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Blood Bath - Season 1 - Episode 45
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I did it for Beth he said all this I did to avenge my wife he said in tears. I was locked away I prison and deprived from my daughter I feared I wouldn’t get to see her again. It was that grief that made me do it.

Now quit the Crap dad I have heard that before Lisa Shrieked.

You ain’t doing this for mom you are just selfish and wicked she said as her temper flared and she walked out of the room.
I followed after her while smart did the same we both went to see she was fine.
On our way we saw gray?

I saw her any lead? Gray asked.
Not yet but he is broken!

Oh that’s a good sign follow me he said.
While I did I had smart check up on Lisa.
What now? Humphery asked as we entered You You he said pointing at me. You made me lose her!!!! Haven’t you and your family done enough harm? His voice broke and his cried loud.

My family never had a hand in Beth’s death. I countered

But your dad sent me to gaol!! He did I don’t wanna lose Lisa, she is all beth’s left for me!!!

Will I get her back he asked with sincerity
Yea only if you tell us what we wanna know.
Fine do we have a deal he asked.

Not yet tell us Gray said and Humphrey told us what we needed to hear.

After that night Humphery was a reformed man, he pledged his allegiance to us, and we accepted him but not in full.

We were a team now.

Saturday Night was a long one.

I woke up that Sunday morning it was already bright outside.

I made for the bathroom when the News report came in it caught my attention! I was shocked at the news and at once I called out to Smart.

What’s up nigga?
Smart answered.

It’s not good Smart, I thought you covered us from the CCTVs from yesterday.
Yea I did!

Take a look, I said while he look at the TV.
Omg this is not good he said.
Let’s go tell gray at once.

And we both went to Gray and la!d the complain.

Hmm now the police will be on our tail, and that isn’t a good sign.

Drake and Luthen were seen Shaking hands on the job well done.

Smart had done a very good job by redirecting the CCTVs in the street where the fight took place to an opposition direction in other for it not to be able to read the things that transpired beneath it, but somehow drake was able to get the footage of the uncalculate clip and rearranged them so that when the police check to see what happened to the Dead bodies on the floor, they will see when Cal was taking his shots.

Drake had perfectly edited the clip that Gray was not seen on it. Reason being that they want the city to see Cal as a threat to their security, and this will make the police tail them, and it will slow down their pace of closing in on Hive.

Why don’t you check out that the other guy on the scene Luthen asked referring to Gray.
Oh I will do Just that Drake said.

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