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Blood Bath - Season 1 - Episode 46
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? Death Hive Tower Vernica City?

Good Morning Sir all agents at Hive, greeted Humphery as he Entered the office, most of them had stopped what they were doing the moment they saw him and the reactions on their faces were of surprise everyone thought he was dead after the attack from Cal and Gray. They never expected to see him again and Agent Elvis has taken it upon himself to oversee that affair of the Hive even before the 7 reached a conclusion, It was an indisputable fact that Elvis was the next in command after Humphery so the agents were use to taking orders from him.

Humphrey managed to respond to most of the greetings, he moved his weak body to his office, he was badly beaten and pains surged through his body, Lisa was still pissed with him, the weekend was a terrible one for him.
As he settled and la!d his head on the desk, because he could hardly lift a pen Elvis walked in.

Sir!! I am very sorry for what happened we tho…. He was still saying when Agent Luthen walked in.

Humphrey had stood up at once same way Elvis had straightened himself the atmosphere in the room was a silent one that commanded great fear in the hearts of the two men that were Inside the room before the impromptu arrival of Agent Luthen.

Agent Humphery You have reached a compromise and that 7 has decided you be sent to Limbo he said and brought out his Gun cocked it and gave Humphery two clean shots that sent him to the land of the dead with blood gushing out of his chest as the bullet drove in it. Shiver ran through Elvis Spine as he shuddered in fright.

Agent Luthen retrieved Humphrey’s Badge and gave it to Elvis assigning him the new leader of the Hive.

Clean this mess he said and Elvis got two men that came and took Humphery’s cold body to the Morgue at the extreme of the building.
You must report to us on daily basis. Luthen said while Elvis nodded his head.

Two weeks from now Apocalypse will start, assemble all agents of hive and send them to Afghanistan. He said and disappeared from sight, Elvis was still nodding with his head bent to the ground, until he didn’t hear a word again, only for him to raise up his head and found out that Luthen was long gone.
Shit he cursed.

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