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Blood Bath - Season 1 - Episode 36
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(In Bed With The CIB)??

Hey Daddy, you really had a time at the bar last night, that you came home drunk why is that???

It’s nothing baby, I only hangout with some friends, and they insisted I go down with some more bottle hope you ain’t mad at me?
Not much daddy, you just have to do away with that company of friends I told him.
Meanwhile I think there is something you need to know daddy!

Oh is that? He asked adjusting himself on the couch.

Yes it’s about mom and the Cal’s family, I don’t think Mr henry killed mom, and from what I gather, it was one Mr Rex who had arranged the kill, probably because he was vying for the position given to mom.

Don’t you think I know that already sweetie??
What you do? I asked in shock and surprise!
Yes I know for a long time now.

Then why the fuses?? Why do you hate the late Henry’s family even when they had nothing to do with mom’s death??
It’s because Mr Henry sent me to prison, they wanted to take you away from me, if not that the former mayor ordered a release of all prisoners, I would have still been in gaol, and there all my life, taken away from my daughter, you would barely have the least idea who you daddy was, and that would have made me forfeit the promise I made to Beth about taking car of you.

Hmm you are right daddy, but I guess it’s time to stop the hate, and let’s move on, I really wish I can lay my hands on the so called Mr Rex.

Well we can’t sweetie, Because he died a long time ago.

I love you daddy!!
I love you too my Jewel,
Today is Saturday, why don’t you follow me to the mall, I have got something to show you, more like a surprise.

I shuffled myself in the front seat of the Cadillac Sedan, and we zoomed off to the mall, I was anxious to see daddy’s surprise.

We got to the mall, the place was quite busy, as many teenager moved about the mall, it was the end of the week, most of the boys present did have female partners they gist and laugh, I took a glance at one corner to see a boy pushing pop corn on a girls mouth, and they erupted in loud laughter, So cute my heart read loud to me.

I hurried up to catch up with dad who was ascending the Staircase.

This way he said and I followed, soon we got to a basement, there was a slightly visible touchpad on the wall, dad imputed some figures on it, and and the wall cracked.

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