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Blood Bath - Season 1 - Episode 42
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Oh this is not good 6 hive soldier gunned down and Humphrey and his daughter taken captive.

I swear this Cal guy is becoming something else and a real pain in the ass Vlad said and the rest of them concurred.
What do we do Gyang Asked.

Dig Dig Dig deep Drake I think this is the time we come in Arvin said and they all gave a nod.
??As Narrated by Cal??

After Capturing Humphrey and Lisa, Gray and I had brought them home Humphery was locked upstairs in a dusty dark room, I knew we were going to torture him and get every information we needed from him, but I wasn’t the least comfortable with the idea plus it all boils down to Lisa I don’t know why, but I still felt strange aroy d her and as much as I hate to admit it, harming a hair from her hair was more like a nightmare to me.

I don’t know if I still love her, Oh yea maybe I do, and maybe Snow read that in my eyes and that’s why she’s been acting weird. But I love snow like I have never loved before! Oh really? Did I just say that?

Even with everything playing somehow unusual, I noticed Smarts funny behavior it’s nothing boy I tried to wave it off my head. I wanted to focus on the issue on ground.
I made for the room Lisa did follow me, snow wasn’t cool with it, but I had to make her see reasons, I made her seat and she watched me questioned Lisa, I asked Lisa about what she said concerning my family, and she did tell me.

I was sorry about her mother’s death.
But hell, That shouldn’t make you father resolve to aiding a group of men that threatens to destroy the whole world, he is a pervert Snow shrieked.

I know I know, Lisa said as Cal as she could, and that is the very reason I wanna talk to him she continued.

Talk to him about what? I asked.
I could make him change his mindset she said.
But that’s too late, He Killed my Parents, he killed my uncle, and one way or the other he has sent his ghosts to kill a lot of people in this city. Just take a look around Lisa, Take a look around, See pandemonium all over the city, the night is as cold and lonely as if an evil forest encroachment has taken over the City, because the citizens are afraid, they are afraid of getting killed by those psychopaths you dad releases every night Just because of this. I said pointing to the Chip in my skin.
What is that? She asked in surprise.

Oh You don’t know?
No I don’t she said.

It seems you are in the dark Lisa.
Goodnight I said as I stood to go.
Just then the door cracked opened and Gray came in.

It’s Time boy he said and I stood to go with him.

Wait!! Lisa Called out and I stopped right on my track.

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