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Blood Bath - Season 1 - Episode 44
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It’s Fine Paul, I know Cal is your friend and the toll it took on you when you heard about his death, trust me we all felt the same way too, but now the police are coming with a speculation that he is alive and back to hunt the serial killers that murdered his parent, but don’t you think it will be too dangerous to go look for him?? Please I don’t wanna lose you Paul Just wait whatever the police comes up with will be the best, and if Cal is alive he will come look for you she said calming my nerves.
Hmm I breathe down.

Enjoy your Sunday Pretty boy Rita Said mimicking Cal’s mom, I still remember how she use to call us Pretty Boys oh?!

Rita took the already cold coffee cup from me and disposed the content she did refill it with a fresh hot one.

All through the Night it was all series of drama, Gray la!d out his Instrument of torture, he prepared to use them on Humphery who has already woken up from his knock out session.

Noooo Please wait!!! Lisa pleaded as Gray Sparked Two wires high electric voltage passed through the wire the spark was great and this sent shiver down our spin Lisa couldn’t take it anymore, she had watched Gray delivered punches on Humphery and blood gushed out, he still won’t say anything, and now Gray had been so pissed he sparked the wires again and attached it to a metal.

Even with all Lisa plea he wouldn’t stop.
Many People will die!!! The whole world will burn you son of a b---h!!! Gray yelled as he launched punch on Humphery one more time before lifting the electrictrified metal.

I wouldn’t say a word man I ain’t scared of you! Whatever you do to me now his nothing compared to what the 7 will do if I spill a word.

Then let it be so because I am gonna torture you till you break even at the verge of death I will still torture you he said bringing the Metal closer.

No no wait I said to Gray Lisa’s reactions were so emotional they really touched my heart I had to intervene.

What Cal let me deal with this fool he isn’t yielding.

Hahaha I told you I will frustrate you Humphery boasted with his bloodied mouth.
Will you shut the f--k up you a-----e. I said keeping the old fool shut.

Please Gray take it easy this isn’t our way, take a break he will come around I knew this wasn’t going down with Gray by he gave in eyeing me
You are letting that girl get on your mind and at the same time slowing down my mission, he said angrily and walked away.

I wanted to go too, Smart and Snow have been unusually quiet all through the session.
No don’t go Cal give me a chance Lisa said.
And a stopped to watch the magic she was gonna perform that gray have not except she’s not gonna torture him.

Daddy! She said and we listened

I really don’t know what all this is all about but whatever it is, it isn’t worth it.
The torture, the pain, the organisation, the 7 you have been talking about and all that, it isn’t worth it, what pleasure do you gain in seeing people suffering?

Place yourself in their shoes would you want to be treated like that? From the little I have learned about this whole thing, I know you and the so called 7 are bound on Inflicting pains on innocent peoples lives.

Do you know that if you never had the opportunity of encountering the 7 you would have been one of those victim?

Now that hit the spot Humphery broke.

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