose door was it?

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