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Blood Bath - Season 1 - Episode 41
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▶Mr Gyang- The man from the Asia continent, he was very good with his martial art skills that his name make wave in the Martial world as that most powerful, he was a member of the Chinese Defence Council and hold high position security chief in the Hong Kong Parliament. With his status he was a demon.
The other member were Senior agents from intelligence Bureaus in their various countries and Continents, they were

▶Agent Drake from Europe
▶Agent Vlad, from Antarctica
▶Spirrow From Australia
▶Agent Luthen From the Northern America.
They hold so much importance to their course, and they were a perfect team, they had run many missions to see to the success of their world destruction program, and it has been a success only if they could lay hands on the Stimulant.

What does Vernica Say?? Agent Vlad asked.
The organization has been calm for days, there has been no report from them yet Agent Luthen continued.

Humphrey is getting too lazy and cold, I guess it’s time I spit the lukewarm fool out of my mouth, Mr Arvin said in annoyance of the silence from the Hive at Vernica.

Not so soon boss he has been a very good boy in the field i guess we just have to give him a little more time before we take matter by ourselves, Mr Gyang Said in his unclear English that whose sound was coated by funny Chinese accent.

And time is what I don’t have Gyang, we need to round off this program and end the world, by now we should all be resting in our underground castle while the weak men burns to death.

Yes you are right boss Spirrow chipped in.
That reminds me Spirrow Arvin said, How much mobility effort do we have set aside the Hive agents?

Well sir according to plan the required amounts of humans to occupy the Underground Empire are complete already.
Good and over to you Mr Jace how much Capital is in our possession already?

Sir I have struck major banks in 3 continents already, and the world bank too, and from estimated figures we have gathered over 420trillion dollars.

Oh that is great nothing is stopping us, we are moving to the next phase as soon as possible, Agent Drake please check up on Hive at Vernica. I need every report from them.
On it sir Agent Drake replied as he punctured keys on his system.

Holyshit!!! he cursed, and this attracted the attention of the others.
What is it Drake? They all asked simultaneously.

Humphrey has been kidnapped and held hostage.
What?? They all asked looking at themselves in surprise.

Let me see, Spirrow Said and walked over to the system but by then Drake had projected the thing displaying on the system to the large 3D screen, there by wiping off the image of the nuclear weapon, and replacing it with images of running data.

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