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Blood Bath - Season 1 - Episode 40
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(The Torture)??

?Continuation From the Author’s Narration?
A very large piece of semi coupled device that looked completely like a car engine was being assembled on a hanger, many parts have been coupled together, and it was at the verge of completion. A large 3D screen that display the exact device was visible at sight, every part of the device was clearly highlighted on the screen, it was the Nuclear weapon that the 7 has been working on for the past 5 and a half years.

They have succeeded in completing the project work on the weapon.
Just the one f-----g piece is remaining Mr Arvin Cursed.

Why the hell is the stimulant so difficult for us to lay hands on, Mr Jace asked.
The 7 were made up of strong men consisting of:

▶Mr Arvin- The leader of the terrorist group, he was a Nigerian by nationality, He was a direct student of Dr Philip Emegwale, Dr Philip was a computer genius that designed the world’s fastest program running computer, He had taught Arvin most of what he knew today.

It was Arvins obsession with the vast knowledge he had in computer that transformed his thinking mentality and demoralized his brain, he was in the computer Lab one day, when an idea crossed his mind,

What if humans and robots interbreeds? He thought.

But this cannot happen in the crazy world we are in today, This must work he said to himself, but he couldn’t lay hands on how it would come about, he had remained in the Lab room for days thinking on how his vision will become possible.

Only 5 days after that he had come up with the idea of wiping out the whole humans and leaving out only but a few to participate in the breeding of ‘‘The RoboticHumans’’ (you can only find that word in Cal Empéror’s dictionary).

That was 15 years ago, His vision was so, that this robotic being will be faster, swiffer, and strong.

God’s Creation (Men) are too weak, He always say.

And for that 15 years he had built an underground empire with his allies, the empire was built to protect the remaining of the humans who were lucky to escape the siege of the intending bloodbath of fire.
His only setback was the bio stimulant chips. Only if I can lay my hands on Dr Sqwarts to Manufacture another stimulant as powerful as that lying under the little boy’s skin, we will just make him create a new piece for us, and save us this stress, he said this to the team one day, and they agreed. But Dr Sqwarts was long dead, and no prototype could fit in the nuclear weapon, otherwise, the 7 could have easily made one.

▶Mr Jace- he was the most trickish of the 7 they called him the Spy, but on a more definite order he was I would regard him as invisible, he could crawl up the most secured security detail, and get whatever he wants without being detected, He was just too trickish that he had burst into the Southern US Community Bank, and extort a huge sum of money, this single action of his had dealt a big blow to the bank and it folded up, notwithstanding, he has lived on like this for many years till he met Mr Arvin one day and Arvin la!d out his vision to him, he was very excited, and volunteered to Join Arvin, and ever since their encounter, Jace had rendered all his wealth to their Course.

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