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Blood Bath - Season 1 - Episode 43
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(Cal Is Alive)??

I held a cup of coffee as I descended the staircase that led downstairs to the sitting room of my father’s duplex building. There was a report showing on TV I took the remote from the chair and increased the volume.
Reporter: From the Crime Scene Yesterday, Report shows that the victims were suspected to be some of the serial killer that’s struck town for a while now as they were all claded in all black and their uniform bore the inscription DeathHive on the breast pockets of the uniform, the street surveillance camera was able to pick a few clips of what transpired and after series of review the VCPD (Vernica City Police Department) has come up with a hunch that Cal Henry who was officially declared dead after serial killer struck their home was some how involved in the fight. If the police speculations are true, could it be that the little boy is back for a revenge mission to hunt down those who took his parents lives, this is a big question. The city is in disarray, more blood are been spilled as the day goes by, The government has issued a statement that all citizens should endeavour to stay safe, and report any suspicious activities to the police ASAP!

And also The police has ordered a search for the boy, anybody with useful information or happens to set eyes on anything that looks like the billionaire teenage boy should contact the police.

What???? I asked in shock. Cal was my friend and we all know that he is dead the serial killer struck their family mansion and killed him and his family so what are they saying, I asked myself in soliloquy. My eyes didn’t left the TV and as a review, a picture of Cal was displayed on the TV, it was an Old picture I knew when he took the picture he had taken that picture in the school gallery, I guess they found that picture from his Instagram page.

But hell!!! His Instagram page was deleted after he was pronounced dead, who the hell would delete that it? Now things were becoming so unclear to me. I was still dazzled in thought when I heard a voice behind me.
A penny for your thought sweetie.

Oh Rita I said as I turned to see her smiling at me, I didn’t hear her coming.

Muahh!! she kissed my lips as she brushed pass me to go take her seat on the couch.
Hey I said
Yea you look miserable.

Hmm yea all thanks to the news!

Huh?? what happened to the news you know I am not a fan of news so gist me!
Yea but this is really strange, it’s about Cal
What?? Rita asked in surprise I thought Cal was dead.

Yea I thought same too until this morning that the media brought the speculation that he is still alive and have involved himself in getting rid of the serial killer who killed his parents.
Huh??? How can that be?

I really don’t know Rita I am confused I said
If I could remembered vividly, The media said that his body was not recovered along side his parent’s it could be true he is still alive she said and reality became done on me, at the fact stated by Rita I could now give a proper explanation as to who deleted his Instagram Account, but I wasn’t certain.
Yea you are so right there were speculations that he might yet live, but if he did, how was he able to escape from hive and where has he been ever since?

I don’t know but since you said the police are on it, then let’s wait for the result they might end up with something reasonable.
No no I can’t wait for the police I must dig, this is my friend we are talking about, and there is every tendency that he is still alive, I will look for him, no matter what it may cost.

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