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Blood Bath - Season 1 - Episode 48
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Soon they got there and entered the building, and did some tricks with the invisible door and it gave way, from the building layout on their device they were able to find their way to Elvis office without getting caught.

Elvis was surprised to see two people that were not hive members in His office, and at once he noticed Cal’s Face.

What you?? You actually got balls to come into hive he said and made to ring the warning bell, but gray was swift, he dived him and injected him a virus filled tiny syringe that made him fall into a deep slumber it also wiped out a little of his memory of the presence of Cal and Gray,

We were never here he said to Elvis who was struggling not to dose off.

By the time you wake up you will never remember we were here Gray said.

Cal inserted his drive on his system and corrupted the rest files with virus so it will be hackable anytime the wanted to, it was so that no one could upgrade the system or kill the virus, as it will be undetectable.

After copying the whole database they had hacked the CCTV to see what happened between the hours Humphery left home for work and the time they had come in, and the saw the kill, Gray made Cal pause the video and zoom into Luthen’s face he snapped some shots with his phone he was going to run a face match when they get home.
When they were done, they both evacuated the building before they could get caught.

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